Tuesday was a boring day. I spent the post-WLF-choring hours indoors putting away camping gear and going through a stack of paperwork.

I learned last night that not all meals made from a melange of vegetables combined with pantry staples are great. Last night’s cous cous dish was so so.

Today is my semi-annual dentist visit day. Admittedly I am not as confident going into this check up as I’d like to be, but hopefully all will turn out well. It’s funny because in my rewatching of “Monk” I have arrived at the episode “Mr. Monk Goes To The Dentist”, in which Jon Favreau plays a sinister dentist, and I cannot watch it before my appointment. 😮🙄

I’m giving myself a chore-free day in WLF because of my 1pm appointment.

Once the breakfast casserole is out of the oven I will be reading the paperwork explaining the Equalized Homestead Option Sales Tax Property Cut (EHOST) that some how has magically made my Dekalb County property tax $0.00 this year. As an unemployed person I am certainly not complaining about not having to pay county property taxes this year!

Tonight I will be going over to Betsy’s, perhaps by bike or foot, depending on the weather, for Top Chef night. It’s Betsy’s turn to cook, so all I need to do show up.

Hope your week thus far has been happy and healthy.

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19 Responses to 2021-08-25

  1. Bonnie says:

    Our (very old) computer has finally crapped out—what’s wrong with it I don’t know but it isn’t functioning. Perhaps a video card issue, or could be the dreaded hard drive. We were just about to buy a new computer and make the switch from PC to Mac but haven’t quite figured out all the ins and outs of migrating from Windows to a Mac, and now we may have to see if it’s even possible to migrate from the backup if the computer isn’t functional to do a physical data transfer. Welllllll, perhaps a new Mac isn’t in our future after all. We shall see.

    Maybe test driving a CRV today? Computer shopping? I guess this scenario is to be expected when you keep items for a very long time. Good thing we have savings…

    The husband wants to plan another mini-vacation for his second (and final) assigned vacation week (very quickly) coming up. I thought we were going to go camping / glamping in the mountains but now he wants to go to Greenville. I do too, but perhaps Labor Day weekend isn’t the best time. We can’t go mid-week because we have Hamilton tickets smack dab in the middle.

    Going for be busy the next few weeks! 😬😳

    • C’mon, remember those that own Apple stock… 😂 I might be going to the Apple store in Cumberland Mall today, if it’s open.

    • Bob says:

      Bonnie, judging by the photo you posted of the first generation iPod connected to a cassette adapter in your car I can only imagine how old your PC is 🙂
      Just kidding!
      Greenville is a cool town and there are tons of destinations to go to from there, hiking, biking, etc.

      • I’ve been to Greenville once and liked it. I’d offer suggestions, but they all revolve around beer. 😂

        Bob, how are the eyes?

        • Bob says:

          Eyes are great! Thanks for asking.

          I’m able to start riding on Thursday and can’t wait to ride without glasses. Being uncomfortable for a day or so will be totally worth it. I can even work without glasses for now but I’m sure I’ll need readers for that soon.

      • Bonnie says:

        You are spot on Bob, it’s OLD! 😁 That’s how we roll… And it’s a desktop (gasp!). The new computer will be a desktop also as the husband doesn’t like laptops.

        • Bob says:

          I would think about that Bonnie, laptops are just as powerful as desktops now and can be mobile if needed. Get a docking station setup for home and take it on travels with you to search for stuff.
          Just a consideration

          • Bonnie says:

            Oh there’s been plenty of discussion over the years and currently. I want a laptop but I can’t convince him. 🤷🏼‍♀️

        • You pay more for a laptop, but in my mind they are worth it. Power goes out? It has a battery!

          The only reason I have (and may again) buy a “desktop” would be to make a build server. 🤓

  2. Barb says:

    I just got a new laptop, sorry Paulie, not an Apple product.
    I’m trying to get it set up, but slowly.
    I guess I’m supposed to use it to look for a job.

    Waiting for a plumber, decided to get my shower fixed, the faucet doesn’t completely shut off when I pull the little tab to turn on the shower head. I don’t have enough water pressure. Allan said he doesn’t want to try to deal with it, so, a plumber is on the way.

    I’m also having lunch with a former coworker today, should be interesting to hear what she has to say.

    • Fine, buy PCs to force me to look for another job. 😂

      Plumber? I’ve heard of those… 😂

      • Barb says:

        Plumber is here, spout pull thing is messed up, need a whole new spout. Simple, yet not simple solution. He’s seeing what he has in the truck, or I’ll just have to find a new one myself.

  3. Steve says:

    Day 2 from Birmingham… before the Games call last night I drove the old neighborhood. My how it all seemed so small and cramped. The old house is teeny tiny and the yard , a perfect postage stamp square I remember my dad planting with Zoysia, now has 2 fully mature pine trees in it. Amazing what happens in 50+ years! But the grass still looks good.

    Bob, just because the vision is good doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ride without glasses!! Especially off road.


    • Bob says:

      100% Steve, I guess I meant to say will be able to ride without prescription glasses. I would always wear something, clear, yellow, or tinted lenses.

  4. Dentist done. Nothing found today, though I just have a sinking suspicion that I am not out of the woods. 🤷🏻‍♂️

    Very late (for me) lunch at Hankook – a very last-minute decision. I might not be hungry tonight.

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