Well, it was a weekend not to be forgotten…

On Friday I forgot to mention that with exception of one, perhaps two, days in June I managed to incorporate something from WLF in at least one of my meals. Nice.

I’m sitting this morning on the brick patio portion of WLF, listening to the birds, planes, and crackle of a small fire I’ve built to create ashes for my compost. It’s nice not to be hearing the constant bombardment of fireworks that were set off in my neighborhood last night.

Saturday’s Painful Member hash was fun. A small crowd gathered for a four mile trail in midtown. We wound around your usual spots and finished again in Winn Park. I ate substandard pizza, but you know, even substandard pizza is good pizza.

Yesterday morning I puttered around WLF for awhile. I was certain that my oca crop would not disappoint me, until it did. When I tipped over the bucket there was not a single oca tuber to be found! What a disappointment. I was looking forward to trying this New Zealand yam for the first time in my life. On Saturday I planted my remaining seed tubers, hopefully that will not disappoint too.

While puttering I also burned a load of charcoal in my new grill. According to the instructions (wait, I read the instructions?) it’s good to burn a batch in an empty grill to burn off any lingering manufacturing artifacts; so I did. I hope that over the next handful of months I will be able to do some backyard grilling.

And then there was the Black Sheep hash which was fun, until it completely wasn’t. I won’t go into details here but on trail something happened to another hasher that never should have happened. I will say that although I say hashers are a dysfunctional family, when push comes to shove we help each other out.

As I said at the top of this post, I’m relaxing. I wish I had some coffee out here, but it’s 8am, perhaps too late to start some?

Tonight’s Moonlight trail is an early start to be set by a hasher known to lay difficult and sometimes unwise trails. I will most likely go, but if I get into more enjoyable plans that go later than expected I won’t be too sad to not hash today.

Hoe your weekend was happy, safe, and healthy.

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6 Responses to 2021-07-05

  1. Brought out the camp stove and have started a small pot of coffee. Might as well enjoy the morning outside before it gets too hot.

  2. Steve says:

    A loooong weekend of bike racing in Anniston and Piedmont, AL. Slightly smaller crowds than in past years, but a COVID date change to a holiday weekend can explain all. No big crashes means not too much paperwork.

    As TJ was a pit mechanic, spent a while with him, catching up. He was helping return a rider to the field Saturday and almost tripped as he ran along pushing. If he falls and breaks something, I would be beside myself, not to mention Barb and Allan. Maybe someone else can push.

    Fence guys don’t take holidays, apparently. I didn’t know we got today off until last week.


    • I have been eyeing today as a day off for a long time…

      Every time I see the neutral support Shimano car in the TdF I think of Mavic and TJ.

      • Steve says:

        Times are getting tough for them. Jose, who owns the business, told me manufacturers are no longer seeing a reason to “donate” equipment and bikes. Really tough to measure ROI on that- at least at the level he plays at. Shimano has withdrawn to the west coast and Mavic is bankrupt. Other than that, good time!

  3. HamWithCam says:

    From the “Finally!” department:
    Legitimate use for an Apple Air Tag:
    – bicycle…

    Disclaimer: I think the Apple Air Tags are pretty cool. I have a couple.
    And they work well.
    Except for “luggage”, when traveling, I’ve not come up with a good use case.

    73 de JG/HamWithCan

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