Good morning from Morrow, GA. Do I know how to travel to exotic locations, or what?

Today I am getting some routine maintenance done on the M6 at the Mazda dealership. I was thrown a curveball as I arrived to find construction where I normally pull in to drop the car off, but I figured out where to go thanks to the signage. As I am wont to do I arrived early, and was scolded by one of the GMC workers for coming into their space too soon since they didn’t open until 7am. Look, in my world if I arrive for a 7am appointment at 7am then I am late; I guess I have been conditioned by doctors. I’ll be sitting here at the dealership awaiting the service completion, and killing some of that time by writing this blog post.

Even though I was shut out of qualifying for paid surveys yesterday I did make a “killing” with my Kroger shopping. I saved more than $30 on $66 (tax included), nearly 50%, on my purchases! Woot! Some of the savings, $20, were in the form of sale prices and Kroger coupons (including unexpectedly getting a bag of nacho chips for 49¢ because it has a WooHoo sticker on it), and $10 was from Ibotta for buying certain brands, nearly all of which I purchase already. Not bad, if I do say so myself.

Last night I went over to Betsy’s for dinner. It was her turn to cook and we had a (meaty) pizza and salad. Since we have no “Top Chef” to watch currently, and we both have watched all four episodes of “Only Murders in the Building” available, we watched the Netflix documentary about the Fyre Festival instead. I had heard about the Fyre Festival fiasco when it happened, but had no idea just how large of a clusterfuck it was. The documentary also reminded me how much I dislike the whole “influencer” culture in which we live.

Thanks to Covid I skipped my routine of eating breakfast at Waffle House across the road from this dealership. 😢 This is fantastic for my waistline and wallet, but I do miss eating there.

When the car is finished, up to ninety minutes from now, I will drive toward home and perhaps make an errand stop or two along the way. Once at home I expect to suit up and do some hard choring in WLF to take advantage of this weather, and to prepare for the choring I will do tomorrow after my 6am trip to Lowe’s. Unlike the Fyre Festival, there will be a Version 2 of WLF. 😁

Hope your week is going well. I am certain that none of this readership did anything more monumental than saving more than $30 on grocery purchases yesterday… 😉

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  1. Wow, I just realized that forty years ago when I was in high school math class (oh thanks that’s sweet, my father never looked his age either) the teacher was all geeked out because it was the last time that century that the year was the square of the month and date:
    81 = 9 x 9

    Forty years?!?! OMFG!!!

    • Crap, I also just realized that it’s been twenty years (nearly to the date) since I last attempted the Dance with Dirt ultra-marathon in Hell Michigan.

      Twenty years?!?! OMG!!!

  2. Bonnie says:

    We ACTUALLY PURCHASED a Honda CR-V yesterday and it’s in our garage. 😮😂 Not the “perfect configuration” that we had originally hoped to order, but the chip crisis and COVID are making things extremely difficult, and there’s no end in sight it seems. We could have custom-ordered a Subaru (6 month turnaround) but the husband didn’t love the Forester or the Outback. Nooooowwwww I just need to learn how to drive the much larger than I’m accustomed to, space-age thing! 😬😂 It won’t be for a while. I asked Paulie to drive me to Black Sheep Sunday. 🤣

    Today or tomorrow we plan to sell the Cavalier to someone who doesn’t currently own a vehicle and commutes to work 6 days a week via Uber to the tune of $80 a day (which I assume is more than he earns).

    Finally saw “Hamilton” last night after originally purchasing the tickets 21 months ago. It was wonderful, probably the best Broadway tour I’ve ever seen in terms of talent, perhaps better than a couple shows I’ve seen on Broadway. I’ll say the Fox is the most COVID-y environment I’ve been in the entire pandemic, it was way more crowded in terms of people per square whatever than the Atlanta United game, by faaaaar. At least everyone seemed good about masking. I wore an KN-95 mask for the first time.

  3. Barb says:

    Congrats on the new CRV Bonnie! You will figure it out, and ask me an6 questions. I might learn something from you about my car too!

    Bonnie & I got into the same Jackson food tasting survey next week, Paulie I’m guessing didn’t try hard enough.

    Today I need to actually clean the basement floor, dehumidifier & fans worked all day & night. Then I get to put it all back together.

    • I did try! I went back later in the day and was excited to see a “meat substitute” survey, and then realized that I would be in Hartwell on the day it is to take place.

  4. Steve says:

    Congrats Bonnie and the hubs on the new car. Considering the Cavalier has lasted this long, the Subaru may last forever…

    While I love musicals like any red blooded American gay man, Hamilton just doesn;t do it for me. Perhaps it’s the rap style, which I find really hard to understand (thanks tinitus). Maybe I need to try harder.

    After some clean up around the man cave, Debbie and I went to Bear Creek to scout some trail clearing/maintenance work coming this weekend. On a borrowed 4 wheeler- actually a side by side, we forded a couple creeks and barely made it over one log. Some of these trails have a high possibility of turning into a Wheelhopper some day.

    So Paulie, we need to plan a night out on 5/5/25, which will be the next one! Maybe some Mexican!! Hahahahaha


  5. Taking a break from tree choring. Holy crap is it lovely out, with a nice breeze to boot!

  6. ITP Lurker says:

    Congrats on escaping from analysis paralysis, Bonnie! I’m glad to hear a great report on Hamilton, I’ve been sitting on tickets all along as well and will be seeing the show next Friday night.

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