Not much to report for yesterday, other than skipping the hash which turned into Drinking Practice in Little Five Points even though the posted start was in Brownwood Park in East Atlanta. Instead I cajoled Bonnie into letting me visit her and her cats, and we made a dinner and shared a couple of beers.

That rain last night!!!

Before 7am this morning I had already learned a few things…

– I’m not sure how much rain fell on WLF. “But you have a rain gauge!” you correctly say. However, I discovered this morning, when the gauge recorded over five inches of rain, that a large leaf of a squash plant appears to funnel directly into the gauge. 😂
– When completely filled, a standard “1020” planting tray can hold a little more than a gallon of water. 😮
– With the water I collected in my trays on the deck I filled over thirteen gallon-sized bottles! That doesn’t account for any of the water captured in WLF itself. 🤯
– I noticed a couple more of my tomato plants didn’t appreciate the rain, and that this round of squash and zucchini plants seem indifferent about providing me with vegetables. 😕
– Mosquitoes are extremely active even before the sun rises. 😡
– I washed my kitchen floor yesterday, this morning I may have undid that good work be going into and out of the house retrieving empty water bottles. 😢
– I always need to be careful with my left knee. I tweaked it a bit this morning. ☹️

If that onslaught of rain hit your area I hope that all is well.

Tuesday Tale of the Tape: 181.0 pounds (-2.0 from last week’s weigh-in); better. I was hoping to be back under 180 by my birthday, but at least I am close.

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19 Responses to 2021-07-20

  1. Bonnie says:

    I’ve got a day of chores ahead of me, including going out into the rain.

  2. Steve says:

    It has still been raining on and off this morning. While there was a break in the action yesterday, I got under the house and relocated the cat5e that runs to the barn. As I moved the AP a few weeks ago, the barn has been offline. I remembered why I normally try and get under the house in the winter. Crawling in mud is not fun- and it’s crawling for the most part. A couple spots require flat, belly in the dirt as you have to go under plumbing. Ugh.

    Debbie is showing improvement. Slowly. The interwebz report an average of 6 weeks to recover from a rib injury. She may go crazy in that length of time.


    • Injury recovery sucks, especially as we get older.

    • Bonnie says:

      Thinking about Debbie! I’m so fortunate that my crawlspace is completely encapsulated—I couldn’t believe it when I bought the house, what luck! The previous owners installed it because of their allergies. The crawlspace under my 1912 Memphis house is a place I avoided like the plague. On that note, there probably was plague under there…

  3. I know about the Covid variants but did I miss a mask mandate? I was an unmasked outlier in Target this morning, and it felt as if I were doing something wrong.

    What was right was that with the exception of a big bag of epsom salt I only bought the essentials on my list, and, I used $15 in girt cards to pay for some of what I bought!

  4. Steve says:

    Just watched Bezos and his “crew” ride the fire penis to “space” and back. whoopee. They kept making a point that they were going across the “internationally recognized line of the beginning of space” unlike any other recent entry into the kazillionaire space race.

  5. Bought white bread, freshly delivered to Target, for a tomato sandwich for lunch. 😋

    • Steve says:

      Your tomatoes?? I’ve been jonesing for a ‘mater sammich lately. The store bought just ain’t all that when it comes to that particular delicacy.

    • Yep! They aren’t very large, The squirrels ate the big ones, but they are ripe and ready to be eaten.

    • Okay, that may have been the best tomato sandwich I have ever eaten. All that was missing was Duke’s mayonnaise, I had to use what I had in the refrigerator.

      I wish I knew which variety of tomato I just ate. It must have been one of the three seed varieties that I got from the University of Florida.

  6. Sun is out, right after I come back inside!

    WLF looks okay, though some things are already reaching their end for this growing season.

    And I was reminded of something I forgot to buy at Target – bug spray!

  7. Fucking mosquitoes! I can’t go outside unsprayed for even five minutes…

  8. Crap, I should have seen if Target sells dill seed so I could make dill pickles.

  9. Steve says:

    Headline on CNN- “Same day delivery- from space”.

    Cracked me up.

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