Home, home again. I like to be here when I can. When I come home cold and tired, it’s good to warm my bones beside the fire. Wait a minute, I am plagiarizing Pink Floyd…

It is good to be home. Unfortunately the wreck that caused me a ninety minute delay was a fatal accident, so some people’s lives have been impacted to a far greater degree.

I did manage to stop at Total Wine in Gainesville yesterday and pick up a “few” new-to-me beers. I didn’t get to spend any time there, but my college town has changed drastically in the thirty years since I moved away, Funny, I haven’t changed a bit, no wait, I am much thinner than when I attended school… 😂 Total Wine is next to an Aldi, and I really wanted to see what another Aldi looked like inside, but the ninety minutes of sitting made me antsy to get moving again.

I also stopped at Buc-ees on the return trip. However the surrounding skies were so dark and ominous that I feared lightning and thunderstorms would start at any time so I put gas in the car and returned to the road. I also drove through some heavy rain a couple of times starting north of Macon.

I pulled into the ITP Estate around 7pm, about 10.5 hours after leaving my mother’s house. That’s a long day in the car.

Once home I emptied the car, did a quick tour of the damage done to the ITP Estate in my absence, cooked and ate dinner, and then passed out on the couch.while assessing damage I harvested a plate of beans, some tomatoes, and one pepper.

Back at the routine world today. At lunch today I need to go into WLF and do some much needed maintenance.

Hope all is happy and healthy in your world.

Tuesday Tale of the Tape: 183.0 pounds (+0.8 from last week’s weigh-in); bad, but not as bad as I feared. Back at the weight loss game starting today… or tomorrow.

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  1. Last week of this year’s TdF starts today. Still bummed I had to miss Enema’s party on Sunday.

  2. Steve says:

    I was getting worried with a late posting this morning…

    I guess I’m learning- after my 10 mile ride last week in the rain, I was already dressed out and heading to the mancave under blue skies, but could hear thunder. A quick check of the radar had me returning to street clothes and going out to get Debbie and I some dinner. And it’s a good thing, as by the time I got to Luthersville, it was POURING! I would have taken shelter, as not even I would have been crazy enough to ride in that.

    I thought I had the well pump breaker situation fixed, but awoke today to no water. A quick walk out to the panel and a reset had it flowing again. Guess I will be stopping at the Lowes today. We had water last night, and unless there is a leak in the system (possible, I suppose) the pump should not have come on, yet the breaker was tripped. I still think the breaker has gone south.

    In person Games meeting tonight, then in the orifice tomorrow. With Debbie on the DL, I think I shall just come home instead of George’s.


    • I was pooped this morning and it took all sorts of effort to start my day. This trip was far from a vacation. There were times while driving in the heavy downpour I was glad that I learned to drive trough them in Florida.

      Hope Debbie heals quickly!

  3. Bonnie says:

    Last night’s beer stop at my house was fun. I didn’t go to the end, I just cleaned up the mess and went to bed.

  4. Realized that I have a working lunch today, so I did ten minutes of choring out in WLF and was bombarded by mosquitoes. 😡

  5. I should probably stop eating a few cherry tomatoes each time I go out to WLF, especially since tomatoes are on my “verboten” list.

    • Steve says:

      Why would those be verboten?

    • They are on the “high in potassium” list along with other delicious items like potatoes, lentils, beans, spinach, and many others. Apparently my body doesn’t process potassium well, and it seems like it’s another of my genetic deficiencies as the same is true for my mother as I found out this weekend.

      • Barb says:

        How can you be a vegetarian with that list of no no’s?

      • It ain’t easy, especially since the things I can eat freely like white rice, pasta, etc, is what people tell you not to eat when going vegetarian. That’s one reason I am not a vegetarian.

  6. Trays left out on deck captured about nine gallons of rainwater. They were full, so there may have been overflow about which I do not know.

  7. Barb says:

    Went for a 5ish mile walk with Davey this morning up in Kennesaw (noonday paved trail)
    He had lots of stories for me, always amazing to hear the hash(er) stories I miss out on.
    Ran some errands on the way back, finally got my necklace fixed (clamp broke a few months ago, and I keep forgetting to take it to a jewelry store.
    Bought some salmon to make for dinner, Head Nurse gifted me some chanterelles- never had them before, so Annette & I will cook them tonight.

    Grass is finally dry enough to cut, I guess I better get to it quick before it rains again.

    • Steve says:

      I just walked out to open one of the new pastures for the boys, even though it hasn’t been entirely picked up and it’s now pouring. No grass cutting for me. !!

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