Good morning all. This morning finds me waking up in a tent at Hard Labor State Park. As has been the case often, if I camp it rains. You’re welcome.

Why am I here? Well, Bonnie and I decided to hike yesterday, and then use one of my two free nights of camping. We made dinner of veggie burgers and salad, drank a few beers, and sat around a sensible campfire.

Normally a drive to Rutledge from East Atlanta is a piece of cake, but when the road signage read “All Lanes Blocked” at Evans Mill Rd on I-20, we had to resort to using modern technology to route us around the incident.

Today wet camping gear will be packed, and we will do a little more hiking before returning inside the perimeter.

Not sure what my weekend plans are as yet, other than Black Sheep on Sunday of course.

Cheers to a happy and healthy weekend.

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One Response to 2021-10-22

  1. Steve Brady says:

    I heard thunder once through the night. The line passed quickly, so not much rain on the new pasture.

    Already back from getting bloodwork done prior to next weeks annual cardiologist visit.

    Might be a bike ride today once the roads dry. Other than that, no plans.

    Enjoy your weekend.

    – FP

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