Well, well, well, in hiatus I still don’t seem to sleep late, at least not yet. I was awake at 5am, but to be fair I don’t think I was awake much past 9:30pm last night.

This weekend was a fun one for me.

On Saturday morning I walked with Betsy and Bella, picking up some trash before and after our walk.

Saturday afternoon I then met up with Bonnie and we decided to do a little brewery hopping. We drove through some heavy rain up to Chamblee to visit Contrast Brewing, and the a little further northeast to visit Kettlerock Brewing, and the returned ITP to have one more beer and a meal at Candler Rail Brewery.

Yesterday I joined the hashers for a long day in the Hooch. With the exception of ramming my tailbone against a rock going through one of the rapids, getting my eyes irritated by sunblock, and having one of our group suffer a raft that got ripped open by a rock, the day was a lot of fun. By the time I got home I was a hungry hungry hippo and fell asleep shortly after eating and showering. My tailbone hurts this morning, I am sure it will be tender for a few days.

So what am I going to do on my first day of hiatus? CHORING! Since rain is predicted for most of the week’s end, it’s important that I get out into WLF and do some chores while the sun shines.

I’ve also started a loaf of bread in the bread machine this morning so that I can have a tomato sandwich at lunchtime since many of the ripe tomatoes on my countertop are starting to show signs of aging.

Tonight’s moonlight hash begins and ends at Candler Rail Brewery so I will be making a return visit.

Hope you had a happy and healthy weekend.

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12 Responses to 2021-08-09

  1. Bonnie says:

    A great day for hay! 😁

    What about Friday night?

  2. Steve says:

    Good neighbor Steve (the one whose shop is behind us) brought his excavator over and dug 2 holes on either side of the driveway where I want to pass the power for the well. Then it was my job to do the tunneling. I did most of the work Friday and finished it off Saturday with the help of MATH!! I calculated I was about 3 degrees off the mark E/W and a degree or so up/down. When I dug a bit farther, low and behold, there was my pipe! Now to install some actual conduit and do a bit of trenching. Might rent a trencher.

    Sunday, took the scooter out for a bit. Checked at one point if the dragging front brake was causing problems- stopped to check the temp with my hand and it was pretty hot. Came on home and am now looking for a good solution.

    The last day of racing at the velodrome was eventful! Noreen was taken out by a crash- knocked to the deck, bumped her head, separated shoulder, taken to the hospital while the racing continued. She made it back in time for the medal ceremony for Jennifer Valenti, the American who won the omnium. That made Noreen happy. And she got in the officials “team photo”, shoulder sling and all…


  3. Owlie is visiting again. 😀

    And I just got bitten by an ant. 😡

  4. And on Friday night Bonnie and I joined some hashers at Wild Heaven Brewing in Avondale Estates for the Brewery Road show! Then she kindly fed me dinner at her house. 😋😁

  5. Barb says:

    Nothing too exciting up here in Iowa. old people stuff.
    Grocery shopping was the 1st thing, my brother left us with an empty fridge (on purpose)

    Today we will head to the urgent care to get impacted ear wax out of my dads ears, instead of trying to get an appt at his doctor (that was the doctors suggestion)
    Then maybe his hearing aids will work better? Or does he just not want to listen?
    He’s 91, who knows.
    Dentist appt is Wednesday morning.

    Did get out for bike ride on the equivalent of the Silver Comet trail Sunday.
    Went 13 miles out (a little further it’s under construction, being paved, used to be crushed gravel) & stopped for a beer. in true RAGBRAI fashion, I got a Coors light.
    Then back, a head wind the whole way back. It was only mid 80s & breezy, so yesterday was a nice day. Today I think it’s back to 90.

  6. Today’s lunch was a tomato sandwich on homemade bread. 😋

    Round 2 of choring done. Admittedly I didn’t get nearly as much done as I had hope to get done, but I had an unexpected chore to start, it’s really hot outside, and my right forearm started to hurt, so I quit for the day.

    Also, my AirPods ran out of battery, so I took that as a sign. 😂

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