It’s been some time since Fat Paulie has emerged, but emerge he did last night. I joined my German classmates and their partners at Kurt’s Euro Bistro in Duluth. As you would imagine the traffic wasn’t great but after picking up my buddy Shelby we managed to make it to the restaurant just a few minutes after our reservation time. It’s been many, many years since my only other meal eaten at Kurt’s, and I was reminded that they have moved to their current location since. I had eaten a small lunch in anticipation of a large dinner consisting of German food. I snacked on a giant pretzel ordered by someone else at the table; I ordered a “schnitzel burger” because it was served with red cabbage and fries, and to that I also ordered an appetizer of Black Forest spätzle. Last night I discovered that my super power — attempting to order beer that is not in stock — is still in fine fettle because I accomplished that feat twice. Between the amount of food consumed and the long drive home all I did when I arrived back at the ITP Estate was plop onto the futon and fall asleep.

I mentioned yesterday that I am 3-for-3 on my June meal journey. My small lunch was a cob of corn, and a salad to which I added some lettuce and radish from WLF. Today? Turnips!!!

Depending on the weather, this weekend could be rather busy. Today I hope to spend some time puttering around WLF; I need to do some clean up and sowing of seeds. After walking with Betsy and Bella tomorrow may find me in Newnan for the Atlanta hash, and Sunday will most likely find me in Suwannee for Black Sheep.

What are you getting up to this weekend? Whatever it is I hope it’s enjoyable.

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  1. 7:00am and the first round of choring done. Because there is rain forecasted in the near future I decided to skip watering this morning.

    A pot of coffee is being brewed to drink with the small roll that I will eat as “breakfast”.

  2. Bonnie says:

    Yesterday the husband and I hiked the Chattahoochee’s West Palisades trail, starting at the Paces Mill parking lot near Atlanta Cycling. Like most trails I’ve been to in Georgia the trail markings were a bit of a cluster. The map I downloaded from their website didn’t match the maps provided at each way point which didn’t match the actual trails. The husband got a bit grumpy but understandably so as I had promised him a short hike as he had to leave at 5:30 this morning for work. We eventually worked our way up to Devil’s Race Course Shoals, ironically where the second half of Davey’s Monday walk would have taken us had we stuck around instead of going to Moonlight.

    Not sure what I’ll get up to today. After I finish my coffee I’ll start figuring that out… I should probably go mountain biking before any rain comes?

    • Barb says:

      That park is interesting, if you stay by the river, it dead ends.
      You have to climb up to get to the other parts of that park.
      I like east palisades better.

  3. Steve says:

    The fence guys dropped the first load of materials off yesterday afternoon. They are still waiting on wood posts, and once they have those, will commence. We’re excited.

    17 miles or so on CX. As I rode out, there was a gentleman sitting in his truck at the end of a dead end dirt road. I waved as I went by. When I came back by at the end of my ride he was still there, so I asked if he was OK. Apparently, that spot was where he got enough cell signal to make calls! Welcome to the country.

    A small get together at the home of the hunt secretary last night. A lovely pool and yard filled with flowers and hummingbirds. Just enough rain to drive us under cover after sitting in it and enjoying it for 15 minutes or more!

    The list of stuff to get done in the office tomorrow continues to grow. The hash may not be an option.


    • Funny. I’m working in my den today because the WiFi signal in my home office has become sporadic at best. 🤷🏻‍♂️

      • Steve says:

        I’m about at the point to turn off the Verizon hot spot and stick to the T-Mobile. As long as Debbie and I aren’t both heavily burning data it handles it fine. When I was streaming the Giro last week, I stayed on the Verizon and it was pretty crappy.

        Reboot your AP. Get his mind right.

      • I rebooted AP, didn’t help much. I’ll work from the den today, it will be like working remotely during this WFH stage of my career. 😂

  4. I know they have this information, so I wish web developers would stop asking me to join their email list when I visit their site by clicking on a link within an email they’ve sent to me. Seriously, the bombardment of noise received any time I visit a website these days is making the internet virtually unusable.

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