And on Monday I rested, mostly because it’s going to rain today, and partly because I am tired as I type this. In actuality today I will stay indoors to write code / train myself, and will make a decision about Moonlite later when I know how I feel and whether it’s going to keep raining.

While I didn’t go many places this weekend I was a busy person who spent far too much time trying to download Xcode, the Apple development platform, onto his laptop. It’s only as I watch a 12GB file download in drips and drabs that I miss corporate internet speeds.

On Friday I puttered around WLF for most of the day. Friday evening saw me cook up an Indian inspired meal using some of the potatoes that I grew in WLF. I combined the spuds with some slowly cooked onions, two bags of frozen fake meat chunks, and a jar of tikka marsala sauce that I had in my cupboard. It was quite tasty, if I do say so myself.

First thing Saturday morning I was up and at ’em making it to Lowe’s a few minutes after it opened for the day. I knew rain was on its way and that I wanted to buy bags of soil/compost/manure before they got wet and nasty. I was successful! Upon returning home I relaxed by eating breakfast, watched a little television and the set out to do a day’s worth of WLF choring. I mostly did a little plant pruning/pulling , moved grow bags to different locations, sowed some more fall/winter seeds, and started thinking about what I want to accomplish before next year’s plantings.

When I was choring I came inside, took a wonderful shower, ate some food, and then settled in for a night at home. I wanted to watch the Atlanta United game on ESPN+ but was thwarted by inane blackout rules, thought about trying to watch the Gators game and glad that I did not, and finally decided to watch the movie “Inside Out” which was good but not up to the high standards to which I hold Pixar films.

Sunday morning found me fixed to the tv for awhile watching on of the best Paris-Roubaix bike races that I have ever seen. Normally held in April, I recall this because my last big bike wreck happened on a Paris-Roubaix day years ago, this year’s edition was held yesterday due to COVID pushbacks. The weather in France the past five or so days has been abysmal, raining a lot, making the already brutal course treacherous with the mud. All of the riders who entered the velodrome to finish the race were so plastered in mud that they looked like aboriginal warriors. The oddity amongst all of this was that whatever material from which white cycling shoes are made seem to repel mud, because at the finish some of the riders’ shoes looked as if they were just taken out of the box!

Post-cycling watching I met up with Bonnie and we did some more reccying for next Sunday’s Black Sheep. It’s going to be a snare fest, and I sincerely hope that the weather forecasted for Sunday comes true.

While reccying I thought that I might have found a pawpaw tree! I wasn’t one after all, a little Googling proved that it was most likely a black walnut tree instead.

After reccying Bonnie and I had a couple of celebratory beers at Red’s Beer Garden. “It’s not raining, let’s go to Red’s” I said. That all changed while we were sitting outside, when a heavy downpour with thunder and lightning plowed through the area, chasing us indoors.

I was pooped last night, and even though I passed out early-ish, I am tired as of now and see a nap in my future.

Hope that you had a happy and healthy weekend.

That’s a Texas-sized 10-4 good buddy! Oh date puns… 🤦🏻‍♂️

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  1. Steve says:

    I have Paris-Roubaix recorded from NBCSN last night and might watch it shortly. I’ve been avoiding any coverage, but it’s inescapable on my social media feed.

    Friday had me making Patron stanchions and breaking my framing nailer. The rebuild kit showed up in yesterday’s Amazon delivery. Besides the lumber purchased at the Lowes Friday, I bought an AC powered “sawzall”. Our battery one had died after a good long life and I couldn’t get sucked into the battery tool vortex again. But the tool I bought Friday was USED! WTF, O? I saw a handwritten label (UPC) on the box once I got home, but I paid full price! I pulled it out of the packing (a simple plastic bag) and noticed “mud color” in a couple places. Hmmm… the the box get wet and leak in? I turned the tool over and there were obvious marks from use… very odd. And I’m not saying Lowes was trying to cheat me, but they need to do a better job on checking returns, as this was clearly used.

    Saturday was a CFB day! I watched Georgia-Arkansas (what the hell, ARK?) which I really thought was going to be a good game.

    Sunday, we went to breakfast, then picked up Daisy at one trainer and took her to another. This will be her last stop for a couple months before she goes to her new home- wherever that might be… For Sale!


    • Glad I didn’t give away the winner then… 😁

      With the Gators loss to Kentucky Saturday I have resigned any interest in college football for the rest of the season.

      I have seen cement blocks at Lowe’s that were obviously used and did a WTF upon seeing them.

  2. ITP Lurker says:

    I finally found a useful bike path extension in Atlanta. Over the summer the PATH Foundation extended the South River Trail 2 miles beyond the Georgia State Panthersville campus. That cuts off a little over 2 miles of highway riding en route to Arabia. Now there’s only .75 miles of time on the 4 lane highway, and still .75 miles of time on a busy 2 lane road. The rest is either bike path, residential streets, or Bouldercrest, which I can handle.

    I was very much underwhelmed last weekend with the new .8 mile extension on the Southside Beltline that took 18 months to pave. At this point I’ll be 80 before the entire Beltline becomes a circle. But kudos to the PATH Foundation, they know how to get stuff done.

    • I have heard about that extension but have not yet ridden it.

      I completely agree about the Beltline paving. I am amazed how long it’s taking to pave a wide sidewalk.

      • ITP Lurker says:

        The extension has some impressively long wooden boardwalks at points. It’s a great ride, even if you just ride to the end and turn around. But it sure is easier and safer to get to the Arabia PATH trail now.

  3. Barb says:

    Fun times in Iowa with family.
    Had a get together with basically all the Iowa relatives yesterday. It was good to see everyone.
    It’s mass chaos at all times it seems, we go round & round & round.
    But – it’s what we do…..

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