I understand things could be worse, but this trip to visit my mother was difficult. I was not surprised by anything I had to do, like helping her remember things, repeating requests and statements numerous times, and hearing stories repeatedly, but it’s worse than it ever has been. I am glad that I made it to visit; I am glad that I am headed home.

This morning I am finally getting a bowling alley breakfast. For the last three days we’ve eaten breakfast at another restaurant. We almost ate lunch/dinner at the same place for the third time too but didn’t since I couldn’t find parking.

I am not looking forward to getting on the scale tomorrow; I have eaten too many Florida-sized meals and am feeling fat. I may take a pass this week. I can’t wait to not eat so much food because apparently I still can’t leave food on my plate. I have also eaten more meat on this trip than I care to do these days.

Once again a trip to Florida has reminded me that getting old isn’t pretty, and as 56 looms nearer I should figure out how to enjoy my life more. I am looking forward to resigning from my job, it will be like buying a little time, though I will certainly miss the paychecks. Hopefully when I am ready to be employed again I will have the opportunity.

Florida is home to an amazing array of creatures not often found in Atlanta. On Saturday morning I had to usher out some form of lizard that ran into the house when I opened the front door. I had to do so before my mother saw it, and would wonder why I “let it” into the house. I also took a picture of a large cricket I saw yesterday, but I was unable to get the Flickr embed code using my iPhone.

Bingo is a stupid, stupid game. On both bingo outings this weekend neither my mother nor I won a goddamn thing. Without the aid of aunts, and my mother’s memory failing, the student became the teacher as I guided us through the evening’s games on Friday as well; it wasn’t pretty.

If you ever shake your head at my stubbornness, I know exactly from whence it has come. 😂

The other day I realized that this December will mark thirty years since I moved out of Florida. Where does the time go?

As you read this I am most likely somewhere on I-75, hopefully with new-to-me beers in the trunk. I will most likely stop at Buc-ees, and depending on my desire to get back ITP a few other places along the way.

Hope you had an enjoyable and healthy weekend.

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  1. Well, that was exciting. I just chased and caught a different lizard that had somehow gotten into the house.

  2. Bonnie says:

    I’m considering skipping the hash tonight. Looks like a rainy day, and I should take another night off of debauchery. I mostly laid low this weekend in part trying to break the cycle of indulgence. I also donate blood tomorrow morning so I guess I should get a good night’s sleep?

  3. Steve says:

    Watching parents age and become infirm is so hard. I feel there will be some hard discussions with your brother in the near future…

    Saturday was a ride early. 23 miles, which could/should have been 27 which would have been more pleasant than dealing with the unexpected amount of traffic on US27. Then some yard work/rock detail in the front pasture where it was too hot.

    Came in and Debbie called, “Can you come over and bring the trailer and pick us up?” She and buddy Roxanne both came off when Rox’s horse spooked at a ghost. Mickey finally showed what the trainer warned us about- he spins when spooked and Debbie was not able to stay on, landing on her back on some very rocky terrain. By the time we get everyone sorted out and back home, Debbie can barely move and is starting to swell in places. The ER wasn’t too busy and we were sent home after a couple hours- one cracked rib, but not much to do about it. Pain meds and rest.

    Sunday was a lovely time at the Cheesy Yellow TdF gathering. EM and Head Nurse, BWANNA and Jill, Slippery and Spermier, BLT (Bob, Laura and Travis) and some non-hasher types. All good fun to watch American Sepp Kuss win the stage!

    Last night and today’s challenge- find out why the well’s circuit breaker keeps tripping.


    • Bonnie says:

      Oh no Debbie, feel better soon! My brother in law had a bike accident this weekend and has 3 fractured ribs and a bruised lung. Random shit in the bike lane was the cause. They left for a beach vacation the next day and he was doing OK.

    • Barb says:

      Hey Steve- what about us???

      Allan & I took charge of the bacon making.
      It was good to see everyone.
      The new house is nice, but more walls so we were all divided up.

      • Steve says:

        Barb, you and Allan were just assumed to be there! I was just noting the odd sightings. And the news I gathered from the party is the Boner and De-boner are moving to Greenville! Apparently, Boner will be retiring from Cobb Co. next month. They have already sold the house here and are leasing it back for a month while he wraps up the job.

  4. Barb says:

    Glad you got the visit in, this aging stuff sucks.
    I’ve got it times 2 with the repeated questions & answers.
    Allan & I are going to drive to Iowa in August be there for about a week, good times!!!

    Tried to get the grass cut Saturday, front mostly done & rain started.
    Wanted to get the back done Sunday afternoon, rain came again.
    Maybe it will get dry enough to get the back done this afternoon? Maybe….

    Bonnie- are you getting the $10 Amazon gift card with the blood donation?
    That deal started the day after I gave blood.
    I may do it again when they have the drive again at the Braves stadium. Gave me an excuse to go walk around The Battery.

  5. Currently stuck on I-75. Ugh
    Was hoping to get to Gainesville by lunch, probably not gonna happen now.

  6. Bonnie says:

    Well, I’m not doing trail tonight, but I am hosting the beer stop! No one here will likely come or care so I’m not concerned about the trail spoiler. 😁

  7. FUCK!!! Might not stop to buy beer now as I have road rage and just want to move.

  8. Beer stop done! I figured since the point of my beer stop is to buy what I can’t get in Atlanta (easily?) then I should stop.

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