I spent the majority of yesterday afternoon napping, as well a doing this activity I have heard about called “reading”. One of my library holds, “The Good Lord Bird”, came up for borrowing, so I claimed it and will attempt to read it during the next three weeks.

If you asked me last night what I’d be doing this morning the answer would have been “Goojg to Lowe’s at 6am”, or “Go to Kroger at 5am, and then Lowe’s by 6am”. Neither has happened. Though I slept okay I awoke with my alarm at 5:15am but couldn’t convince myself to rally to get out of the house. It’s now 6:45am.

I am trying to learn how to grow lettuce. To this point I have had nearly complete failure at growing the so-called “easy to grow” crop in WLF. While I understand that it’s harder to grow lettuce in the summer heat, I can’t understand why I have yet to bring a single head to fruition.

Today I plan to give the front portion of the ITP Estate a little love by taking the weed whacker to it, and then do some more cleanup work in WLF before the heat settles in. To be honest, this is all in the name of exercise because I’m feeling a little flabby these days.

Tonight’s plan is to go over to Betsy’s to hang with a small group of friends eating Hai, Sichuan Chinese food.

Tomorrow I will be doing my weekly walk with Betsy and Bella before heading down to Hapeville with Bonnie for the Spin the District Crit.

While Sunday is a Black Sheep day I still don’t know who the hare will be, never mind where the start is, so it’s likely that I will on e again be skipping the hash. Of course with Bonnie back in town and access to the Facebooks, I may learn these things and decide to go.

I’ve been plugging away at this post for thirty minutes, time for me to be productive in other areas.

I hope that you have a stupendous weekend.

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20 Responses to 2021-08-27

  1. Quick question, does anyone here use T-Mobile for their cell service? If so, what do you think?

  2. Steve says:

    Our T-mobile is only for internet, and it’s not half bad considering we are far off the beaten path. Once upon a time, it was my cell carrier and you were fine on the interstates. I’m sure the have gotten much better. Case in point…

    I realized as I sped home yesterday, I failed to get a receipt from the hotel for my expense report. I’ll be on the phone shortly so I don’t have to donate that to the Fed.

    A pretty productive day yesterday. Project timeline, scope of work, rolls. I’ll be back to do some installs, too.

    Lagrange tonight.

    – FP

  3. Morning choring done! Hipster mower and electric weed whacker FTW! Soooo quiet… I cleaned up the front yard nicely, not that any of the passers by have noticed. I went into WLF and trimmed the weeds, or “strimmed” as the Brits would say. While out there I also ate some tiny red tomatoes, watered, and washed out a set of plastic drawers that I was going to use for planters but have now decided are better suited for indoor use.

  4. Barb says:

    What time etc are you thinking for Hapeville tomorrow? Maybe we will get out & explore. Haven’t been to Hapeville hardly ever.

    • Probably not until after 1pm? Walking with Betsy and Bella, then will drive down with Bonnie. I can text you when Bonnie and I leave her house if you wish.

      Not sure where we will park yet. Worst case I will park by Cornholio’s and Fuckeye’s houses, and cut through the park. Don’t tell Bonnie, but I think I’d like to visit Arches for a beer sometime during the day. 😀

  5. I keep getting logged out from my blog. This is fucking annoying.

  6. Bonnie says:

    So… no buying a car today. We had planned to start the deal rolling at 8:45am. Then yesterday the Accord’s airbag light came on so we made an appointment for 7:00am this morning—perfect. Then, unbeknownst to us because we don’t always check email, the service department canceled our appointment. We’re not going to drive the car unnecessarily / dangerous just to buy a car. So, it’s all tabled until Sept. 1 and I can’t drive the Accord until then.

    Choring and research today. Tonight my girlfriend comes over for some evening pool time. And wine. 😁

  7. Afternoon choring done! Whew, it’s hot out and I understand why I rarely do afternoon choring in the summer. Shower #2 has been taken, and I am now reconsidering walking to Betsy’s tonight.

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