As expected, it was a busy day yesterday. After doing some less than stellar morning choring I packed up the M6 with most of my CHaRM recycling and headed over to Bonnie’s to pick her and her CHaRM recycling up. I knew that I was rushing about, and when I do so don’t complete everything as I hope. On the drive to Bonnie’s I realized that I forgot to take care of something prior to leaving, and then at CHaRM I couldn’t find a couple of items I’d hope to recycling. All is well however, as CHaRM recycling is like dirty dishes and clothes, always accumulating for periodic handling.

The weather yesterday was amazing. Bonnie and I drove to our Black Sheep start and wandered about for 5.5 miles, making the first cut at trail a successful one. We will get snared a hundred or more times, but if the weather gods bless us on the day of trail the way they did yesterday, all will be okay. Here’s a pro tip: when reccying for Black Sheep bring a change of clothes and shoes; I failed to pack these items in my morning rushing around. 🤦🏻‍♂️

It was afternoon by the time Bonnie and I were done reccying, so we headed back to the ITP Estate so that I could put on dry clothes. From the ITP Estate we wandered up to Midway Pub for lunch, and then returned to share a couple of celebratory beers before Bonnie had to do some of her own choring.

I stayed at home the rest of the evening, making a dinner from some WLF vegetables, a couple of Dr Praeger veggie hamburgers, and a box of Parmesan couscous. The second half of this concoction will be eaten for lunch today.

Once the sun appears I will be popping into WLF for some morning choring. Today I might sow some spinach seeds. If nothing else I need to move about this morning be my legs are feeling the effects of running Monday night and hiking yesterday.

Not sure what I will get up to tonight as Betsy is not available for Top Chef night. Suggestions?

Hope that you have a wonderful and healthy day.

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4 Responses to 2021-09-29

  1. Steve says:

    A long day yesterday. When I’m able to go into the office, it’s basically nonstop, but I do enjoy getting things done- which I did in spades.

    Onward to the pre-Games meeting, where we discussed the crisis du jour. On to the meeting where are numbers are really good! 57 patrons- I think the previous record was 43. I think folks are ready to be out and about. If (fingers crossed) the weather is good, we are really going to do well.

    I use Waze frequently and normally going home from the meeting, it takes me around 285 to the west side. Last night, it took me through town and it was flowing well the whole way. I think the construction at 400 was slowing things down.


  2. Barb says:

    Plumber here, finally fixing my shower. Kohler (& probably every company) has made it you can’t repair certain things, you have to replace. So, we’ve been waiting for the parts. This guy is much better then the 1st guy that came a month ago. I think I’ll be happy with the results.

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