I chored hard yesterday, perhaps too hard?

In the morning session I did a lot of WLF cleanup, taking out some determinate tomato plants that have given up their one flush of fruit, and cleared up some of the beds. I also did a little watering. I was tired and sweating profusely when my owl friend decided to drop in and have a look around, which is much easier for owls than humans. After the owl flew around a bit I decided to return indoors for a cool down and shower #1.

After eating lunch and lounging for awhile I went back out for another round of sweating as I chopped up some branches and carried them over to the fire pit patio. At some point my right forearm started really hurting, differently than it has before, so I quit working and went back inside for shower #2. This is a new injury, and when combined with the soreness that occurred from Sunday float, I have decided give myself a day of rest today.

I wasn’t finished punishing myself yesterday however, as I then went to the hash. I didn’t need confirmation that I am not a good runner, but received it yesterday as I slogged around a trail that was no more than 3.25 miles long. The hash started and ended at Candler Rail Brewery, which was good. Oddly the appetizers my table ordered never arrived, but since my entrée was a mere fried avocado taco, I wanted to eat my chips and salsa.

Today’s activities will be a trip to Aldi and Wells Fargo, as well as making dinner from ingredients from WLF.

Hope you are remaining happy and healthy.

Tuesday Tale of the Tape: 179.8 pounds (-2.0 from last week’s weigh-in); woot! Apparently choring and hiatus taking is working well for me! 😂

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  1. Steve says:

    When I worked with good neighbor Steve on digging the access to go under the driveway, we also discussed field conditions. He suggested disking the ground to break it up before adding fertilizer and has just the machine to do it- an old MF tractor with a 6′ disk. As I’m in town today and tonight (Games meeting), I decided I better get cracking. I picked up the machine and set about the job. I had just started when the first rain shower hit, but his tractor has a roof, so it was no worries. The second wave hit as I was about 2/3 finished, only this time with thunder and lightning. Sitting in an open field with a large metal machine and large metal disk in the ground, I decided I best retreat. Hopefully what I did will help.

    I began work on diagnosing the brake problems on the scooter. Disconnected the binding caliper from the bike and gave the wheel a spin- all good. Disassembled the caliper and haven’t found any problems yet, but one side of the caliper does not want to retract, so looking for a blockage in the fluid path. Fun times.


  2. Bonnie says:

    *Fist bump* Paulie! Our weights inch closer and closer! 😂 Did you like the avocado taco? I thought it was really good. Sorry you didn’t get those yummy chips. Today we leave for vacation around noon. I bet we miss that mark. 😂 My first time to Savannah, Tybee Island, and some other surrounding areas/activities.

    • Thanks.

      I thought the taco was delicious, and I did get the chips! Actually, I ordered the salsa trio but they delivered me the more expensive queso, guacamole, and salsa trio, but since it took them nearly an hour to do so I decided to eat that instead.

      Have a wonderful journey. I know you probably won’t get the green light to go, but there is at least one brewery in Savannah. 😂

    • Barb says:

      Bonnie- have a great vacation.
      Breakfast Club on Tybee is a great (but small) place to eat. We sat at the counter & watched the magic happen.
      Where are you staying?

  3. Morning WLF watering done! Sadly I have lost another zucchini plant to the vine borers. 😡 I have more in the ground, instead of in grow bags, so I hope to grow more zucchini before the summer is done. 🤞🏻

  4. Barb says:

    Found out yesterday all the bike shops in town are closed on Monday.
    Allan is trying to tune up my brother’s bikes while he is gone.
    Today, we will try again.
    Today is the anniversary of the Derecho storm last year. Lots of stories on the local news.
    So many people are still not done with repairs.
    Field of Dreams game is Thursday, Yankees & White Sox. Tickets are being scalped for close to $1000. Lots of talk about it.

    Kevin brought home the Tokyo 2020 twin comforter. Katrina says all of us that encouraged him to bring it home are dead to her now. She said they have way too many useless souvenirs from Kevin’s travel. It’s brought much fun commenting on FB.

    • Steve says:

      NPR mentioned the derecho anniversary as well.

      That comforter could be a great show and tell item for the kids! Do they do that in Spain? They kids are about the right age??

      It didn’t rain long, but it rained pretty hard. The tractor isn’t 4WD, so I slid around a bit in the quickly forming mud.

    • Bonnie says:

      The husband’s been to the field of dreams and has a vial of dirt from it. We may try and watch the game.

  5. Back from Wells Fargo and Aldi. Apparently the coin shortage is still a “thing” as this time the bank teller, the same one I believe who helped me last time, told me that I could only have $10 in quarters — I had asked for $60. With “time on my side” I may return to the Waschsalon that accepts credit cards this week.

  6. Another lunch of a tomato sandwich. Tonight I will be coming up a melange of vegetables that currently reside in my refrigerator.

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