Welcome to Wee Little Birthday Week, not that I have anything big planned especially since it’s supposed to rain for the next three days. Fingers crossed that the weather will clear by the actual day of my birth, Thursday.

I had an interesting weekend.

On Friday night I joined Bonnie, her hubby, and our friend Joe for comedy at Red’s Beer Garden. (speaking of Red’s, perhaps I need to swing by this week to drink my birthday beer and get $5 off). As you may know, I am a harsh critic when it comes to stand up comedy but on Friday night I had a few chuckles.

On Saturday morning I did my normal walk with Betsy and Bella, though we had to alter our normal routine since our second coffee shop stop, Hodgepodge, was closed for renovations. Instead, we walked into the fancy Glenwood Park neighborhood, stopping to say hello to Bonnie at her house, and then onto Drip, the coffee shop in her neighborhood. It’s been many years since I stopped at Drip, and was pleasantly surprised.

After splitting off from Betsy I popped into the M6 for a choring journey. My destination was what I expected to be a Mecca for garden plodders like myself, Tractor Supply Co. in Fayetteville. I knew that the M6 couldn’t transport a cattle panel from which I could make an arch, but I would be able to get the T-posts and lidded buckets that I wanted. (Barb, I will still buy some of the T-posts you have if you are still looking to get rid of them.) I was unimpressed with the Tractor Supply Co in Fayetteville, perhaps I need to visit one further in the countryside?

Upon returning from Fayetteville I made myself lunch, and then proceeded to pass out on the couch for a hard nap. The rest of my evening was uneventful.

Yesterday was a Black Sheep Day. Trail was up I-575, and was a nice, short trail which some of us shortcutted when we saw the FRBs coming out of the woods telling us it was a circle jerk. After trail I drove Bonnie home and she ordered SoBa to be delivered. The food was delicious, and after falling asleep a couple of times watching Letterkenny (a knock on me, not the show), I headed home and passed out nearly immediately. There were surprise guests at the end yesterday — The Boners — who while driving home happened to see Supersuck running across the road, so they stopped in to say hi, and because they are moving, goodbye.

With no hare posted and the forecast of rain I most likely won’t be going to the Moonlight hash tonight.

Hope that you had a wonderful and healthy weekend.

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  1. Steve says:

    “Black asleep” is the new hash on Sunday!

    So Friday finally saw all the stars align to close the refi. AS all the paperwork was set to have me exercise Power of Attorney for Debbie, I still had to drag her along to complete that paperwork, which naturally requires a witness and notary. She sat in the car while I signed my name, and “Deborah B. Brady by John S. Brady as Attorney in fact.” Ugh.

    Saturday was in the office most of the day, then rushing to the feed store in Haralson by 3 to pick up horse feed. Note to self, they close at 4, so there was really no rush.

    Sunday was a day of chores and sushi takeaway for dinner. Debbie has been watching “Manifest’ and is so far along I’m completely lost. A plane takes 5 and a half years to reach it’s destination and the passengers are being tracked down as aliens (I think). It’s weird, but she’s enjoying it.


    • Ha! It aptly describes how I was while typing this morning. Fixed.

      I also just added the bit about The Boners stopping by the end yesterday.

    • Barb says:

      We’ve watched Manifest from the beginning (on Network TV). It’s a weird show. I’m hoping they have 1 more season & wrap it up. It’s like Lost was…. Where the hell are they going with it???

  2. Damn, I just learned that Tractor Supply also sells a tool known as a t-post puller. Wish I had found this out before going down to the store on Saturday.

    • Steve says:

      If you have a T-post pounder, it can also act as a puller. I’ll see if I can find the video. We don’t need to shop the TSC in Fayetteville, as we have one closer. Lately I think they all have been having inventory issues. So much crap from China.

    • Whaaaa? 🤯

      Yeah, I know there are many locations. It seemed to me that TSC is basically a pet store / hardware store, with some farm-related items.

      Speaking of cheap tools, yesterday’s start was near a Harbor Freight store. I have still not been inside of one, see also, Lidl.

      • Steve says:

        The only reason I’ve shopped Fayetteville is they had the landscape rake (or was it the box blade) for my tractor. It’s really a general store- clothing, tools, specialty feeds (chickens, goats), tractor parts…

      • Barb says:

        Harbor Freight, we call it the Chinese hardware store.
        Some things are good to buy there, some will break very easily.
        We’ve been to that store before. They sometimes give you a free gift when checking out.

        And yes, you can have some of the posts, we have plenty that will probably never be used again.

  3. Barb says:

    It was a good birthday weekend.
    Friday a haircut, then dinner with the in laws.

    Saturday started out lazy, but then got out for a walkabout , that was close to 5 miles.
    Ended up over near Truist Park, some good people watching hours & hours before the game. It’s amazing how many people are at the Battery.
    There’s a restaurant that had $4 High Life’s, so we sat in the shade & had a burger.
    Saturday night ventured to Canton for an outdoor A1A show, weather ended up ok, a little drizzly, but no real rain. It was fun, ran into some old friends I hadn’t seen in years.

    Sunday we went to Ellijay to tube the Cartacay. Weather held off again, it was a lovely day on the river. Thought about trying to stop by the hash ending, but we were tired.
    When are the Boners moving? Soon?

    • Sounds like a good weekend.

      Deboner mentioned renting their house from the new owners for about three weeks, until Boner gets to retire from his job. Deboner, who used to work in the same building as I did in midtown, has already retired from her job. She also told me that they already have a condo in Greenville.

      • Steve says:

        I know Greenville is cool and all, but retire there? I haven’t heard SC doesn’t have income tax, they don’t have kids to be closer to (that I’m aware of). I guess I’m trying to make sense of it.

        Was there any reason given?

      • No, and I didn’t inquire because I was focused on changing out of my hashing clothes and drinking a beer.

  4. Spent some of my lunch hour washing my kitchen floor. Only 29 times doing it and the floor might look acceptable. Alternatively, I could hire someone to renovate my kitchen.

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