As we hurdle toward the end of another week/month/season I am starting to take stock in where I am and where I am headed. It’s amazing to think of all of the things that I was hoping to do by this time of the year that have still not occurred.

I mentioned in a comment that my dental appointment went well yesterday. Because the appointment was at 1pm I didn’t eat lunch beforehand, which given that it was a Wednesday was a mistake. After my checkup I wanted a small bite to eat, and essentially did the opposite by eating at Hankook; either I ordered the wrongs thing (size wise) or the woman misheard my order and gave me the wrong thing. While I didn’t est everything for which I paid and was served, I did eat a lot of food.

I attempted to rectify my overeating by walking to Betsy’s last night, taking the long way there. My journey to Betsy’s was a little more than two miles long, doubling the actual distance between our houses, and netted me a free plastic pot and a book along the way. I wasn’t expecting rain, but fortunately headed home during a lull and took a more direct route. In total I got a little more than three miles of walking in last night.

Betsy put out a nice taco night spread for Top Chef. I attempted to only eat one taco, but failed. Betsy and I have finally watched all of last year’s Top Chef All Stars 2. Next up, the current season from Portland?

Though I doubt WLF received as much rain as it appeared that it would, I won’t have to water this morning. Once I am don’t with this blog post, eating breakfast, and daylight breaks I will be suiting up to do my morning choring.

This afternoon and tonight are wide open at the moment. Woot? 😂

Hope your week is going smashingly well.

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  1. Bonnie says:

    Yesterday I test drove a CRV. I guess I handled a new-fangled vehicle all right. 😂 It still was a little scary to drive a “big vehicle” but funny enough, the husband claims it is shorter and thinner than the Cavalier! 🤯 I kind of want to spring for the extra parking assist options but besides the high cost I feel like I’d sound like an Amazon truck! 😂 I drove a AWD Hybrid which is all they had on the lot, and we further researched hybrids last night but came to the conclusion it isn’t for us at this time.

    Doctors appointment later this morning then maybe an errand on the way home. I know I’ll be choring and researching today and that’s about it.

    I had a $20 off of a $25 order coupon with Uber Eats that expired last night so I cashed it in on 2 pizzas from Grant Central. It was disappointing when a calzone arrived at my door but Uber did refund my money (but not the tip which wasn’t nothing). Perhaps I will complain more today and ask for another $20 coupon since I was gypped of mine. The calzone was luckily vegetarian but wasn’t really that good or filling (I ate half), and unfortunately for the husband it was filled with onions and whole garlic cloves. So we finished off the night eating cookies we had hoarded from the hotel in Savannah.

  2. Barb says:

    Bonnie – are you going to get the AWD? The hybrid makes “fun” noises, especially when backing up. I did not get the parking assist options, I don’t think. Just the back up camera (but I think that’s on all of them). We got cloth seats & just ordered good neoprene seat covers.

    • Bonnie says:

      Probably just 2WD. The husband doesn’t think we need AWD and it’s $2,000 more. Though we are getting leather because he “needs” it, I plan to also buy seat covers of some sort, at least for when I’m doing dirty outdoor activities. The one we test drove didn’t make any noises backing up but it did have the backup camera. It did make noises when I drifted out of my lane and blind spot warnings.

    • Seems like 4WD would be beneficial since you may be driving it off road? 🤷🏻‍♂️

  3. Barb says:

    Yesterday I had lunch with my former co-worker that had to take the majority of my work. She vented about the others in the office & how messed up everything is. Reinforced that my decision was a good one.

    Did my good deed of the day, helped TJ send some forms for his “work”. Needed to be PDF. I remembered reading you can scan on the iPhone thru the Notes app. Worked perfect. I felt so smart. 😁🤣😂

    • Bonnie says:

      I would talk to my former co-workers after I quit and I felt bad for them too. Until they eventually shut down my department and they got severance and I didn’t. 😂

    • I’ve never gotten severance, and I felt bummed each time. 😂

      • Barb says:

        No severance for me either, but I did get a decent payout for unused vacation days.
        I also heard Matson gave everyone $500 for getting vaccinated, that impressed me.

    • Bob says:

      I’m holding out for severance presently, my department is getting torn to shreds and it is a matter of time for them to make the call to move everybody to TX. I am not moving to TX. My team is awesome fortunately so that is keeping me here but the rest of the department is a total shit show.
      20 years should net me a 40 week severance check so I’ll hold as long as it takes 🙂
      I’m jealous of you semi-retired people

  4. Done all the choring I can for now. I’d like to say I came inside to watch La Vuelta, but truth be told I was done with the humidity and heat is on its way.

    Picked a couple of tomatoes and peppers. Waiting for second variety of okra to put on fruit.

  5. Steve says:

    Day 3 in Birmingham. Wandered every square inch of the building yesterday, including the roof! Cameras, cameras, everywhere.

    My upgrade went reasonable well. Not like all night in Nashville. Right at 2 hours.

    Ready to be in my own bed.


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