Thankfully for me it is not often that life changes greatly. But yesterday held surprises…

Yesterday a uniformed representative of the United States Government delivered to me an envelope from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). I opened the envelope containing a check with bated breath, planning my retirement on the wealth contained within. The check was payment of funds from when Netbank went belly-up some twenty years ago, clearly I’d have enough to do all of the things I have ever wanted to do. And I can, as long as whatever I want to do costs less that $1.10. 🤷🏻‍♂️

I heard a lot of clatter coming from a neighbor’s yard yesterday. These are my next-door neighbors who have lived on my street longer than I have, a rare feat twenty-two years after my arrival. I wouldn’t be surprised to lear that these neighbors have lived in that house for over thirty years. As I snooped across the chainlink fence that separates our properties (another rare thing these days) I saw that they were loading a U-Haul truck with items from their garage. Have they succumbed to old age? Have they decided to cash in on one of the many offers they have undoubtedly received from property flippers because my street is “near” the Beltline? Time will tell.

I spent some time puttering around WLF yesterday morning. I continue to transition away from my Spring/Summer crops to Fall/Winter ones as I keep my eye on the arc of the sun and how this will alter my plans. I also spent a little time taking down some branches, weeds, and bushes that have encroached during this growing season. Along with some of the larger projects I have in mind, these activities will keep me busy until next growing season.

Last night Betsy made my life a little easier by providing food when it was my turn to do so. She had made a eggplant bolognese with turkey meat, served over pasta, with a side salad. The food was tasty, the company (Betsy and Bella) enjoyable, and overall the night was fun.

I don’t like to admit when I am wrong, but today I just do so. With a few minutes to kill before going inside Betsy’s house I checked my email. For some reason I clicked on the email from Jackson Associates and attempted to get into a survey… and failed. And then even stranger, I tried to get into the brioche bun survey on next Thursday… and got in! 🎉🎉🎉 So I was wrong about thinking about giving up on getting into surveys, and Bonnie was right to urge me to keep trying.

Today? Well, now that I don’t have to do any financial planning, I may do something fun like going to a state park with Bonnie for a hike. I need to take advantage of my time off, as well as the perfect weather that we have at this time of year.

Hope that you are remaining happy and healthy.

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6 Responses to 2021-10-21

  1. Bonnie says:

    Maybe your neighbors are just finally cleaning out that junky garage. 😂 I wonder if when you go to Jackson Associates it will be the same cluster experience I’ve witnessed both times? That may make you give up again. 😉

  2. Steve says:

    So the settlement from Netbank was a bit more than it cost to mail the letter? Nice.

    After an easy day to return from “vacation”, I managed 18 miles on the CX bike. First I had to replace the tube on the front wheel, then the zipper broke on one of my favorite jerseys. I don’t need a reminder that my belly is growing, but this just pissed me off. I’m not sure it’s repairable, but I’ll try.

    In the orifice today to do some testing this afternoon and a little equipment swap shortly. Traffic remains pretty nice in the morning, with only a brief slowing ear Grady- otherwise 75mph the whole way.


  3. Barb says:

    Brioche buns? I missed seeing that one.
    I’ve had bad luck on the last few I’ve filled out.

  4. Barb says:

    Tree guys came, trimmed & left, $800 poorer, but less branches to take out my garage & deck. Tree has some issues we discovered, so I guess we need to type up a certified letter for the neighbor, that way if anything happens, they will be liable.

    He’s going to bring us back a truckload of “pretty” mulch someday soon.

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