As I type this I assume there is a sun somewhere above this rain, but I may not see it for hours, if not days. As a (fake) farmer rain is good, but not in the quantities in such short durations. I have my trays out collecting what has fallen and if there is a break in the action later today I will transfer the water collected to longer-term storage. Yesterday I did some of the same sort of water storage transfer, filling about ten gallon-sized jugs with water that dripped into the garbage can that collects water.

Yesterday also saw me spending time in front of my computer following along with a long SwiftUI tutorial. Today, as well most days that I am home, I will be repeating this process and starting to write my own (admittedly simple) apps that I can show as a portfolio when I attempt to become employed again.

I allowed myself to sleep “late” this morning, all the way until 7:15am! 🙄 By doing so I also allowed myself to make and eat breakfast prior to writing today’s blog post. Breakfast is mentioned so that I can tell you how delicious Beyond morning sausage patties are. This is not first time I have eaten these patties, Bonnie provided some for a campout breakfast recently, but I failed to write about them at the time. The Beyond brand has gotten really good at simulating the mouthfeel of animal meat. And, if you can find them as a BOGO at Publix they are economical as well.

This being Tuesday means that tonight will be spent at home. I certainly won’t be going to Red’s, or driving up to Buford for trivia in this weather. This being Tuesday also means that I will be watching the newest episode of “Only Murders in the Building” tonight. I also plan to make a grocery store run today, mostly to buy staples such as eggs, milk, and bread, to allow myself to continue to cook things that are currently in my refrigerator, freezer, and cupboards; I am starting to make a dent! 🎉

Speaking of grocery chains, the other day Bonnie reported to me that the Glenwood Kroger appears to be removing Kro-Bar, the greatest innovation in grocery shopping during our lifetime. If it’s true that they are removing the bar, instead of remodeling it, then I guess we can chalk it up as another victim of the COVID lifestyle. 😢

Hope you are happy and well.

Tuesday Tale of the Tape: 186.0 pounds (+0.2 from last week’s weigh-in); not horrible, but not good either.

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  1. Bonnie says:

    I’m also trying to figure out what is being built in the Kroger parking lot. NextDoor folks claim it’s either an EV charging station (someone said an employee told them that) or some kind of Uber Eats/Grubhub/etc. pick-up kiosk (apparently that’s a thing that’s happening in the parking lots of other grocery stores). Perhaps next time I’ll just ask an employee myself.

    Today will be chores and errands. The next few days will likely be a repeat. Maybe a little lazy rainy day TV watching. Oh wait, I’m doing that right now. 😁

    • Huh. I betcha Lurker knows exactly what is going on, he’s always a fountain of knowledge. 😁

      • Bonnie says:

        Yeah but why would he step foot in a Kroger parking lot? 😉

        • ITP Lurker says:

          Hah! Thanks for the shout out, Paulie. That Kroger might as well be on Mars, although once in a while I do frequent its gas pumps. Even the former prospect of lubing up at the Kro-Bar wasn’t enough to get me to shop there. Plus, that parking lot is just a shit show. Bonnie called it right. As Schultz used to say on Hogan’s Heros, “I know nothing, nothing, nothing” about that parking lot. However, I am looking forward to having two Publixes to use from (Publii?), since a new one is getting built in Summerhill.

    • Barb says:

      I just learned a couple of the HyVee grocery stores have bars, Connie & I are going to go check it out, just to check it out. And…. Heard one had Bingo last week. And then heard one had trivia. The things we learn.

  2. Steve says:

    I must have put down another load of grass seed yesterday, as here came the rain to wash it all off! F!! It was only raining lightly while I did it, and I had to rig a cover over the hopper to keep the seed from getting wet, otherwise it would clump and not come out the bottom of the spreader. It worked really well and everything was fine until about 0300 when all hell broke loose.

    I watched the Paris Roubaix coverage last night (instead of riding myself) Holy cats! I really have mixed emotions.. why you would race over such roads and why in those conditions? It made for exciting racing, that’s for sure. Something else I don’t get- why would you ride in those conditions without glasses? The first guy I wrote off, thinking maybe he had crashed and lost his glasses (happens) but another guy a little later had them clipped to his collar! Bare faced, catching all the road grime on your face and in your eyes… nutz.

    Final Games meeting tonight… we start at the park Thursday, then really start working this Saturday. Finally.


    • Bummer about the seed.

      I guess PR is ridden on the day selected, rain, shine, or mud? 🤷🏻‍♂️ And as you well know, it’s normally a Spring Classic. I wondered if glasses would be so covered in mud that you couldn’t see through them? Although I suppose you could use your water bottles to wash them routinely when not on the cobbles (pavè)?

    • Barb says:

      We tried seed way back when, it got washed away. That’s why we decided to sod. But I know that is not an option for you. Hopefully you can get some cooperating weather.

  3. Barb says:

    We went to play Bingo last night, with all the crazy games, it takes a lot more thought than it used to. Didn’t win anything, but it was entertaining.

    4 of us went to get pedicures yesterday, called ahead to make an appt, got there and of course didn’t tell us they only had 3 techs. Had mom go 1st, then Connie, then Maya, figured out there were only 3, so I decided to pass as they’d have to wait forever for me. Maybe I’ll go (somewhere else) later this week.

    Weather here in Iowa is lovely, mid 70s & no rain so far.

    • Yeah, how those retired people keep up with all the crazy bingo games… oh wait. 😂😂😂

      Please send some of that weather here. Although as I mentioned to Bonnie, it can rain all week as long as it’s not raining on Sunday for our Black Sheep. And all this rain is going to make for a veeeeeeeery interesting trail…

      • Barb says:

        My brother (who took mom last week) gave us sharpies to draw the games on the cards when possible. It really helped my mom to understand what we were looking for.
        And I will admit, helped me on a couple of them.

  4. After seeing how much water I have already collected, all trays were filled to their brim, I have already gone outside to do some water management. I should have brought a bar of soap with me and showered in the process.

    About to shower for real, and then start my work training. I will be back online after my lunch.

  5. Lunch is done, and another water pour out has occurred. I can now say that my belly is full, as is the 55-gallon rain barrel! 😮 I guess that I need to start using the water from the rain barrel soon.

  6. Even with my references to it being Tuesday I forgot to report this week’s weigh-in — 186.0 pounds. 😕

  7. Barb says:

    Went to a coffee shop / sandwich shop on the way to take my vegetarian niece to the airport. Had a Parmesan encrusted grilled cheese sandwich – so tasty! If it had bacon it would have been perfect! Haha!

  8. Shopped at Publix today to buy items needed for tomorrow night. I did well with my purchases, but failed to read some of the fine print on a purchase and don’t feel like going back to correct my error. Oh well, live and learn. funniest thing is that I forgot to buy the staples I mentioned in today’s blog post! Perhaps I will go to Aldi tomorrow.

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