There is not a lot for me to discuss from yesterday. Obviously I didn’t go to the hash since the restaurant chosen for the end didn’t open until a time later than my normal “bedtime”. I had another possible outing, comedy at Elsewhere Brewing, but Bonnie came over to the ITP Estate for dinner and beers instead.

Dinner last night was salad with radish and carrot from WLF, served alongside some veggie Italian sausages and green beans from WLF. While I was outside harvesting the green beans I had to put on my slug killer hat as I found a half-dozen of the pests on and around some of my plants; they were small, but still have voracious appetites for plant leaves.

My choice of activity tonight will be determined by when the two packages that are scheduled to be delivered today actually arrive. If they bit arrive before mid-afternoon, which is highly unlikely, I may join Bonnie on a journey to Buford to play trivia. If I don’t go to play trivia I will probably putter around the house doing chores.

Hope your week is off to a great start.

Tuesday Tale of the Tape: 179.6 pounds (+0.6 from last week’s weigh-in); disappointing, but not depressing.

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6 Responses to 2021-06-15

  1. Halfhearted WLF choring this morning. My experiment to grow seedlings in 8oz Gatorade bottles was deemed a failure. The seeds germinated, but getting them out of the bottle was problematic. I put four tiny plants into a 15-gallon grow bag, time will tell if they make it.

    Also tweaked my knee a little bit. My fear of damaging my meniscus again caused me to stop before all my chores were done.

  2. Steve says:

    We got Daisy and Tanner back home and settled in and I was about to take an afternoon nap when I see everyone- all the horses running through the back pasture. We have been keeping momma and baby separated from the herd, so the big kids don’t beat up the little one. I hollered at Debbie if she wanted everyone out together, which was a hard no! Somehow the gate was opened or not shut and it was off to the races! We were finally able to get momma and baby back in a stall and throw everyone else out of their paddock. Eventually we will have to incorporate everyone, but not yet.

    If the weather cooperates tonight, I think there should be some riding. Yesterday looked pretty dicey, and I could tell the weather was nearby as our Internet from both providers was pretty crappy.


    • I was surprised more than once yesterday by the appearance of rain.

      Riding, what’s that? 🙄

      How’s the truck? Check Engine light go away?

      • Steve says:

        Check engine came back on as we were leaving lunch in Auburn. My code reader said something about emissions, so I’m not worried, but still want it taken care of. Not like my car, which has a permanent CE light!

  3. Barb says:

    Sitting here in a very cold hotel room, taking advantage of it before heading over to the parents house.
    Flight was uneventful, airport is back to busy, but everyone had their masks on.

    Went out to dinner, my dad is miserable going out, it’s loud, he can’t hear, etc.
    I guess the hearingvajds make it worse?
    So, might just have to stick with getting food to gin& eating at he house.

    Not sure what is in the agenda today.
    Need to run by the rental car place (rented off airport, prices are CRAZY)
    Car has a slight cigarette smell, want them to notate it, so we don’t get charged back anything.

    • Steve says:

      rental cars are nuts. They can’t replace their fleets that they unloaded at the start of the craziness. Even with used cars- which are also going through the roof.

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