Stop me when you have read this before— I am sitting outside the midtown Waschsalon waiting for someone to open it, after their posted opening time. 🤦🏻‍♂️ I am here this morning because I couldn’t get my shot together and acquire laundromat quarters.

I am not as angry about all this since:
– I have just eaten a wonderful bagel sandwich that I purchased from Emerald City Bagels on my journey here.
– I must do laundry today, so it is the only thing on my morning schedule.
– It is what it is, and I chose to try again, so I need to deal with it.

Oh, the owner has arrived so my clothes are now in three large washing machines. Woot!

Yesterday was a good day for me. I puttered around WLF, transplanting some broccoli plants into a new section of the farm, and harvesting some okra, green beans, and shishito peppers that I incorporated into my lunch!

After lunch I did a little more cleaning/organizing inside the house, there is much more to do, and then go ready to go hashing. Since last night’s start was near the ITP Estate I drive over to Bonnie’s and walked with her to the start. Trail was fine, it allowed me to get more exercise, and ended at Grindhouse Burgers on Memorial Drive. I had but one beer, and two onion rings to eat! Oh, until I got home when I ate some Triscuits and cheese curds.

I didn’t mention that this morning’s sandwich, a chopped cheese special, contained meat. Guess it’s now a meat day! If I wind up going to Red’s for trivia tonight I might even they one of their meat dishes. 😮

Hope you are having a good start to your week.

Tuesday Tale of the Tape: 184.2 pounds (-1.8 from last week’s weigh-in); in the right direction, niiiiiiice. 😁

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10 Responses to 2021-10-12

  1. Ten minutes before folding begins…

    After the Waschsalon I will be headed to Kroger to fill the M6’s tank with gas, and purchase a few items whose coupons expire today. Geez, I had the damndest time trying to remember how to spell “coupons”…

    And then it’s onto yard work!

    Also, I am also having the damndest time retraining myself to use Apple’s placement of the URL bar at the bottom in iPhone’s Safari. 😖

  2. Bonnie says:

    Lurker, I believe the hash ran somewhere in the vicinity of your house last night. Let us know if you saw us or saw any flour or chalk marks. 🙂

    *Fist bump* on the weight, Paulie. Mine is also going to right direction (130.0). I have no idea why, I must have a tumor or a tapeworm. 🤓 Skipping dinner last night probably helped, but then I ate a praline type thing when I got home.

    I have many errands to accomplish today, and I plan to do them all on foot, which will take a good bit of time, but I guess it can be my exercise for the day.

  3. Barb says:

    The scope showed a slight bleed in a hiatal hernia. No way to fix it without surgery, and at 91, they do not want to do surgery. So, they think it may be starting to heal itself, (dad is feeling a little better, less dizzy, more talkative, I mean more questions over & over). But more talk with doctors today will figure out what we are to do next. Also talk with the social worker & the occupational therapist about what to do when he’s ready to get out of there.
    I think I may change my flight again. Not looking good to leave yet. Can’t imagine my mom here home alone.

  4. Four hours of choring done!
    Laundry ✔️
    Gas at Kroger ✔️
    More food purchased at Kroger that I don’t need immediately ✔️

    Now I rest for a few minutes before suiting up to go out to the front yard for more choring.

    • Barb says:

      Front yard choring is important. Don’t want the neighbors to think you are a slob.
      It got cold last night, down to 50. Actually it a blanket on my bed last night. High today only 66. Might have to wear the jacket I packed finally.

      • Yeah, it can’t all be about WLF… 😂 Crap, now there is a chance of light rain today? 😢

        Check out the weather that is coming to Georgia starting Sunday, you will be prepared for it at least.

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