I forgot to mention yesterday that I started watching what may be the worst show on TV that I have ever watched, but that I can’t stop watching on Hulu — Holey Moley. Holey Moley, somehow in its third season, is “extreme putt-putt golf”; it’s a combination of putt-putt golf and Wipeout (of which there have now been three iterations?). Because Hulu only has the second and third seasons of Holey Moley I jumped in at S3E1 (season 3, episode 1) and it was a fucking train wreck, that I couldn’t turn off! 🤯

I wish I could train Apple’s autocorrect. When I type the word “may”, 100% of the time it “autocorrects” to “May” even though “may” is a valid English word. 😡

Last night Bonnie and I drove up to Buford in the driving rain to join Tom (Dribbles Before He Shoots) and Owen (Amber Bait) for trivia. For whatever reason I was once again not much help, even though we did manage to finish in second place. Thankfully the rain was gone by the time we returned inside the perimeter.

Upon returning near home I stopped into Kroger to redeem a coupon for my preferred toilet paper. My eighteen roll package was also on sale, saving me an additional $5, so I was fortunate to get the last one on the shelf. I don’t shop at the Glenwood Kroger all that much these days, so I was surprised how many of their refrigerated sections are now enclosed. Won’t that be a lot more surface that will need to be continuously disinfected in these Covid times?

I know the sun is rising later each day, such is the nature of Nature, but I am a little saddened that it’s so dark at 6:30am. I’m waiting for the sun to rise so I can see if East Atlanta received any of that rain through which I drove last night. Just enough light has arrived for me to see that yes, it appears from the pans I emptied yesterday that now contain about a half inch of water that the rain did fall at the ITP Estate.

Still winding down my career at XYZ Corp.

I thought I’d be joining Betsy for Top Chef tonight, but I am wrong, she’s not available. So, if the rain will hold off perhaps I can get some choring done tonight.

Hope your week is going well.

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  1. Went out to WLF to see if the frog was bouncing around in this damp weather, and then noticed one of my plant supports was nearly falling down. In going out to fix it, I saw that a slew of mushrooms have popped up in my wood chip path, and one bean leaves had about eight folded back spots on it, under which each loved a caterpillar/worm, perhaps a Bean Leafroller. Holy hell, Nature has a at least one pest for every plant!

  2. Steve says:

    I finally found where I can replay the cycling on the Roku. Caught up on the track events so far and finally saw the Aussie team pursuit rider face plant into the track when his 3D printed handlebar snapped. And face plant was literal as he had a burn mark on his nose and cheek from skidding on the track! Ouch.

    We were going to dinner and the grocery, but our list at the grocery wasn’t long and Debbie ran out of gas. We attempted to gather the horses from the front pasture to the barn, but Daisy wasn’t having any of it. Debbie finally got a halter on her just before the skies opened and the bottom fell out. This will have to be a drill they get used to- we need to give that side pasture a break.

    We have decided to be onsite just 4 days a week and each of us take a day. For the moment, I think this is the best idea as there are still just a few folks here for now. The Labor Day restart date has been pushed out to who knows when. We may be in this pattern for a while.


    • 1. Ouch!
      2. Debbie ran out of gas, or the vehicle did?
      3. I know I’m a snowflake but four days a week still sounds like too much given your job and the current situation. #MillenialWannabe? 😂

      • Steve says:

        2. Debbie ran out of gas. Her injury makes sitting uncomfortable.
        3. There are 4 of us, so each taking 1 day a week isn’t a bad deal. Now if we can keep that up once everyone comes back!! Not likely.

  3. Remember all of the hullabaloo about payday lending? I just scheduled my Amex payment, and if I am late they charge a $40 late fee and 29.99% interest! That my friends, is highway robbery.

    • Barb says:

      I haven’t noticed the interest rate on AmEx, just the late fee. Note to self, go pay the credit cards….

      Holey Moley – what a stupid show, but yes, you have to keep watching. The announcers are hilarious.

      Went to Sani’s to see Kevin last night, and more birthday dinner for Sani. Gave her a break & gave him a ride to the airport, since there was wine drinking & it was sort of (not really) on our way home.

    • Yes, the humor is childish… but funny.

  4. Bonnie says:

    This is the husband’s one day off/home across an 8-day work week (he picked up extra trips to make more money to offset vacation) and he’s about to head to the mechanic with our other car. There’s a weird noise he thought would be resolved by getting new tires, but it wasn’t. Still no word on the Cavalier, it’s been in the shop for a week now. I think they’re trying to source parts but the husband is tired of calling them. 🤷🏼‍♀️

    • Barb says:

      Bonnie – have you been looking at all for a new (or new to you) car?
      Just in case?

      • Bonnie says:

        Yes we are starting. The husband is very particular so it will likely have to be ordered. He was set on a Honda HRV but now he may consider upgrading to a CRV. May also take closer looks at a RAV4 and a Mazda SUV but he’s pretty sold on Hondas.

        The Accord has a bad bearing in the wheel assembly. The husband will be stuck at the dealership likely all day. At least they can access the parts, which was questionable.

        • Aaah, sorry to read that. Hopefully it’s a quick and fairly inexpensive fix.

        • Barb says:

          I love the AWD CRV hybrid.
          We got the 2nd of the 4 price levels. (Cloth seats vs leather seats). We bought (expensive) seat covers for the Subaru, then did the same for the CRV. I’m actually not a fan of leather seats.

          • Bonnie says:

            The husband needs his leather, though I also want to purchase seat covers for the first time as I will just get into trouble getting it hash-y. 😁 I don’t think he wants to spring for AWD and he’s still scared of hybrids.

      • Bonnie says:

        He’s been researching new cars for eight years actually. 😂

  5. GCN has released a new version of the app, supposedly it now (finally) supports iPads! 🤞🏻

  6. Bob says:

    Episode 4 of Holy Moly was won by Mick Cullen and Episode 5 was won by Dianne Cullen. Both related to Jim Cullen (Stay at Homo) my co-hare for the Wheelhopper I laid recently. Apparently they are very well known in the mini golf world winning all sorts of championships.

  7. Just harvested some vegetables — green beans, a bell pepper, some okra, an unknown pepper, an eggplant — that will all go into tonight’s dinner. I have to get them before they get too far gone or ruined by pests.

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