It was a different sort of weekend, that’s for sure.

On Friday I spent a lovely evening at Bonnie’s. We sat outside on her patio and ate some veggie burgers and drank a few beers. Thanks to the vaccine I was able to spend a few minutes petting one of her cats, my buddy Nigel, in the house as well.

Because Bonnie’s friend was unavailable to hash, and the weather looked suspect, the two of us opted out of the road trip to Newnan. Of course I was up early to walk with Betsy and Bella, and we had a guest walker in the form of Bonnie as well! 🎉 With the walk done and the world at our feet we decided to stay local and attend a housewarming barbecue for a hasher who has just moved into a house down by Martha Screw It’s. Originally we were going to pop in and stay for only a little while, but it was a small gathering and the weather kept threatening to rain, so we stayed longer than expected and wound up with an early nightcap at the ITP Estate.

Sunday started with a little puttering around WLF and having to deal with some family drama. It wasn’t a very productive morning, but I was able to make a lunch which incorporated turnip, zucchini, yellow squash, green beans, and peas, all from WLF!

Hmm, something just made an unidentifiable thump. I will have to check things out when it’s not dark outside…

Anyway, after lunch Bonnie and I drove up to Suwannee for Black Sheep. It was a warm and humid day for a roughly six-mile trail filled with swamp and railroad tracks. I’m proud to say that I didn’t have to sit on the ice for being DFL, but was not spared from doing so because Bonnie and I wore matching T-shirts. 😂

Upon returning to the ITP Estate I baked a $2.75 Aldi pizza, ate half, and the promptly fell asleep.

Today is Apple’s WWDC Keynote Day! For an iOS developer, as I hope to be again soon, it’s like Christmas Day!

Hope you had a healthy and happy weekend.

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  1. Quick inspection yielded no answers. Probably just a monster in the attic or something.

  2. Steve says:

    Check under the bed…

    And matchy matchy is ALWAYS a Rule 6.

    A loooong day at the orifice Saturday. The planned work went well, but the miscellaneous requests were a bit of a PITA. And of course, because it’s Saturday, no one is available for direction. I left things as best I could and sent emails out to those concerned. The thought of stopping at the end of the hash crossed my mind for a brief second, as it was already 5:30 when I might have stopped, but surely it was done.

    Sunday was a day of box blade and rock hauling. Trying to make the pastures ready for the fence guys- at least where we want the posts driven. The front pasture, especially along the road, is full of rocks. Fortunately, I have a drainage spot that needs rocks. It was definitely an upper body day.

    We tried a new Mexican place in “downtown” Senoia- really good.

    And I noticed BRAG is not only passing the former JEFDSDR, but stopping in Luthersville the next day. Their overnight is in Senoia. I might have to take a break and go meet up with them.


    • Bonnie says:

      You may have seen the shirts on Facebook before (or yesterday)—I bought them for us for Wee’s birthday a couple years ago. They say “Sloth Running Team: We’ll Get There When We Get There!” 😁

      The “idea” of BRAG sounds really fun, but I just can’t ride those miles and hills, nor do I really want to. But, never say never, maybe someday…

    • Barb says:

      You should definitely go visit the Braggers. We are planning to go to Cave Springs this afternoon, I hope the weather cooperates.

      Oh Steve, TJ got talked into doing something at races in Knoxville & Fort Myers. (And…. It has something to do with USA Cycling, I guess hell froze over?). This pandemic has done weird things.

      • Steve says:

        Pro roads in Knoxville starting Thursday (I think). No idea what’s in Ft. Myers. I know Elite Nationals are in July outside of Jacksonville. Mmmmm… inland Floriday in July! So cool and refreshing- not.

  3. Bonnie says:

    It was a fun weekend. 😁 Shortly I will walk to the dentist and the grocery store (probably in the rain) then likely do some chores. My Moonlight attendance will depend on the weather and if I should or shouldn’t ditch the husband tonight…

  4. Barb says:

    Spent Saturday morning up in Cumming, Allan & Midget reccy’d the Wheelhopper, I went & hiked around the Bowmans Island Chattahoochee park. Trail should be ok, some road, some off road, short trail less than 10.
    Planning food for the end, pork butt & potato salad, I think Dean might make something too. Midget is supposed to get a tshirt design done….. so we can take preorders.

    Sunday morning did a hike at East Palisades, found a float cooler full of beer next to the river, I guess some floaters lost it? it was crappy beer, but we had an impromptu beer stop anyway.

    • Bonnie says:

      Surly wore a shirt yesterday that made me think of a Dickwoody shirt idea. I’ll send it to you just in case you guys need some inspiration, but I’m sure folks have seen it before. Davey told us about the cooler, LOL! I do want to float the river sometime, I just need to buy a float and a PFD first… 😁

      • Barb says:

        Bonnie – you can rent a float & pfd. That way you don’t have to store it if you don’t think you will use very often.

    • Don’t forget the veg heads Barb, 😂. If family matters don’t interrupt my week I am planning on returning to Wheelhopper.

      • Barb says:

        Dean said something about collards, I reminded him. The potato salad will not have meat. Sorry, the pork butt will have meat.

      • Dean did mention collards on Saturday. I’m not a fan of them so if I decide to be a vegetarian that day I will bring food for myself and eat the potato salad.

        • Barb says:

          I think Al got rid of the broken grill that came with the house, (I don’t think we will have anything there to cook on-site) so everything will be precooked.

        • Got it. My plan was to bring something in my cooler or something that doesn’t need refrigeration/heating, assuming the hash is A to A (or A-Prime?).

          I know it’s an unpopular belief, but if the veg heads pay $15 then they deserve something more substantial than potato salad and collards — just saying. But I know the hash. And of course, no one is forcing me to show up so there is that option as well…

          • Barb says:

            I personally think if the food doesn’t work for some, a discounted price should apply. (There’s been plenty of hashes where I haven’t liked the food option, just because there are some foods I just don’t like). But, I’m not in charge…..
            And, it never hurts to ask to pay less.

          • I’m with you and am really not asking you to do anything, I’m just whining aloud.

            I get it that multiple prices are logistical nightmares so there is good reason to just charge one price, and if you don’t want to pay, don’t show up. As we know I’m not a vegetarian, so I do have the option of shoving meat in my face if I so desire.😁

          • Barb says:

            Whine away, i totally understand.
            Just like dumb ass beermiesters that think everyone only likes IPAs.

          • There are other beers than IPAs? 😂😂😂

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