It was a fantastic weekend of camping, with three campers and a quick visit by another hasher, Slim Prickens, who doesn’t live far away. There were only four things that would have made the weekend better:

  • less rain
  • fewer nibbling fish in the lake
  • getting the fire started Saturday night (the rain dampened all of the wood and no effort to get the fire started worked)
  • ants that didn’t bite

On the last point all three campers were bitten by ants at some point during our stay. And it’s not like we were stirring up nests, you’d be standing still and all of a sudden feel the pain; much like what happens to me in WLF.

Unfortunately the rain also took away any thoughts of hiking this weekend. Saturday’s weather was the best, though it spit rain during the day and then rained again overnight. Bonnie and I were fortunate to have been nearly completely set up before the heavy rain arrived Friday, and completely broken down when it hit yesterday.

WLF supplied some of the vegetables eaten this weekend. 😀 I will be going outside to check on it later this morning.

I was dead tired last night and don’t think that I made it past 8:30pm before falling asleep watching YouTube. 😂

I seem to be dealing with some sort of poison ivy on my body, which as you can imagine is annoying, as well as somewhat confusing as I have not hashed in two weeks. I guess I picked it up in WLF, or randomly somewhere else. 😢

Hope you had a happy and healthy weekend.

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10 Responses to 2021-08-23

  1. Morning choring done. There isn’t a lot of work out there at the moment. I noticed that most of my fava bean plants have died, perhaps from poor soil, too much heat, whatever. Also, I took the netting off one bed to do some seedling thinning, but didn’t need to because some had eaten all of the seedings. 😢

  2. Bonnie says:

    I concur with Paulie’s campout summary. Though we couldn’t hike I got a decent amount of steps (and stairs) in as I was disorganized and inefficient this weekend and walked all over the place 🤣. To be fair, since it was so muddy and wet most walking around the campground required many zig-zags and figure eights. Perhaps when I am the owner of an SUV I can better my supplies organization and execution. We’ll see what comes of this week of car shopping…

  3. Barb says:

    So, who was #3 camper?

    Rental camper #3 was only ok, another short bed so we know we won’t get that design.
    A couple little problems that the owners need to fix, but just more annoying then anything. Makes us want our own camper even more.

    Ocoee river rafting was a good time, it rained off & on, but hey, we were getting wet either way.
    Camping was good, a little damp (meaning muddy) but the rain held off for the most part when we wanted to gather for meals, drinking, etc.

  4. Bonnie says:

    Also, unless weather is an issue, I believe Paulie and I plan to hit at least one of these crits that Steve first told us about this weekend in Hapeville (Sat.) and College Park (Sun.)? Anyone game? Though Sunday is a Black Sheep day but I don’t know who the hare is or any details yet so… 🤷🏼‍♀️ https://spinthedistrict.com/

  5. Steve says:

    Great time camping, even with the rain, I’m sure.

    Got the scooter working again, so thought I’d take a ride to Lagrange and inspect the course for Friday. Looks pretty good, except for lots og on street parking I hope the city has a plan to deal with.

    Was going to ride Saturday afternoon, but the thunder and black clouds chased me onto my trainer. I did get a ride in on Sunday, but I could still feel the workout from Saturday.

    Both Hapeville and College Park are fun courses. There’s likely more stuff with Hapeville- like a brewery and food… I thought I was chief in CPK, but only in Lagrange. Oh well…


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