Err, I’m not feeling it today. I’ve awoken to sore knees, which, given the troubles I had this time last year always concern me now. Perhaps this has something to do with the manual labor I did yesterday. After lunch I weed whacked the front lawn (since the grass growing wouldn’t be cut by the hipster lawnmower), trimmed a few small, low-hanging, dead limbs from trees (mostly to practice with my tree limbing pole saw, and you know, winter is coming so I don’t want them to snap off), chainsawed some of those limbs, and carried the lot of them to the backyard. Depending on how my day goes I may attempt to bring out the Wee Little Chipper and run some small limbs through it to produce wood chips.

Fall is on its way to Atlanta soon; yes, I know we are already in fall, I refer more to the cooler weather coming this weekend. I will have to harvest the remaining peppers and determine the fate of the plants soon. I’ve been watching videos on how to overwinter pepper plants, so I might try to do so with a few that really produced well this year. Next year’s tomato and pepper plantings will be managed much better now that I have a couple of years of experience under my belt.

There was discussion of going to Red’s Beer Garden for trivia last night, but that didn’t pan out since the people intended to be met couldn’t make it. Instead, I went over to Bonnie’s house to watch “Only Murders in the Building” and was treated to a nice dinner of pizza and salad; I brought over some beer to share with her.

Tonight I will be headed to Betsy’s for “Top Chef” night. It’s Betsy’s turn to provide food, so I have no idea what I will be eating tonight.

Hope that you are healthy and happy.

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3 Responses to 2021-10-13

  1. Bonnie says:

    Don’t have anything to add today. So far.

  2. Barb says:

    Dad got out of the hospital, he’s either a great actor, or much better then we thought.
    Got him home, he’s supposed to need the walker. Asked for help getting up & down from a chair.
    Then a few hours later, mom said something about water on the floor in the bathroom. We went to check it out. A minute later, Dad was at the door of the bathroom. No walker, just standing there asking us questions. So, who knows how sick he is anymore.

    Changed my flight to Friday, with Dad back here, I can leave & I can get the errands run that still need to get done.

    Also, today is their 59th anniversary. We decided on Salmon for dinner, so an Aldi run is needed.

  3. Barb says:

    Ever heard of a Riccar vacuum cleaner?
    Me either, but found a local vacuum store that sells them, so no searching Amazon for more bags. My brother gives me hell when I order from Amazon.

    Another Aldi trip, 59th anniversary dinner tonight will be Salmon, some ravioli with Alfredo, sautéed spinach & some beans I bought a little farmers market. The beans are like a cross between a pole bean & a snow pea. Not sure what the variety is, but they are tasty!

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