We’ve made it to the end of another week! Some of you made it to the end of another workweek too! 🙌🏼

Though I made efforts to be productive yesterday, with a modicum of success, overall I didn’t accomplish a whole lot. I will try again today, because the more I try the better things shall become.

I am also trying to eat the food that currently inhabits my refrigerator, freezer, and pantry, as well as the few crops that are still producing out in WLF before returning to any store to buy more goods. By my rough calculations I could probably eat three meals a day for over two weeks, as long as I was creative with my male meal planning. Tonight I will be attempting to make something using the five long eggplant I harvested yesterday.

Well, well, well. This weekend was shaping up to be a busy one, but the weather will perhaps literally rain on my figurative parades.

This morning, though wet outside, I will attempt to beat any more rain by working in WLF first thing. My plan is to do more cleanup of plants that will no longer produce fruit/vegetables, and also prepare an area into which I will plant lettuce. I am also considering how to protect such plants in case the bunny rabbits figure out how to break into WLF.

There was discussion of going to Red’s Beer Garden for comedy night, but then Red’s moved this month’s edition to tomorrow night to avoid the rain. Now it appears that it won’t rain tonight, but will tomorrow night instead?

Tomorrow night I had planned on joining Bonnie in attending the bike races at Dick Lane Velodrome. However, if it does rain tomorrow night the races will either be canceled, or I will have to find a Plan B because I don’t want to sit outside while it rains.

Sunday? I suppose it can rain all it wants Sunday since it’s not a Black Sheep day. I should use that day to plan/prepare for Hartwell, and/or look over some maps for the Black Sheep Bonnie and I will be laying in October.

Atlanta United play tomorrow afternoon, and the Falcons play Sunday afternoon, maybe sports watching is an option on rainy days? Who knows…

Hope you have a healthy and happy weekend no matter what you get up to doing.

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6 Responses to 2021-09-17

  1. Bonnie says:

    Stupid rain. FYI the rain date for the velodrome races is Sunday (if they all-out call the event tomorrow). I am free all weekend so yes we for sure can squeeze in some time to plan for the campout and our Black Sheep 😬. And do whatever else. 😁

    • Bonnie says:

      Maybe if I study enough today we can take my CR-V for a ride. 😂 Oh wait, not if it’s raining… 🤣

  2. Barb says:

    Yuron is having a house cooling party Sunday evening. Drink his booze & probably get other parting gifts.(since he can’t take everything to Germany)

    Not sure what’s on our agenda yet tomorrow, Allan is working Sunday.

    Bought some lettuce seeds & 4 little lettuce plants at Pikes, we will see how they grow.

    Also got a crazy deal on a rotisserie chicken at Sprouts yesterday. My sister (in AZ) was telling me it’s hatch chilies season. She’s been cooking dinners all week with these chilies. Sprouts had a hatch chilies seasoned chicken for $2.99. The usual price is $6.99. It was quite tasty.

  3. Steve Brady says:

    I dont really want to hear about your Male planning!

    Already out on the scooter at the WH for breakfast before hitting a couple errands.

    Tomorrow is the weddin’ in Flowery Branch at 5:30. We were going to spend the night up there, but Debbie scheduled another Bear Creek work party for Sunday.

    Also happening Sunday will be a trip to Stone Mountain for a meeting.


  4. In from morning choring. I puttered around WLF, transplanted a few plants, pulled out parsnips that will never get to a large enough size, yanked old green bean plants, and harvested a fair amount of green beans that I cooked up for lunch. With the beans I ate a salad with greens from Publix and a tomato from WLF.

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