We made it to Friday again! The new overlord has implemented “No Meeting Fridays”, and of course my group has decided to hold a meeting today anyway. 😡 Since I am a virtual short timer I am considering pitching a fit, or skipping the meeting completely, but I probably won’t.

I was a busy chap last night, going outside to do some choring; I weed whacked the small patch of “grass” in WLF as well as the curbside, mowed the fron “lawn”, sowed a couple of zucchini seeds to replace the two that failed to germinate, sowed some pickling cucumber seeds, harvested a couple of eggplant, and then cooked up a dinner after showering. Dinner last night was a pasta dish which included ingredients from WLF — eggplant, zucchini, tomato, banana pepper — and it was delicious.

This morning has been a busy one already. At 6:00am I loaded up the bread machine to bake a load of bread. I’ve already been out to WLF this morning, watering and inspecting the crops. It appears that some critters, squirrels probably, have discovered the larger tomatoes and have helped themselves to a few bites out of five of them. 😡 I also managed to knock down the screen on my deck door. It’s easy enough to fix, but I am waiting for it to get light outside first.

With season 2 due to start next Friday (a day late to be a birthday gift to me) this morning I am also starting to rewatch season 1 of “Ted Lasso”. Not sure exactly what else I will be getting into this weekend.

Mid-July? That means that I’ve essentially wasted half of the summer by not once getting on my bicycle since Spring Tune Up.

I hope your weekend is a healthy and happy one.

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  1. Barb says:

    I have ridden my Mtn bike, but haven’t been on my road bike since STU as well.

    Went to a Reiki session yesterday afternoon, it’s an interesting “positive energy healing” thing, the reiki master channels the healing energy. I won it in a raffle. It basically was a half hour of relaxation & deep breathing. 6 of my 7 chakras were closed, but by the end, I’m told they were all open. I have no idea if it will help my overall health, but what the hell, it was free.

    Still trying to decide what to do for birthday weekend. Starting with a haircut at 6pm tonight. I know, what excitement!

  2. Bonnie says:

    The husband and I plan to go to Red’s Beer Garden tonight for a free comedy show. Providing Paulie wants to come, then there would be up to 3 more spots at the picnic table if anyone wants to join. LMK. We’ll plan on getting there early 6:15-6:30 in hopes to secure a table. Starts at 7:00.

  3. Man I love the smell of baking bread. 😋

  4. Steve says:

    Woke up to no water this morning. Reset the breaker, finished my shower and now the breaker won’t stay on. This is a problem. A call into one electrician already, and about to be a second.

    Closing set for 11, but I suggested it be put off until next week. Current lender only sent payoff info last night, so have no idea if the attorneys will be ready. And with all the ho-moanership issues happening, I know I’m not.

    And Debbie isn’t feeling much better…

    And I have to work tomorrow and drive to Asheville.

    Sorry to be a whiner…

    And happy birthday Barb!!


  5. Barb says:

    Now I’m going to meet Sharon at Blankets Creek to Mtn bike. This should be way harder than it should be. But, what the hell…: it isn’t raining (yet).

  6. It’s rare that I exercise for the sake of exercise these days, but that is what I did today. I just finished a five-mile walk. If you are wondering if it hot and humid in Atlanta today the answer is a hard yes.

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