Remember, remember the fifth of November. It’s Guy Fawkes Day in the UK. Today is also the anniversary of Glory Mole’s first hared hash, a Monday Night affair that ended at Mr C’s on Howell Mill.

I am very sleepy, which is not good since I have things to do this morning…

Yesterday was a kick ass day of choring. Due to the weather I spent most of the day indoors, empty drawers, finding things I had been seeking, and knocking out one-step tastes. That was until I discovered the my property taxes are due November 15th, and not November 30th as I had in my head. all other chores were put on hold as I located my checkbook and stamps, wrote out my check, and then hoofed my payment to the post office. The rain had stopped, but the weather was chilly, making for a decent short walk. On my walk back I stopped at Joe’s Coffee and grabbed one of the two remaining bags of spent coffee grounds that they have outside for gardeners.

The day’s interruption proved to be more than what I assumed a walk to the village would bring. Upon returning home I decided to read, which always makes me sleepy, which prompted a hardcore nap which lasted over an hour.

By the time I roused and shook the sleep from my body it was time to contemplate dinner preparation, as well as how I was going to prepare two batches of cornbread for tonight’s dinner.

Dinner was a Paulie Special, a casserole made from a box of stuffing, a bag of frozen fake chicken chunks, a handful of cremini mushrooms, and some diced peppers and pak choi from WLF. My creation was quite tasty, if I do say so myself.

Dinner and cornbread baking created quite a mess to clean, so I spent some time taking care of that after eating. The rest of my night was spent watching tv.

Thankfully I passed on trying to watch the Jets play last night. After a brillant upset against Cincinnati on Sunday the Jets returned to losing form against Indianapolis, having another quarterback knocked out of the game with an injury to boot. Oh well…

I had a victory last night, getting into another paid survey, this one involving bacon tasting. I guess next Friday will be a meat day. Barb, thanks again for the heads up.

Today? Today will be spent packing for a quick, very cold, camping outing. 🥶

I hope that you have a healthy and happy weekend.

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5 Responses to 2021-11-05

  1. Steve says:

    No trip to the office for me today, but next week for sure as we’re having a new circuit installed. AT&T has problems understanding we have security checks that must be completed prior to you showing up. Strangely, we don’t let every Tom, Dick and Harry into the building!

    Started watching the Ken Burns doc on Mohammed Ali yesterday. I’m 3/4 of the way through the 8 hours and it is typically well done. I was always a fan and I’ll always cry when I watch the footage of him lighting the torch in ’96. My friend Kate (Twitching B_tch) worked at Emory in the Parkinson’s research unit. Ali came in to see if one of their trials might help him. Kate was his “escort” for the day and as such, was responsible for getting him around and making sure he was taken care of. At one point, she asked if he needed to go to the restroom and if he might need help. He replied “If you come with me, I’ll show you why they called me “The Greatest”!!

    25 minutes of trainer workout. I think I’ll be moving the trainer back in the house. It’s been out in the man cave and it was a bit cold yesterday.

    Have a great weekend!


  2. Barb says:

    Decided we should go to the parade today, it’s cold but a nice day, so why not? Meeting up with some friends at 11ish, parade is supposed to be up here in Cobb around 2pm. Bike shop is closed (traffic & closed roads will make it tough to get to) Hoping to find a parking place & a restaurant to spend time, or maybe we will pack a cooler & just hang out on a sidewalk. Who knows…..

  3. Barb says:

    Cobb county as fine, they tried to route cars strange ways, but we found a good parking lot & good place to set up our chairs.
    A little cold hanging out on Cobb Pkwy for hours, but hey… we saw the parade in person.

    Found it funny, the Cobb county council chairwoman was before Keisha in the parade.

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