Another unpredicted storm raged through WLF around 7pm last night. Heavy winds toppled and snapped more of the plants in WLF as the storm also dropped another 2.5 inches of rain. I had my rain-catching trays outside, all now filled to their brims, but have no plan for longer-term storage yet. Perhaps tomorrow I will set up the rain barrel I collected and see it if it’s in working order. If it is, that 50+ gallons of additional storage.

And of course the worse thing the storm did was wash away Glory Mole’s trail, not more than ten minutes after she completed laying it. 😢 “At least we got some exercise today.” was the only solace I could provide as a handful of hashers joined us for “drinking practice” at Manny’s in Grant Park.

No more news on the work front, as of now I am still expecting to be voluntarily unemployed in two weeks.

Tonight? Most sure yet. We’ll have to see what Mother Nature brews up today…

Hope all is happy and healthy in your world.

Tuesday Tale of the Tape: 181.8 pounds (+0.8 from last week’s weigh-in)

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  1. Also, a lot of rain and heat make for a superb environment for weed growth. Later this week my choring will have to invoke weed clearance from WLF.

    Oh yeah, I was also greeted by a hummingbird yesterday, perhaps intrigued by the red shorts I was wearing? 😂 I hung a hummingbird feeder yesterday, fortunately it survived the storm.

  2. Steve says:

    Yesterday was frustrating. I was planning on re-pulling the bad wire to the well pump, but determined the conduit was a sham. On the well side, it’s a smaller diameter than the house side, and it’s only a couple feet long. I thought about trying to dig down and seeif I could find “the other conduit” but realized it wasn’t going all the way. Clearly they simply buried the cable, which is likely why it is now verklempt. Will be looking into flying the power now, rather than trenching…

    I was able to get major chore #2 done. Pressure washed the deck. It does look good.

    Yesterday’s other fail was in search of a wavy washer (spring washer) which I learned over the weekend was missing from one of my front disc rotors on the scooter. I stopped by the hardware store on Luthersville and then knew instantly what I was looking for. Sadly, they did not have the right size. Later, I tried Lowes, Auto Zone, O’ Riley, NAPA and Home Depot and none even had a spot for them. O ‘Riley found them on the computer, but it would be $4 plus $5 shipping, each! I said he could keep them and he understood completely. Ordered from the BMW dealer with no shipping charge. 10 times what Luthersville hardware was charging.

    Sorry your trail got washed away, Bonnie. Just keep it for another time.

    So, did you have the talk with the boss?


    • Talked with my boss. Boss’ boss wants to chat but he’s on West Coast, so overlapping time is rare. Nothing I heard yesterday is swaying me to change my mind.

  3. Also ruined by the rain were the onions I had pulled and left outside to dry. Oh well, they were a terrible batch to begin with…

  4. Bonnie says:

    I lost a half-pound today so laying trail was worth it. 😂 My PS (Prize Stop) at my house will thankfully still work at my next trail. 😁

    I discovered flour attracts roaches—big, meaty, black roaches. 😬😬😬 I had spilled some on my porch as well as laid a mark on my front steps, and when Wee brought me home I was horrified to see quite a few of them feasting! Wee tried to help rid my porch of some of them but after he left I swept up the wet flour as best I could (like sweeping dough) then brought out the (natural) roach spray. I looked outside again and many of them were back. Knowing I was covered in flour, I took a shower and scrubbed thoroughly from head to toe as if I had rolled around in a poison ivy patch then swam through a river of E. coli. I didn’t want to take any chance that the roaches could figure out a way to my bedroom on the second floor from the porch and start burrowing into my hair for dessert. I kept thinking every shadow was a roach. THEN, the book I’m reading about a family living in extreme poverty had a chapter on roaches. Nope, nope, nope. Thankfully I was really tired and it was really late so I fell asleep fast. Now I don’t want any flour in the house or garage, even in sealed containers!

    Thanks again Wee for helping me lay my trail. Between the two of us I even laid a couple checks this time! Perhaps I’ll remember next time as well. 🤣

  5. Just looked at the onions again and found two black caterpillars living under a few. Jeez Louise nature has a way of being such a pain in the ass.

  6. Barb says:

    Bummer trail got rained out.
    It rained, but not very much up here.

    We went to Rope Mill riding yesterday, Mtn biking in the heat is hard.
    Then got home & cut grass.
    (Forgot to hit send earlier)

  7. Barb says:

    Just got back from a walk at the river with Davey & Mark. Walked up on the trails some, saw some flour on a tree from Sunday. Good rocky section, not upset I missed that part of trail. It was plenty muddy out there, I guess we got more rain last night then I thought up here.

    Heading to the dentist in a few, then to Home Depot to look at a new lawn mower. Ours is sooooo heavy, and will only turn one way, I’ve finally whined enough about it Allan agreed we could get a new one. Lowe’s only had one Honda in stock, up on a shelf, and no one anywhere to assist. So we left.

  8. Eating a large salad for lunch? Who am I!?!? Oh yeah, I’m a person with a lot of cucumbers and tomatoes. 😂

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