Here comes the rain, and it will remind me why I quit a job the first time around five years ago — I hated the commute from East Atlanta to Sandy Springs. My appointment this morning is at 10:00am, so I will have to leave the house no later than 8:45am to ensure traffic doesn’t fuck me over too badly. Depending at what time I am done with my appointment, and the amount of rain falling, I might kick around my old work neighborhood and may even treat myself to lunch today. Could I possibly return to my old Taco Mac? I could take a photo of my nameplate. Maybe I should go to Chuy’s? Perhaps I should go to the Apple Store inside Perimeter Mall too and spend gobs of money that I no longer earn? There is a Goodwill, a REI, and even a Harbor Freight nearby. Man, OTP life has so many things! 😂

With the impending rain I am happy that I once again toiled in the front yard for a few hours yesterday. I took down another small tree at the end of my driveway, and pulled up two bags’ worth of English ivy. Even if I never get around to expanding WLF into this area the removal of the trees will make pulling out of my driveway a lot safer. Some day I hope to tackle the real safety culprits, the overgrown holly bushes that sit at the very end of my driveway. As you can well imagine, I am not looking forward to wrestling with holly, and getting constantly pricked by their godforsaken leaves in the process. I also need to arrange for a bulk yard waste pickup for these bushes as I am not going to attempt to put their branches into yard waste bags, and they are poor compost and firewood.

Last night’s dinner of my vegetarian meatloaf was outstanding, if I do say so myself. The basis of the loaf was inspired by this meatloaf recipe, but you know that I alway tweak recipes. In my version I added a diced yellow pepper and sautéed it with the diced onion before adding to the mixture. I also cut the amount of oats in half and added an equal amount of panko bread crumbs instead (so, not gluten free after all). I may have added a few shakes of garlic powder as well. I am a culinary artiste! 😁 I took the loaf straight out of the oven, wrapped it in foil, saddled it in a blanket, and delivered it to Betsy’s. I think she enjoyed my creation as well.

Tonight I will be spending a night at home catching up on indoor things. I will probably be eating a meatloaf sandwich for dinner, and doing a little of (re)organizing of the base,ent, spending some time on the trainer as well. Those Entenmann’s pumpkin donuts that I have been eating aren’t going to work themselves off my body you know… 😮

Hope the home stretch of this work week is treating you well.

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18 Responses to 2021-10-28

  1. ITP Lurker says:

    Holly bushes are a motherfucker. I won’t ever deal with one again, that’s a job to be hired out. I broke a shovel once trying to dig one out. The wasps nest in the bushes didn’t help.

  2. Bonnie says:

    Just take Wee Little Chainsaw to those holly bushes. Or maybe chainsaws don’t work like a hedge trimmer? I’m just envisioning hacking those motherfuckers to death…

  3. Steve says:

    Chainsaws are funny- they don’t work well if their target can move and recoil. Just glove up and wear a heavy sweatshirt. We have some loppers with 2′ handles and I’ve tamed a fair amount of briars with them. Debbie wants to remove the bushes that protect the north side of the house. They are well overgrown, but I think any replacement will be hard pressed to survive with minimal sunlight.

    I’ll be borrowing the neighbors tractor with a disc to loosen up the front pasture before throwing out some seed. Nice having neighbors with toys.

    Ordered a new trigger assembly for the nailer. This will be the last attempt…

    Should have gotten on the trainer yesterday but will tonight.

    I turned the game off last night at 5-2 Astros. I assume they lost.


  4. Barb says:

    Have fun in Sandy Springs, I’m sure you will be amazed by how much has changed. And, that 285/400 construction & lane changes, I’m always confused these days. It will be awesome in a few years, but right now it makes no sense. Watch the signs.

    Went to Scofflaw last night for a run sponsored by West Stride. We decided to go for a walk around the cemetery instead of taking the official run route. Scofflaw has way too many IPAs for me, they need more variety. (Besides seltzers, they have plenty of those).

    Today I think Sal & I are going to catch up on Survivor, since it’s such a lovely day.

  5. Glad I know this area so we’ll because as predicted traffic sucked so I took my old alternative route to get here.

  6. Survey done. Goodwill and REI visited. Now making it a meat day at my old Taco Mac.

  7. Home. Just filled fourteen one-gallon jugs with water captured in the trash can that collects water dropped by my gutters. 🙌🏻

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