Well, it’s happened again — I applied and failed to get into a paid survey. I’m sure that I will qualify for some eventually.

I’m not sure what I did for most of yesterday. I guess I spent some time reading; I’m currently reading a book about the pawpaw fruit. Most have us have never seen nor heard of the pawpaw, never mind tasted them. They are America’s largest native fruit (in size), grow naturally from mid-Georgia to Michigan, from the East coast as far west as the midwest but have never been commercially viable to grow. Here is a YouTube video showing how to grow papaws.

My recent reading has been unexpectedly linked. The book I finished recently, “The Good Lord Bird”, contains a historical account of John Brown’s raid on a US Armory in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia as part of his attempt to abolish slavery. In the book I am reading currently, “Pawpaw, In Search of America’s Forgotten Fruit”, the author meets up with a pawpaw expert in Harpers Ferry and even references the John Brown incident.

Yesterday afternoon I drove up to the Publix in Madison Yards in an attempt to get inspiration for the meal I was going to bring to Betsy’s house for “Top Chef” dinner night. I suppose I failed at that too because I wound up bringing over a frozen pizza onto which I piled in peppers, tomatoes, and fake chorizo sausage; at least the peppers and tomatoes were from WLF. Betsy and I watched the first episode of this year’s “Top Chef” which was filmed in Portland, Oregon last year.

With the prediction of rain for most of today I will be spending my day indoors, working on cleaning and organizing my basement, and hopefully starting to get back into coding. My two other goals for today are to figure out how to get some decent exercise while indoors, and to eat less than I have been eating lately.

Hope that you are having a decent and healthy week thus far.

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  1. Steve says:

    I will see your video and raise you an article:


    I wanted to see what the fruit looked like. Lots of native trees in the Bear Creek land and I’ve seen some odd fruit, so might be that.

    A quiet day working on paperwork and meetings yesterday. I managed a hard half hour on the trainer watching it rain and being annoyed by the barn cats. We are now down to 4 horses on site. Daisy went to the trainer and Sonny went back to his home- Haley (Sonny’s owner) got another horse and it was not liking being alone, so Sonny was needed for company. Typical of herd animals.


  2. ITP Lurker says:

    No discussion of pawpaws is complete without this song:


  3. Bonnie says:

    Currently on MARTA headed to the Dunwoody station for the product tasting (sorry Paulie). Paulie, you could use Down Dog suite to get some exercise, there are about 4-5 apps to choose from for different exercises. Or just look on YouTube for whatever you desire.

    • Sure, just RUB IT IN MY FACE! 😁😂

      This is going to sound strange, but I don’t have a good place in the house to work out at the moment. There is too much clutter, or too much dust around.

      I’ve also tweaked my left knee a bit, so I may just have to keep my eating and drinking under control today.

      • Barb says:

        I’ll rub it in further, I’m here with Bonnie &&& got in a cola tasting study for next week.

        • Bonnie says:

          I just also got into the soda study! The bad part is it doesn’t pay much and it’s at 3:45 the night before I leave for Hartwell. Oh well, money is money!

      • Well, I passed on the soda study because I didn’t think $35 was enough to get me to drive to the Perimeter Mall area.

        • Barb says:

          I’ll find an errand to run over this way to make it worth it. …. Like Lidl! (Or Lowe’s)

        • Bonnie says:

          I asked the husband if he wanted me to do the soda study or not for $30 (net after MARTA) and he said yes. I guess it pays for half of Hartwell… And I guess it will encourage me to pack earlier. 😁

          • I will be completely organized by the end of Wednesday night at Betsy’s. 😁

            It’s funny, had I not received an email showing me the payout was $35 I probably would have tried to get in. None of the other surveys I have attempted to join have told me the payout or time commitment.

        • Bonnie says:

          Paulie, just so you know, when you take the pre-qualifying survey and you “get in”, they always give you an option to choose a date/time, or to say no thank you.

  4. With that little bit of rain the mosquitoes are fucking ferocious today!

    I harvested some long eggplant and all of the tomatoes that look edible for human consumption, whether they be ripe or not. I also found the largest tomato hornworm I have ever seen. Originally I threw it into a bucket with some water but felt guilty as I watched it attempt to keep its head above the water, so I killed it instantly instead.

  5. Lunch eaten — a Beyond burger with Daiya vegan cheese and a tomato from WLF. It. Was. Delicious! 😁

    My only failure was not adding some of my homemade pickles. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  6. Barb says:

    Oh yeah, you owe Allan some pickles!
    I’m digging up dead tomatoes & lots of weeds & I’m going to plant some lettuce & garlic. We will see what happens.
    I do not enjoy gardening

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