Another busy weekend has passed and another busy week looks me smack in the face.

Saturday I walked with Betsy and Bella, as I normally do, after picking up about a half bag of trash on my journey to the village. After our walk ate lunch and then I relaxed for about a half hour before starting at attempt at productivity. I did some work in WLF, organized all of my seeds, cleaned and dried my camping gear before putting it all away, and then finally allowed myself time to make dinner prior to watching the latest episode of “The Great British Bake Off” (it was “German week” 😁).

Yesterday I did some more puttering in WLF and had an Owlie flyover while I was out there, luckily I was not a target this time. At some point I realized that I had to get ready for Black Sheep, which was way the fuck up in Buford.

Yesterday’s trail was short, 3.25 miles, which allowed plenty of time for costume wearing and beer drinking prior to making the long drive home. I resurrected at twenty-two-year-old costume, breaking out the robe I wore as Hugh Hefner back in 1999. For that robe being as old as it is, it’s in great shape.

I was back inside the perimeter with plenty of time to make dinner at home.

Today I will be briefly headed OTP again as I am getting into the M6 in a few minutes to make a trip to Tractor Supply Co in Conyers.

I will probably go to tonight’s Moonlight Hash in Oakhurst, unless my day gets turned on its head between now and then.

Hope that you had a wonderful weekend.

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11 Responses to 2021-10-25

  1. It must be October, the M6’s TPMS fired on my drive to Conyers. The trip was almost a complete bust. I misread Tractor Supply’s website, so they didn’t have the fertilizer I wanted to buy. But, I did find a $5 bill in the parking lot.

  2. Bonnie says:

    I finally finished “Only Murders In The Building.” Good show. Too bad I likely won’t have Hulu when S2 rolls around. Hmmmm I guess I’ll just have to go over to a friend’s house to watch for a few weeks. 😁

    How is my chore list so big? That’s all I’ll be doing today, then perhaps hashing.

  3. Steve says:

    Friday started with a blood draw prior to my annual visit with the cardiologist this Friday. While sitting at the cafe having breakfast, the dermatologist called and said they wanted to freeze off that spot on my chest. I asked if they had a spot on their schedule and I was in and out by 11:30. A bike ride and sushi dinner rounded out the day.

    • Steve says:

      Saturday was a fox hunt from Bear Creek. They dispatched a coyote in the first half hour, then things got interesting. I was riding with a guy who had a tracker (electronics that shows the hounds) and they crossed Hines Rd. (into unfollowable territory). We waited for the quarry to turn and he never did. He then took the hounds across Ga54 (Bad) and attempted to cross US27 (Very Bad!). We got ahead of both quarry and hounds and saw the grey fox cross the road. We managed to call off the hounds and get them all (most) secured in a hay field by the road. We managed to call in reinforcements to capture hounds and bring the trailers for hounds and no one got run over. We did F traffic for a bit, but everyone was pretty chill, considering.

      Did a few chores Sunday. Worked on my framing nailer and got it to fire one nail! Back to the drawing board.

      (Server error earlier… unable to post from either email.)


  4. Steve says:

    Finally deleted “cafe ‘ ” and the post went through…

  5. Barb says:

    Fairly busy weekend for us.
    Saturday was a walk to breakfast, but Waffle House was way too busy, J Christopher’s had now power (per sign on door) so 4 miles walking & we ended up making breakfast at home.
    Memorial Service that afternoon for the Docs wife from Hyox (colon cancer), then late lunch at Pappasitos (way too big of portions) & then movie watching at a Theatre – Dune. sci-fi is not my genre, but it was ok. Everyone else loved it.

    Sunday, we helped our wine rep friend Leslie move into their new house. (Gotta stay on the good side of a person who tends to have 3xcess wine occasionally).

  6. Barb says:

    Decided to get an oil change today. My MIL was supposed to pick me up. She’s still not here, I guess got distracted at home. I guess I’ll make her buy lunch.
    They say they are busy, so it will take a while to get to it.
    Decided I’m not going back to the Honda dealership after the 1st oil change there. So I’m at the place Allan’s truck has been repaired for years. Good local East Cobb shop, and the owner is a big mtn biker.

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