Good and not so good day for me yesterday.

Assuming that I will get paid it was nice to make $55 for evaluating four buns. I remember why it is so hard to get into these surveys — easy money.

From the survey company I hit up the Sandy Springs Goodwill in hopes to find some choring clothes, as well as something to wear for tomorrow’s Halloween Home Crawl. I struck out on both accounts. However, I did get a Pyrex casserole dish for $4 and took advantage of employee apathy by getting a four-disc set of Tom Petty video for the price is a single movie, $3. To be honest, if the employee tried to charge me more than $3 I would have let Goodwill keep the DVD set, especially knowing that they paid $0 for it. After Goodwill I popped into REI, but realized that nothing in there is priced for the unemployed, not even their clearance merchandise.

Because I was near the Taco Mac that was near the office in which I spent eleven years, I wanted to eat lunch there. It’s been a out five years since I visited this location, and some things have changed. As I mentioned yesterday the businesses surrounding this Taco Mac have either closed — Maggiano’s, Outback — or have become something else — I cannot recall what was in the space now occupied by Hob Nob Tavern. I also had another goal, to find my nameplate. Lo and Behold I did find “Wee lil Bit” (goddamn character limits!) after some searching.

One thing that is set to drastically change in the area is a four block redevelopment, the edge of which is my old office building, to be called “High Street Atlanta”, which is ironic because it will either be in Sandy Springs, Dunwoody or Unincorporated Dakalb, and not City of Atlanta.

Upon arriving home I moved some captured water to jugs. Due to last night’s rain I will do that again this morning. I really wish that I had replaced the spigot on that rain barrel now.

My night was spent eating, napping, and trying to get over a nagging headache while looking for things to watch on tv. I never had the motivation to mount the trainer.

It’s Friday! Yep, though I have nothing special planned for today.

Tomorrow I may do the Halloween Home Crawl.

Sunday I will be puttering around WLF before heading over to Bonnie’s to what happened her shoot candy to kids via a chute. 😁

Hope that you have a happy, healthy, and safe weekend.

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  1. First day’s chore done. I just transferred eight gallons of water into jugs and buckets. I want to have a better strategy for next year.

  2. Bonnie says:

    Today will consist of more chores with the added bonus of early voting and other errands—most importantly—purchasing Halloween candy! The weather sure doesn’t look great tomorrow, ugh! I’ve never been to the Halloween home crawl and I’d hoped this would be the year. I doubt the husband can be talked into going. 😂 I could use a DD. 😁 But, for now I’m still playing around with costume options… I also need to do the same for Halloween night’s costume.

    Last night I (re)watched the Rocky Horror Picture Show, man I love that silly movie. I remember in junior high when my friend Jeremy said I needed to come over immediately and listen to a new cassette tape he got. Paulie, you’re still not off the hook…

    Not sure what tonight holds, I’ve been invited to a Halloween party but I doubt we’ll go. Tonight is opening night for Gladiators hockey, but I won’t be there. But hint, hint for the future, ITP readers (and writer). Maybe we’ll watch some of the baseball game on TV, dunno.

    • Haha, as I was reading I thought “Whew, I am off the hook!” 😂 I’ve never seen RHPS. I was thirteen when all the older kids used to go, and I am not a fan of (even remotely) scary movies so I have always passed on opportunities to go.

      While still saddened that we have no NHL team, I will journey to Duluth to watch hockey.

      • Barb says:

        Rocky Horror is not a scary movie. I need to watch it again.
        We’d be up for a hockey outing.

        Allan is working Sunday, not sure where I’ll hide out. My house is not a trick or treating destination, do I can probs lay just leave the front lights out & be ok staying home.

  3. On my journeys yesterday I thought I captured a fantastic image of colorful leaves on black pavement. I did, but it was just a little out of focus…

    Silver Lining: Out of Focus Photo becomes Wallpaper
    So, I have made it my iPad wallpaper instead.

  4. ITP Lurker says:

    My plans for breakfast at the Majestic before early voting were foiled by it being closed for three days for filming. I’m sure it’s nice work when they can get it. I diverted to Java Jive, which is blissfully empty during the week I see.

  5. I’m impressed with you early voters. I have yet to consider the candidates.

    In other news, my headache and other body maladies combined with this weather have caused me to be depressed the past few days. I don’t like it.

  6. Steve says:

    I was just thinking some hockey may be fun. Hopefully this will be the year to go back.

    After work, a national officials call. Nothing new, and they will try to get next years assignments to some of the same folks that were assigned to cancelled races this year. I still want to work Tour of the Gila and will definitely put it on my wish list.

    I suffered through 35 minutes of an FTP workout yesterday thanks to GCN. And I managed to use Zwift at the same time. When I watched Worlds the other day, I couldn’t remember how to get a picture in picture, but last night it did it all by itself.

    Cardiologist video chat at 0900.

    Don’t forget the CX at the velodrome Sunday.


    • Steve says:

      Well, that was fun. Phone call from his nurse to review meds, 5 minute video chat with him and I’m good to go for another year! Woot.

      • ITP Lurker says:

        Did you plug a USB stethoscope into your computer? Or mash your computer’s microphone up to your chest? 😉 Congrats on the clean bill of health.

        • Steve says:

          I asked him how long his stethoscope cord was.. he laughed. I thought they were all Covid, but he actually torqued his knee is isn’t moving very well!

          • ITP Lurker says:

            Oh, that’s good to know. I was thinking damn, that doctor is saying “Well, Steve hasn’t died yet, nothing to see here.”

  7. Bob says:

    Halloween home crawl, what a fun event. That is one hash event I really miss.

    Psycho Cross on Sunday! I am planning on being there, should be good times. 3 days of rain to create a quagmire then a sunny day to race in it, will be fun to watch!

  8. Netflix

    Had I invested in each of these as I though about doing so, instead of some of the clunkers currently in my portfolio, I’d have enough money to retire.

    I am thankful that I have made enough money in my life to have a portfolio.

  9. Why should a $25 concert ticket be legally allowed to have a $10 convenience fee? That’s highway robbery!

    • Steve says:

      Another reason I don’t go to many concerts. The fact that the musicians I like are either dead or not touring has nothing to do with it.

    • Barb says:

      What show? $10 is crazy on a $25 ticket.

      Allan is going to Gentle Yoga with me in a little while. Then to figure out wha5 to d9 with the rest of the day.

    • Car Seat Headrest at The Tabernacle in April.

      • ITP Lurker says:

        That’s because Live Nation owns the Tabernacle. I think the formal term is “bait-and-switch”. Why not just set the price at $35 from the get-go and then divvy it up behind the scenes? Why subject us to fucking piecemeal accounting?

        • Steve says:

          Because then they can say the price is ONLY $25! F’ers.

          I get that you’re paying for the convenience of not camping out or going to an actual box office, but they also don’t have that expense to carry as well. Take a cut, just don’t gouge.

        • And it’s per ticket! If it were on the entire order I’d cut them a little slack, though not much.

  10. Apple declined my credit card at the Kroger on Memorial Drive. They must have thought it to be fraudulent because I was buying a twelve pack of Heineken 0.0. 😂

  11. Funny, I ordered two bags of fertilizer to be delivered to Tractor Supply in Conyers. One bag has arrived, the other has not reached the store yet. 🤷🏻‍♂️

    • Barb says:

      Is this some super special fertilizer?

      We’re you using Apple Pay?

      • For this I used my Apple credit card. No special fertilizer, just some 12-12-12, but the price was at least half of what I found on Amazon and I didn’t look hard at Lowe’s, Home Depot, or Ace.

  12. My battle to grow lettuce continues. I just discovered that some animal has found my lettuce bed and has eaten about a third of the planting. Fuckers!

    I think that I need to start putting covers/cages over all my beds to fight insects and critters.

  13. Sharon Gay just lost my mayoral vote by taking about how “our” Georgia Bulldogs are getting prepared to play Florida. First, Georgia Tech or Georgia State should be Atlanta’s “our” team. Second, Atlanta is comprised of people who graduated from schools who hate UGA, so that’s a bad political alliance.

  14. Barb says:

    I think for the 1st time, there might be noticeable crazy Braves traffic. I think they are trying to “direct” the traffic more than normal, so that will mess things up. And, people that aren’t the usual fans, so there will be more lost drivers. We won’t be going that way tonight, that’s for sure.

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