Except for my failed attempt at making a dessert last night yesterday was a pretty decent day around the ITP Estate; it was another good hiatus day. Perhaps I should try to make this permanent, or perhaps I should get my shit together to earn some money again in the future…

I puttered around WLF, not getting everything done I’d hope to, but I did get some choring done. For some reason I am holding hope that two of my four remaining tomato plants will ripen their fruit. This hope is slowing down the progress to setting up my fall/winter garden, however. Also, I’m still seeing a bunch of bug pressure because things still eating my plants. I discovered the largest slug that I’ve found in WLF and while I didn’t kill it like I should have, I moved it to a far away part of the yard.

Dinner last night was a tofu stir fry, which included carrots, radishes, peppers, potatoes, and Asian greens harvested from WLF. 🎉 My failed dessert was churro bites made in the Instant Pot. I have made this recipe previously, but I tried to rush things last night and they came out wet. They were edible, but far from desirable.

Today I will be doing more of the same. Tonight I will possibly be headed out to Red’s Beer Garden for their monthly comedy night.

Traditionally this would have been a LEAF weekend and I would be on my way to Black Mountain, NC. However with COVID still lingering the thought of being around thousands of people, even if it is outside, doesn’t pique my interest. Instead, this will be a hashing weekend. I know, after last weekend you’d expect for me to take a hiatus from hashing too! Tomorrow is the PrideLake hash, and as the weather is supposed to be spectacular, I might attend. Sunday will be a special Wheelhopper, an in town “poker run”. I am not a fan of true mountain biking, so an in town ride is almost literally right up my alley. Don’t ask me about the “poker run” aspect as I have no idea what that entails.

Hope that you have had a decent week, have remained healthy, and are going to have a wonderful weekend.

As we are now in mid-October and the weather will start to cool it’s time to declare the 2021 Spring/Summer growing season over. You may be surprised to see how much I tried to grow in WLF this year.

Here is my 2021 WLF Scorecard:

Asian Greens = B+
Basil = F
Beets = F
Broccoli = F
Brussels Sprouts = F
Butternut Squash = B-
Candy Roaster Squash = ? (only one out there currently, have to see how it turns out)
Carrots = C-
Cauliflower = F
Cucumber = A
Eggplant = B
Garlic = F
Green Beans = A
Lettuce = C
Kale = C
Kohlrabi = D
Leeks = D
Oca = F
Okra = B-
Onions = F
Oregano = B+
Parsnips = F
Peas = C-
Peppers = A
Potato = B
Radish = C
Rosemary = C (reduced from an A now that the three pots have partially died off)
Shallot = F
Spaghetti Squash = F
Spinach = F
Squash = D+
Sugar Snap Peas = B
Swiss Chard = B+
Tomato = B
Turnips = D
Zucchini = C
Flowers = B+

A = plants did well, producing the expected amounts, and sizes of fruit
B = plants did well, producing fruit that was either smaller than expected, or not as many as I desired
C = plants did okay, producing something to eat
D = plants struggled, producing fruit that was disappointing or inedible
F = seeds didn’t germinate, seedlings died, or plants never produced edible fruit

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9 Responses to 2021-10-15

  1. Bonnie says:

    Wow, that is a lot of produce when you see it all on a list! I applaud you for your efforts, even though I don’t fully understand spending all that time and money on them 😂😂😂.

    Last night I rode my bike a whole 5.25 miles to hang out with Wendy (Fab Whore) in Summerhill. Nice evening drinking red wine on her deck. I should probably invest in a better headlight for my bikes. Note to self, NO ONE getting off of I-20 at Boulevard cares about the walk signal I had in the crosswalk. It’s not like they couldn’t see me with my flashing red and white lights. 🤬

    Paulie, I’ll keep you posted about Red’s.

    I’m pretty sure I will go to PrideLake—I’ve never been. I don’t have a spectacular outfit or anything but I do have a tutu, some colorful Mardi Gras beads and a rainbow flag to carry. Been trying to convince the husband to come too (in lieu of me ditching him all day) but I don’t think he’s into traipsing around town making a spectacle. And there’s still those pesky issues of hash names and circle. 😁 We’ll see.

    The poker run is simply collecting playing cards at beer stops then seeing who has the best hand at the end. Bikes, beer and prizes—works for me 😁. I’m going to have to be careful about spending too much money at Saturday and Sunday’s events…

    • I was stunned at the list myself and I did all of the work! Mind you, it’s not like I planted acres of land, so some of these plants numbered less than five of each. If I had more land, more time, more need, I’d scale up. Reasons? Weight loss, learning new things, sense of accomplishment, food, and getting the shit scared out of me by an owl that swoops in and tries to land very close to me (this happened this morning!).

      Please let me know when you and the hubby decide. I have no other options, but I might make dinner at home if I don’t go to Red’s?

      I think I will be making a Dollar Tree / Value Village / Aldi (perhaps) right after lunch. Maybe I can find something prideful.

  2. Barb says:

    Finally flying home this evening. Dad is doing well, it’s the dementia on both parents that worries me, physically he’s doing good. I just ran to Menards (I felt like Paulie shopping early morning hours) to get a digital clock with big day of the week on it. It’s the hardest thing, being asked what day it is, all day long. Hopefully this will help.

    Today I’m going to get mom to do some cleaning, I’m not sure how often she cleans the bathroom, cleans the floor, vacuums, etc. It’s raining, so we won’t be hanging the sheets on the clothesline.

    I’m thinking I will hash all weekend. I hope I’m up for it.

    • Glad to hear your dad is doing better. 🤞🏻

      C’mon out and hash with Glory Mole and me, it will be a nice change of pace considering all of the work you have had to do recently.

      • Barb says:

        I’m hoping to hash, I don’t know what I have that is pride appropriate, but I’ll figure it out.

        Watching the news, the John Deere union strike is awesome, with the lack of employees, they have a real chance of getting their benefit package approved. They aren’t trying to get more pay, they want their pension & insurance protected. I predict more unions striking in the not so distant future.

  3. ITP Lurker says:


  4. Bonnie says:

    Not surprisingly, the husband will not be attending PrideLake. 😂 I was kinda hoping for a DD. I wish I felt comfortable leaving my bike locked up, but I don’t.

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