Well I certainly learned something last night, some varieties of okra pods when left to grow to a seemingly respectable size become fibrous and woody. After biting into one that I had cooked, and then subsequently baked with rice and other vegetables, I had to extract all of the pods from the casserole dish. Lessons learned.

WLF is a little wild and wooly, and a bit sad if I must admit, at the moment. The tomato and burpless cucumber plants are reaching their end, though the indeterminate tomato varieties may have one more burst of flowers if the temperature doesn’t get much more than 90°F. The pickling cucumber plants have yellowed slightly, perhaps from too much fertilizer. Most of the squash/zucchini plants have been attacked by pests, but I have another round sprouting in pots which I will transplant very soon.

There is perhaps still time for one more turn of quick-producing vegetables, such as radish, zucchini, squash, and okra, as long as they are planted where the sun will continue to shine. I have to remind myself which parts of WLF will no longer receive sufficient sunlight as the sun starts lowering its arc in the sky over the next handful of months. Other than that, it will be time for WLF renovations and improvements getting it ready for 2022. 😮

I was hoping the reduction in temperature and humidity yesterday would convince me to get outside (anywhere) to exercise, but it did not. ☹️ Instead, with the knowledge that there is a local contestant in season 2 of “Holey Moley” I started binge watching that.

Today is my penultimate day at “XYZ Corp”. Yesterday another of my coworkers announced his exit as well. It’s not that “XYZ Corp, Mark II” is a bad company, perhaps the opposite?, it’s that it’s not a good fit for some of us who were acquired.

Supposedly there is a SLUT (Slow, Lazy, Urban, Thursday) revival hash tonight, but I’ve not seen concrete information about its start. I may be interested, I may not be, we shall see.

Hope you are happy and remaining healthy.

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  1. Steve says:

    I had every intension of exercise once I got home from the orifice yesterday, then my recliner summoned me to watch the days cycling. Match sprint first rounds and some keirin, along with the gold medal ride in team pursuit. This was damn exciting with me screaming at the TV and the winner only decided on the final half lap! And a world record to boot!

    The children were a bit better behaved to come in for their dinner last night. Phinney and Daisy are good with the drill, but baby Tanner had to be shown the gate and then was following along.

    More Kominsky Method last night.. very funny.


    • Barb says:

      We started on Kominsky Method, I think we are in Season 2.
      Then decided we needed to finish off Lucifer. (Season 6 comes out in Sept).
      I had thought Lucifer had gotten old, we hadn’t watched it in quite a while, but then they redeemed themselves. Now I’m looking forward to season 6.

      Leaving for Iowa tomorrow morning, yippie, a 13 hour drive.
      Allan is working today, so I get to try to get everything organized.
      Books reserved on the Libby app (library app). Looks like Allan picked Longmire books (they are very entertaining).
      We decided we will take the road bikes, get out a little, there’s a great bike path we can go both north & south (to Big Grove Brewery).

    • I use the Libby app a lot. I used to use OverDrive, but Libby is it’s replacement?

      Good on ya for getting exercise! 🙌🏼

    • I started Kominsky Method when it was first released, but it didn’t stick with me.

      Oh, I watched about ten minutes of last night’s Atlanta United 2 game, which was being shown on Hulu.

  2. Bonnie says:

    Yesterday I run/walked to pick up some old hash shirts from Martha Screw It. I probably would have walked anyway but not having a car sealed the decision. I ran on the way there (adding some miles so that I could get a 10k out of it) then walked home with a very heavy, full backpack. They are currently hidden from the husband and I’ll look at them after he leaves for work today. 😁 On my walk home I also procured a free vase and a handful of brewery koozies. 😁

  3. Decided to do some WLF choring. Sowed some fall/winter crops, some in starter pots, some in a bed that I cleared this morning. The bed had some kale that I should have eaten but never got around to doing so, and it looked sad and bug riddled. The large caterpillar I found under the netting probably was getting large by eating the kale. Also discovered a tomato plant toppled, probably by critters trying to steal the green tomatoes. Also found the shredded remains of some green tomatoes near the downed pine tree. 😡

  4. I feel extremely curmudgeonly when someone identifies themselves as an “Instagram Influencer”.

    • Bob says:

      Such a made up job, it is unfortunate that these “social media influencers” actually make money. What is even more unfortunate is they make a LOT of money so won’t stop.

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