Wow, it’s past 7am and I am finally getting out of bed. So much for early morning choring…

Yesterday was an unusual birthday for me. I spent most of the daytime hours puttering around town, receiving nice birthday greetings from friends, and generally avoiding doing work. My 1pm haircut appointment threw a wrench into going out for a big lunch, so I wound up eating three pizza dough pretzels and having a beer at Mellow Mushroom after it.

Last night I joined Bonnie, her husband, and our friend Wendy for a drive up to Gwinnett for a baseball game. Coolray Field, which is now astonishingly surrounded on two sides by “luxury” flats/apartments, is no place to be a vegetarian as vegetarian food options are nearly nonexistent. Oddly I wasn’t in the mood to eat meat, even though it was my birthday so I could eat whatever the hell I wanted, so my dinner was a big soft pretzel with cheese.

Pretzels as meals, twice in one day, proving that even at 56 you don’t have to eat like an adult.

The game was fun unless you were rooting for the visitors as they were spanked repeatedly. My friends bought me admission and birthday beers, including two Yeunglings as we took advantage of $2 beer night (really “$2 beers for the first half of the game since the special stops after the fifth inning”).

Today could be a very interesting day for me at “XYZ Corp, Mark II”, but you will have to return to this space on Monday to read why. Huh, I just got a notification of my first direct deposit from “XYZ Corp, Mark II”; it’s for $20.15, I hope that I earn more than that for them… Ah, I just received a second notification indicating more money has been deposited, so that’s good.

Hopefully after work I will be meeting up with my buddy Hank for a beer.

I have been invited to a Going Away party for one of my old roommates from 23 years ago. I’ve not seen most of these friends in about a decade, so I should drive up to Dunwoody for the party, but I am still determining if I will.

Sunday I will most likely attempt another Wheelhopper hash since it is in Marietta and will be laid in part by our friend Sal so that she can qualify for a Wheelhopper mug.

Hope you have a happy and healthy weekend.

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12 Responses to 2021-07-23

  1. Bonnie says:

    Did you get your Starbucks beverage yesterday? Did we already talk about this? 🤪

    • No I did not, even though I was near two Starbucks stores. It was too damn hot for coffee when I was in their neighborhoods and I don’t like iced coffee.

      And thanks again for the baseball outing.

  2. Steve says:

    I’m glad your birthday was enjoyable.

    As I drove home yesterday, I was almost falling asleep, so a nap was in order when I got home. Grass cutting and no ride was the order of the day. We started watching lathe Kominski Method” (sp) last night. I laughed so hard at one point, Debbie paused it so I could catch my breath.

    Clothes packed, officials crap next. Got a cooling vest and neck wrap to try and stay cool this weekend. We’ll see.


    • Barb says:

      kominsky method is on our list to watch soon. Just finished Bosch.

      New phone has a new plan with Hulu, Disney+ & espn+ Free on Verizon.
      Got the 1st 2 set up with apps on my phone, then set up thru the firestick, so we are all set. There’s some marvel things we want to watch on Disney.

      Glad you had a fun birthday

    • I started Kominski Method, but then didn’t follow through.

      While I don’t like Disney for their copyright stand, I had to admit that their catalog was so vast, and contains so much of what I like, that it was worth paying money for it. I then expanded into the package with Hulu and ESPN+ (for German soccer, that is no longer applicable for me).

      • Barb says:

        I didn’t want to pay more for more streaming services, but since it’s free with our phones, I will definitely use it.

        Allan got to play plumber this morning, a plastic pipe (drainage for the AC) at Annette’s was leaking, she bought the parts & he brought the tools. Took just a few minutes, figured out the builder nailed into the pipe when putting on the siding, so it was leaking into the wall. New construction isn’t wha5 it used to be.

      • I will be freezing or canceling Netflix soon, so I’ll save a little money that way.

  3. Glad mosquito bites subside quickly on my body because those fuckers are brutal!

  4. Just made my lunch — bowl of charred green beans (WLF) with a few small tomatoes (WLF), covered with guacamole salsa (not WLF). 😋

    When I score my gardening efforts/results green beans will get an A+.

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