It was a day of adventure!

I saddled up my bike and rode over to Bonnie’s where she and I started our day riding up the Beltline toward Piedmont Park. Thankfully it was a weekday so the Beltline wasn’t as crowded as it would be on a weekend day. Bonnie and I rode our was up to the park and then navigated the construction of the Music Midtown construction, making our way to Willy’s.

It was fun to each lunch with Bonnie, Barb, Sal, and Steve. We ate outside, and since I was involved with the table selection, in the shade.

After lunch Bonnie and I rode to the Westside Reservoir Park, making a few mistakes and curious turns along the way. At one time our technology led us down a road where we were stopped by a security guard and had to turn around.

Turning around seemed to be the theme of riding in that area. Not only are the paths in that park winding, but when we attempted to ride toward home via the Proctor Creek trail we encountered a Georgia State Patrol car who stopped us in our tracks, forcing us to turn around. Apparently there is all sorts of construction and tree destruction occurring during the week, and it was his job to ensure that no one made it near that. I will whine that a sign alerting people of the closure, especially since there is no outlet, at the entrance of this section would have beneficial.

We used our technology to wind our way to Donald Lee Hollowell Parkway, and then to the Westside Beltline.

It was a hotter day than either Bonnie or I had expected, so by the time we arrived near East Atlanta I exclaimed that I wish I had a pool, forgetting that Bonnie’s neighborhood has one. Bonnie politely invited me to swim, so I rode home, showered, changed clothes, and drove to her house with a bottle of rosé to share. I think Bonnie’s pool contains all of the cold water around the neighborhood since after a quick dip I was ready to sit (in the shade) and drink wine.

It was a fun and exhausting day. According to Bonnie’s Strava (I had a Strava mishap), we rode more than twenty-two miles yesterday.

Hope your day was equally enjoyable.

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  1. I know it’s suppose to rain today, but I just went outside and did a little bit of watering anyway. I didn’t think i would be out there very long so I didn’t bathe myself in mosquito repellent — mistake!

  2. More information about Saturday’s bike racing at the velodrome.

    For Atlanta old timers like myself, you night recognize the name of the DJ Saturday night — Yvonne Monet — a DJ on 99x all those many years ago.

  3. Steve says:

    Lovely to see everyone in person, and a bonus guest appearance by Sally.

    A visit to the dentist and a stop at the pub prior to the regular, now weekly, Games meeting. The Yellow Daisy Festival was this past weekend and we were using them as a sample as to what we might expect in October- not so much for numbers, but how the Park managed the event. Nothing in the tree line, most of the vendors on the road. Their company that handles the landscaping was taking out trash (no park employees). We will take some of their ideas and modify to our purposes…


  4. Barb says:

    Fun seeing everyone yesterday.
    Sounds like a good bike ride.
    Ended up going to dinner with Sue, Davey & Chew Chew at La Parilla. Mexican twice in 1 day.

    • Nice!

      It was a very interesting ride indeed. Toward the end it was a bit of a struggle because I was hot and tired, and I’m sure Bonnie was as well. The south side Beltline is “done”, well, let’s just say that it’s no longer blocked by fences since it is completely paved as I expected it to be. FFS was closed at least eighteen months?How long does it take to pour a driveway?

    • Ugh. Midtown Atlanta continues to march in the direction of becoming a shitty version of Manhattan. Every goddamn street corner is being turned into a hi-rise building! Soon it will be absolutely impossible to get anywhere due to hundreds of thousands of new residents.

    • Barb says:

      It’s amazing, it took us about 15 minutes to get from the park to the connector road on 14th to go 75 north. They need to widen the roads, since the curb lane is always blocked with something.

  5. Barb says:

    Grass is cut, some leaves are starting to fall, yippie, more yard work more often soon!

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