Crap, I started getting things done and forgot to write my blog post, not that I have much to say today. This morning I am finally making strides to get all of my data off my old MacBook Air onto my (not so) new) MacBook Air. I’m struggling to get the new MacBook Air set up given the changes has made to their operating systems over the years. Oh well, live and learn.

Yesterday was another day of new employee training, more of the same today.

Last night I hung out with Betsy’s and Bella. We had a lovely salad and a frozen pizza from Aldi, from which I could picked off the meat, but didn’t. It was strange to watch last year’s Top a chef in which the contests were making food for 2020 Olympic athletes. At the time of recording no one would have expected a global pandemic that would cancel the Olympics until this year.

I was considering going to Aldi tonight, and may still, but I am also trying to clean out my pantry, refrigerator, and freezer, so going grocery shopping seems counterproductive for that goal.

Last night I finished off my first jar of homemade pickles, currently three more to go and plenty more cucumbers to be turned into pickles if I so desire. 😂

That’s all I have. Hope you are remaining happy and healthy.

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18 Responses to 2021-07-15

  1. Steve says:

    After a long day at work, I came home to chores. I swapped the breaker in the well circuit, but sadly had to reset it again this morning. I’m afraid we’ll be calling the well man today.

    Cut grass, check. Fed horses, check. Watched tour stage- well, it was right after dinner and I watched it and it might have watched me.

    Still waiting on the final number from the closing attorney for tomorrow. And don’t know how they will want the money. Maybe a wheelbarrow full of quarters?


  2. Impromptu morning choring done! I sowed another variety of okra, pruned some dead leaves from zucchini and cucumbers, staked some tall flowers that had tipped over, and harvested another bag of potatoes. The potato yield was small, like the others, it’s a good thing that I am only feeding myself…

  3. Bonnie says:

    Yesterday was meh. Today is already shaping up to be meh.

  4. Barb says:

    Yesterday was a half way busy day.
    Got up early to walk with Sal & her friend Kirsten.
    Then to a stretch class at the Y.
    Went with Annette to pick up a surprise grill for Mark for his birthday.
    Dinner at the Salt Factory in Woodstock, excellent waitress, they seemed to have almost enough staff. (We we’re prepared for it to be a slow dinner). It’s right next to Reformation, so we had to stop for a beer after dinner. They had trivia going on, a huge crowd, but we found a picnic table that was open.

  5. Slowly migrating everything to my MacBook Air. I know that I will miss something…

  6. I’ve never had compassion for a caterpillar because they seems to exist to eat my plants, but I saw one getting attacked by ants (!) and felt a little sorry for it.

  7. Went outside to harvest a couple of eggplant for tonight and found that the bottom of one had been nibbled by something. Harrumph!

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