I find it weird to be lying on my futon at 6:50am and it’s still pitch black outside, the sun not due to rise today until 7:42am. Just think, four month ago I would have already been to Lowe’s and have gone outside to WLF to start working by this hour. And in a couple of days it’s supposed to get honestly chilly again!

When the sun does finally show its face this morning I will go out to WLF to do some choring.

Yesterday I cast adulting to the side after a short prattle around WLF. I drove over to Bonnie’s house, and from there we walked to Loose Nuts Cycling in Grant Park to meet up with an old friend for some day drinking. Robert, our friend, drove us to Bold Monk Brewing where we three ate lunch and had beer. Sadly the IPA and Pale Ale I ordered were out, so I had to slum with a Festbier with my lunch.

It’s tough to day-drink brewery hop during the week in this city because it seems that most breweries don’t open until 4pm or later on a Wednesday. Slackers!!!

After Bold Monk we drove back near the hood and had one more stop at Three Taverns Imaginarium.

I then hung at Bonnie’s a bit before going to Betsy’s for Top Chef night.

As I mentioned, I will be doing a bit of farm choring this morning, after which I will clean up and return my nose to the iOS grindstone.

Tonight I will be making a tofu stir fry with some greens I will be harvesting from WLF today. 🎉

Hope that you are remaining happy and healthy.

Tune in again tomorrow because I will be giving my planting year-end scorecard of how I did in WLF this summer.

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  1. Bonnie says:

    Not much to report. Willow cat’s IBD symptoms seem to be flaring up again as of yesterday. *Sigh*

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