I was up before the theoretical sunrise this morning and out in WLF. I transplanted another zucchini plant, replacing the one I sacrificed yesterday. Hopefully this one will make it to the fruit products stage.

I am officially an employee of the new company. Woot?

Last night I had an unexpected bonus. Because Bonnie’s husband went to the Braves game I was able to lure her into East Atlanta Village. We went to the Farmers Market, where I bought three onions and a bag of Stroupwaffel scraps. From the market we wandered up to Sabbath Brewing who are now officially open. 🥳 I think I confused the two people working there when upon entry I jokingly started to jump with joy. 😂 After a couple of beers at Sabbath we walked down to Midway Pub and split a dinner as we each drank a low-calorie beer.

It’s Friday already? Woot! Today I don’t expect to do much, in part because it’s supposed to rain, and in part because a busy three-day weekend is ahead.

What’s on your 4th of July weekend planner? Hope you remain healthy, and safe.

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  1. ITP Lurker says:

    Pour one out for the Iffy Grocery on Moreland. 22 townhomes will rise from the bulldozed remains.

    • Yeah, I saw that last week but forgot to mention it. I heard from someone that the land there was toxic. I hope the developers do the right thing and completely clean it before selling to unsuspecting buyers.

      Also pour one out for all the trees that were in the plot of land on Berne St next to the YMCA Warren Boys and Girls Club. Multiple houses (I believe) and all trees were taken out for another expensive housing project along the Beltline.

      • ITP Lurker says:

        The former concrete plant below the former trees on Berne is becoming a Beltline-adjacent apartment complex. I can’t determine yet if the formerly treed area on Berne is related to that or a separate development.

        No surprise at all that Iffy Grocery is a Superfund site. A few years back QuikTrip had their eye on that corner but the neighborhood quashed it.

      • I was bummed when the neighbors quashed the QT deal, because I would have loved to have a QT so close. However, I can understand that it would have brought increased noise and traffic to that corner.

  2. Bonnie says:

    This afternoon the husband and I were supposed to go on some sort of lake/picnic/outing with Wendy but the weather will likely thwart that.

    Tomorrow I look forward to the annual Painful Member hash, though there still aren’t complete details available for the event. I’ll be skipping the Half Bandit that starts at 6:40am…

    Sunday’s Black Sheep has an in-town start, near the “Eiffel Tower” on Peachtree!

    • Though the rain won’t be as hard and will end earlier than predicted, it will make conditions less than desirable for picnics.

      Yeah, for some reason in the days of constant connections hashing information in the Atlanta area has become increasingly hard to find. There is no info about the cost for tomorrow’s Painful Member hash, or if it’s BYOB. And while I have heard some things about Sunday there is no information on either Black Sheep’s or Atlanta’s website. 😡

  3. Another good reason for me to take it easy today is because I am a bag of pain. Yesterday afternoon I somehow managed to strain my back, and this morning my left hip is feeling twinged. Ah getting older is fun!

    • Bonnie says:


    • Barb says:

      This getting old sucks – doesn’t it?
      I think I’m getting arthritis in my right thumb, it just is sore all the time.
      And my feet hurt, is it arthritis or a slight plantar fasciitis?
      And my lower back always bothers me.

      Went walking with Sal last night, I needed to get some shoes from her, so I walked to her house, she then walked me back home. She thinks the Peachtree split up is going to be weird. She heard 17,000 Saturday, 13,000 Sunday.
      (Hash politics at work on all the trails this weekend I heard)

    • Hash politics? Inconceivable! 🙄😂

  4. Steve says:

    Getting ready for the big race tomorrow. Handling license issues over email… trying to start work on the invoice, but the iPad doesn’t speak all the Excel features and when forwarded to the bank email, the thought police turned it into a text file! Can’t have naughty Excel spreadsheets. Said to send it as a password protected zip, which you can’t do in native ipad mode.

    Fence guys are back at it before it starts raining. Hopefully will get all the posts planted and concreted so they can cure over the weekend.

    Enjoyed a nice evening by a pool with some hunt friends..


  5. And one more loss in the ‘hood due to housing construction is the space from which the village fireworks were launched for the 4th of July and New Year’s. 😢

  6. Barb says:

    Did you hear that Tucker Brewing is giving away a 4 pack of beer with the purchase of a pint? I think its thru tomorrow?
    Might head over there tomorrow lunchtime with Davey. Trying to plan a walk, but he’s been feeling a little sickly.

  7. Strolled WLF, all looks okay. Unfortunately more of my yellow tomatoes split, so I guess I might have to pick them green and let them ripen indoors.

    Saw an interesting worm that I didn’t know if I should let live, it was a small brown hammerhead (spadehead) worm. 🤷🏻‍♂️

    What I have seen a ton of in the yard, and on/in my house are the things that look like centipedes and there are far too many of them to kill. I almost wish that I had the fortitude to keep chickens…

  8. Bonnie says:

    Not hanging with Wendy today. Recalibrating day… I made a quick $5 today taking an online survey. They usually pay $8 but I guess this one was less work. 🤷🏼‍♀️

    • Poop. Well, if plans arrive that require a third wheel you know how to get in touch. 😂

      Sorry you were gypped of $3, but at least that’s $5 more than you had yesterday. 🙌🏼

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