Friday? Already? Whew.
Nearly the end of July? Already? Whew.

Yesterday I dropped the “I’m outta here” bomb in a meeting, even though the boss’s boss still wants to talk on Monday.

Last night I baked a weirdly delicious casserole for dinner. I cut up a couple of long eggplant and small tomatoes (WLF), bell pepper and zucchini (sadly not WLF), and mixed them with garlic cheese curds, a box orzo and rice pilaf (Trader Joe’s), and topped with a bag of garlic croutons (Aldi). To these I added some Italian seasoning and baked the mixture for about 75 minutes at 375°F. The only disappointment was that all the vegetables weren’t from WLF.

As I ate dinner I finally finished the latest season of “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel”.

Last night I learned that cardinals like to eat ripe tomatoes! I was standing outside and watched on land on my tomato trellis and attempt to lean over and pluck the fruit with its beak. Another animal after my food? I therefore had to pop out to WLF to bring in as many ripe grape/cherry tomatoes as I could.

This morning finds me pushing my hipster mower around the front yard before I do a little choring in WLF. With all of the rain and warm weather we’ve had recently the lawn has grown quickly. And with the hipster mower I can’t let it get too tall else the mower can’t cut it effectively.

I had planned to make my return to The EARL for the Surfer Blood concert tonight, after all, we’ve beaten COVID-19, right? Weeeeeell… Bonnie, let’s touch base this afternoon.

Tomorrow night I may go to Brookhaven for their Cherry Blossom Festival to hear Better Than Ezra perform. I first saw the band perform in 1995 in Huntsville, AL in a small club know as Lenny’s Downtown. Sadly they have not remained a big enough band to headline tomorrow night; I stead the headliner is a band of whom I have never heard — The Revivalists.

Sunday is a hashing day! Barb, Black Sheep starts right down the road from your house… A pool ending has been advertised, Barb have you installed a pool since the last time I stopped by? 😂

Hope you have a marvelous weekend.

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20 Responses to 2021-07-30

  1. Steve says:

    Barb retired, so she has lots of time to install a pool!!

    One of my genius co-workers came up with the bright idea that we could rotate coming in on Friday! (my brother Sam and I decided we would skip Friday altogether!) I’m in the orifice, hopefully just for this Friday. And the bank has put RTO on hold while Delta rages. The 50 pilot folks will still come in, but no others. Hmmmm…

    It was hot yesterday. After a break and watching BMX, I got out on the tractor and bush hogged along the driveway and road frontage. It looks much improved. There is still plenty to do, but not when it’s so bleeping hot. I see the weekend is no cooler, so I’ll be riding early.

    Paulie, have you finished with my grinder? I may need it if I motivate to sharpen the finish mower blades. I could stop by this afternoon…


    • I’ve not used the grinder but you should take it if you need it because I have a habit of taking forever to get jobs done.

      The grinder, wrench, and face shield at all in a box awaiting return.

      If you give me a head’s up when you will swing by I can have it at the ready, or if I am not at home, leave it outside by my kitchen door for you.

  2. Morning choring done! Lawn is mowed, and, I even picked up the large branch that came off my tree and (finally) fell into the neighbor’s driveway.

    Popped into WLF for a little watering and cleanup. So much more cleanup to do! Oh, also found my first large tomato hornworm this morning and dispatched it. Why don’t birds eat those?

  3. Barb says:

    Well, you have to come by to see if I have a pool, but, just FYI, it’s about 2 miles to my house from the start. Might make for an extra long trail on a hot day.
    We are planning to hash, but may also shortcut, it’s potentially freakin hilly in that area.
    You could come by for those posts……

    Davey has “convinced” me to tag along to help Yuron move some stuff from a storage unit to his house later this morning. I really have nothing important on the agenda except Brewery Road at Red Hare tonight, so I said ok.

    Saw a post from Kevin in Tokyo, they have to spit in a vial daily to be tested for Covid.
    He got moved into a satellite village near the velodrome, they sleep on a super uncomfortable cardboard beds.

    • Steve says:

      So one of my instructors is president of the panel at the velodrome. When the plane arrived in Narita, they asked all the Olympics folks to let everyone else off first, then they were escorted as a group. As Noreen is not an athlete, she was asked to step away from everyone else and there was even a volunteer that stood between her and the athletes- even though she had just spent 11 F’ing hours sitting next to some skateboarders! I guess they are doing what they can when they can.

    • Bonnie says:

      I saw those beds on TV. They indeed didn’t look comfortable but at least something associated with the Olympics isn’t going into the landfill or left to rot.

      One of my high school classmates is at the Olympics too, but she hasn’t posted much on social media (I don’t think you’re supposed to?) and we’re not good enough friends that we would chat offline about it.

  4. YouTube just try to show me an ad explaining to me why I should be dating a younger Latin woman. 😂😂😂

  5. Barb says:

    RAGBRAI seems really long this year. Yesterday was the 2nd almost 90 mile day. Jammies has been posting his Strava to FB. With the Karras loop, he did 113 miles. It’s hotter then hell in Iowa this week too.

  6. Bonnie says:

    Well since Better Than Ezra isn’t the headliner, we can get to bed earlier! 😂😂😂

  7. I waited until today to wash masks, remember in 2020 when we did that routinely?, and hoped that the sun would be shining brightly today so that I could dry the, outside. Alas, it is not.

  8. I’m watching an episode of Monk while I work. I have finally reached the Natalie Teeger era. 😁

  9. Barb says:

    I managed to get a little poison ivy on my ankles, I decided to cut thru the front yard to the neighbor’s house to get some eggs. Dumb ass idea. It’s just a little, but enough to be really annoying. You’d think I’d know better.

  10. Barb says:

    At Red ’s for a beer & dog with Davey & Yuron if you can take a break from working… short timer

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