On Friday after work I drove up to Briarcliff and Lavista to meet up with some old friends for beers at Red Pepper Taqueria. Little did I know that upon return home I’d be doing so through two inches of unforecasted rain! To make matters worse, I had pulled in most of my rain catching trays because it wasn’t supposedly to rain Friday!

Saturday morning’s walk with Betsy and Bella was fun, but shortened due to heat and humidity. At Joe’s Coffee Shop I scored a 5lb bag of spent coffee grounds to add to WLF. I filled another bag of litter prior to meeting up with Betsy, and did a quick Kroger run on foot afterward. In total I may have walked 4.5-5.0 miles.

A some point Saturday my mood turned sad and I didn’t want to do anything, go anywhere, or see anyone. I sat at home eschewing the party to which I was invited, an invite to drink beer with a couple of friends, and using my $5 birthday credit at Red’s Beer Garden on its final day of validity. I sat around watching videos the rest of the day and then making a frozen pizza for dinner.

I have mastered the art of growing potatoes so that you don’t have too many to eat. Dangen! I harvested three potato sowings, all different varieties, and had a dismal yield from each. One of the varieties also had a few that rotted, which means that they were probably too wet (Nature’s fault) or left in the ground too long (my fault). On the brighter side of WLF I continue to harvest cucumbers (also made pickles with some), tomatoes, and eggplant. I cleared out part of a bed that had failing beets and turnips, and pulled all brassica (broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower) plants that were getting munched badly by bugs. I’m clearing space now in hopes of getting one more shot at production before frost hits later this year. WLF 2022 will be far more productive! I hope.

Yesterday I joined Bonnie and went to Wheelhopper. Since mountain biking is not my “jam”, mmmmm jaaaaaam, and Wheelhopper has joined Black Sheep in raising their price to $10 I shan’t be riding each month. However yesterday’s start was in Marietta and was laid by our friend Sal (in order to get her mug since it is a requirement to lay a trail to get a Wheelhopper mug), so I decided to go. Predictably I rode slowly and cautiously. Have I mentioned that mountain biking is not my “jam”, mmmmm jaaaaaam. By the time we got to the end, after returning to the start to change and get Bonnie’s car, most of the better beer had been consumed and all of the ice in the cooler had melted. At least there was a pool ending…

And now I will uncover the lede that I’ve buried — on Friday I turned in my resignation. A week from Friday I will once again be voluntarily unemployed. Scary, but absolutely necessary. Over the weekend my boss has attempted to contact me to change my mind. I suppose we will chat today, but at this point I not sure that I want my mind changed.

I will be attending tonight’s Moonlight Hash because I will be keeping Glory Mole (aka Bonnie) company as she lays the trail. The original hare backed out, so Bonnie stepped up to volunteer yesterday.

Hope your weekend was enjoyable, restful, and healthy.

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  1. In from about twenty minutes of light choring, mostly pruning tomato plants, as well as picking some ripe tomatoes that have not split. Also attempted to kill as many of the insects that look like orange ladybugs (male ladybugs?) that do little more than destroy leaves. I don’t like killing bugs, especially when I drop them into the grass and can’t find them again so I can’t finish the job.

  2. Steve says:

    A long weekend of migration is over. Friday nights criterium was a great learning experience for me as I had never worked a crit from a motorcycle. The pro race had a break of five get away and was close to lapping the field. We were watching the splits go down, but holding at 30 seconds late in the race. With two to go for the field they essentially sat up, and with the leaders getting one to go they closed the 30 seconds very quickly. As I was leading the break, we quickly came up to the field, through them and on to the finish. The field never saw one to go or got a bell because the laps are turned on the leaders so the next time across the line was their finish. It’s a rare occurrence but it has happened before, and most of the field understood what was happening. Only a few went on to sprint one more lap but that was just for giggles.

    Saturday and Sunday were long hard road races. There is not much relief from the heat from the motorcycle. You may not be peddling a bicycle but you are also sitting on top of an engine.

    The ride home was long after a long day of racing but a little easier than the ride up on Friday. Traffic was fairly light for a Sunday afternoon but we did come to a stop a few times. That gives me a chance to have a drink from my water bottle which is about it on the side of the bike.

    Taking today off from my work from Saturday a week ago. Will be following up on chores that need to be done.

    I hear someone is laying a hash tonight. If I get truly motivated I may make an appearance.


  3. Barb says:

    I mentioned the beer issues to Jack@ss, he said Kerry is beermiester, but of course missing the hash again. He said, there’s plenty of beer. (No, there wasn’t) I said that wasn’t the point, the beer selection was. And I noticed the lack of ice as well. He can only fit 2 coolers in his car. Useless conversation.
    $10 for that selection is not right.

    Bummer the job is ending, but I totally get it, and here’s to a little time off!

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