I had a fun little weekend. Honestly I don’t recall what I did Friday night. That may have been the night that I watched an interesting-to-me Netflix comedy special called “Bo Burnham: Inside”.

On Saturday morning I had a lovely walk with Betsy and Bella. After my walk I joined Bonnie on a trip to Avondale Estates for the Pine Lake hash. The highlights of the hash were to be the Dairy Queen stop on trail, and some Irish music at the On-After at The Beer Growler. Sadly rain rolled through and delayed the start of the music, so by the time they started I was ready to leave and get some dinner. The trail’s true highlight for me was running past a new brewery in Avondale Estates called “The Cottage Brewery” that I didn’t know existed!

Speaking of brewery openings, Sabbath Brewing announced that they will finally be opening for business on July 4th!

Yesterday I went to Wheelhopper up in Cumming. It was a fun trail, muddier than I anticipated. Today I will be washing my bike and the shoes I wore. There was also plenty of vegetarian food options, so I was not lured to the dark side of carnivores.

Because of the heavy rain we had last week the time was right to spend a few hours pulling English ivy before the sun rose yesterday; I loaded three yard waste bags and am almost done with pulling all of the ivy… for now. Because the ground was moist I was also able to yank out a handful of small trees.

All is going okay on WLF. I have five nice zucchini waiting for me to make a zucchini bread sometime soon. I think my lunch today and tomorrow will incorporate some of the greens and beans that are currently ready to be harvested. I have green tomatoes and small cucumbers on their vines, so it’s only a matter of time for them too! Over the weekend I also planted some winter squash seeds, and some more flower seeds. Of the twelve flower seed planted I expect no more than eleven to germinate since I accidentally kicked over one of the cups.

Tonight? I’m not sure yet. I have options, the Moonlight hash of course, but I think that I will hold off making a decision until later today.

Hope you had a happy and healthy weekend.

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  1. WLFarming done for the morning — watered, weeded, killed two more orange “ladybugs” noshing on leaves.

    This week I want to plant more okra, a different variety from the one not doing very well at the moment, and transplanting some pepper seedlings when they get a little larger. At this rate I may have peppers by November. 🙃

  2. Barb says:

    Fun times yesterday, glad we had a good crowd.

    Weekend was interesting, Friday night was a bike repair & Tasty China with Ken.
    Saturday – a walk, a little pool time at Slippery’s, then to see a friends band Sat night. We decided we are officially old, it was way, way, way too loud for the space. Didn’t last long.

    Sunday- Wheelhopper. 11 miles (short trail) carrying flour on a bike, my back & body are out of whack.

    Today— fly to Iowa for 8 days….

    • Thanks again for trail. Best of luck in Iowa. Because of all of my work changes and social commitments I’m targeting early July for my trip to Florida, but not for eight days that’s for sure!

  3. Barb says:

    Oh yeah- my panic moments Saturday.
    My phone had no internet, only cellular phone service.
    With no internet- no map app- I hadn’t been to Slippery’s in a couple years.
    Had to pull over & study the map that I could see with no directions.
    At least I had her house# & street.
    Finally got home to WiFi to trouble shoot on my iPad.
    Somehow the cellular data got toggled off. How the hell does that happen?
    Anyway- I thought I was going to have to find time to buy a new phone, etc before leaving today at noon. I was seriously panicked.
    You can laugh at me…..

  4. No hashing tonight. The ending restaurant doesn’t even open until 10pm! That’s way too late for me, especially on a Monday night.

  5. Steve says:

    3 days of racing is a loooong weekend. Friday crit around a school. Saturday 8 mile loops for a circuit race, then a time trial in the afternoon with a nice cooling downpour. Sunday road race on a 20 mile loop. Good turnout. Lots of states representing.

    Off today for my Saturday a week ago. Heading to Auburn to pick up Daisy and Tanner. Debbie spoke with the doctor yesterday and it was decided there would be no baby this year. Just let her heal and try again next year. I think they got most of the cyst out.

    Reading the FB, looks like the end at Moonlight doesn’t open until 10pm. A trail for the “late nighters”.

    Barb, have a great time back home.


  6. Barb says:

    Got the grass cut & checked on my tomatoes, I feel so accomplished already this morning! Haha.
    I think my allergy to grass has gotten me, my eyes are so itchy. Allegra & Flonase I hope will do the trick.
    Now to hurry up & wait to head to the airport.

  7. Steve says:

    The truck had a check engine light and I pulled the code with a reader I have. “Emissions control” was the code. Tightened the gas cap and just went for a test ride. All good. Next stop Auburn.

  8. Bike and show wash done! Hard to believe people wash their bikes more than once every few years… 😂

  9. Barb says:

    TSA precheck like was long, everyone is flying. Airport is back to the way it used to be, except everyone still needs to wear a mask.
    But, everything ran smooth…. Time for a beer & a snack.

  10. Unforecast quick rain. I should have kept my water catching trays out.

  11. Steve says:

    Momma and baby were a big hit at the vet school, especially the baby. They were taking pictures the whole weekend.

    And the check engine light is back.

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