Things I learned this weekend:
1. Camping in the cold is fine as long as you have an enormous campfire.
2. I sleep a lot better when camping.
3. I think I have mild tinnitus. I’ve noticed this previously, but it seems worse now.
4. Poison ivy is the work of the devil.

I continue to suffer as the infection spreads to different parts of my body. It is hideous to see on the body parts that I expose to the world, and worse on parts that aren’t. As I type this I am debating going to a doc in a box to seek a prescription to knock it out of my system. Mark my words, all future non-farming gardening will be done in the same head-to-toe attire that I wear hashing.

Other than my body continually throwing me health curveballs the weekend was quite fun. I camped with a group at Hard Labor State Park.

Friday night’s campers were treated to chili for dinner, followed by a beer cheese paring walk. Here are the six pairings that were served up.
1. Beer, Faubourg Brewing Beignet au Lait; Cheese, Sharp Cheddar
2. Beer, Lexington Brewing & Distilling Kentucky Coffee Barrel Stout; Cheese, Gruyère
3. Beer, Lagunitas the Waldo’s Special Triple IPA; Cheese, Havarti
4. Beer, Duvel Belgian Strong Blond; Cheese, Brie
5. Beer, Bell’s Expedition Stout; Cheese, Bleu
6. Beer, Boulevard Stuff of Legend Stout; Cheese, none (because there was chocolate)
At each station you were provided with a sampling of each pairing.

On Saturday Bonnie and I laid a hash-like trail through the woods and trails. As hash-like trails go, it was nothing to write home about, but it was an opportunity for the campers to get out and get a little exercise.

Yesterday was mostly spent packing up camp, returning home, sharing a couple of beers, and then flopping on the futon for the remainder of the day and night. I didn’t want to rush about in order to get to Peachtree City for Black Sheep, but from the signup list that I saw I kind of wish that I had because there were some names on there of people who normally don’t make it out. Oh well.

Today? Well, maybe a (hopefully) short doctor visit. Then I need to return to farming. It’s going to beautiful weather for the next three days and then a cold front is supposed to bring rain and cold weather back to Atlanta.

Tonight’s hash starts at Oakland Cemetery, so if my poison ivy suffering allows me to hash, I probably will do so.

Hope you had a fantastic weekend.

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11 Responses to 2021-11-08

  1. Steve says:

    I wonder- could you have burned poison ivy in one of your fires? That is a good way to get into trouble.

    I’m glad the campout went well. It was a great weekend for it.

    Saturday, we came into the city to meet my Games partner Burt, Debbie’s good friend Meg and her daughter Ella for lunch at our favorite Mexican place in Tucker. We then went to IKEA (on a Saturday- crazy, huh?) and managed not to stay too long. Debbie saw a storage unit that also made steps and thought it would work well in her trailer to access the upper loft. We have never used the “camping” function of the trailer, but I always thought it would be fun.

    There was also some football watching Saturday. Alabama came close to losing to an unranked LSU and I stayed until the very end, as they almost won it on the last play of the game!

    Sunday was a motorcycle ride, then some chores (like assembling the IKEA unit).

    This will be a short week for me, as Thursday is a holiday and Friday is my day off!


    • No, I haven’t burned anything in awhile. I was pulling weeds and ivy in a short-sleeved shirt recently, so I am fairly certain that is how I contracted it. I probably spread the oils over my body prior to realizing that I had been in/near poison ivy. It was my stupidity to not think that I’d be amongst the devil.

      You are nuts going to IKEA on a Saturday! 😂

      I understand UF went somewhere for a football game and watched the other team play.

      Short week for me too! Find out why later this week…

      • Steve says:

        I think we were in and out in less than a half hour. The place didn’t seem too crowded, but we were making a beeline to what we needed and not following the yellow brick road, much.

  2. Barb says:

    Black Sheep was a roadtrip, but a good group. Brewery had tasty beer.
    Our walkers trail had more shiggy than the real trail, our attempt to find the Line Creek nature trail by cutting thru some woods was interesting. On the way back to the brewery we did much better, but still had more shiggy then the hash trail.

    Saturday morning did an Alzheimer’s Walk at The Battery. It was fairly cleaned up, but still needed some work. The MCs were joking that the Braves couldn’t have their celebration on Saturday because they had already booked the venue.

    Today I’m supposed to get my booster shot, but then I’ve got a mammogram on Tuesday, so I might switch my shot to Wednesday. Not sure why, but they say you shouldn’t get a vaccine before a mammogram.

    • Steve says:

      That is kinda odd about the booster.

      Thanks for the heads up about BS. I never thought of walking it- running is currently out, until I see the podiatrist.

      Ride and/or lunch options are open for Thursday or Friday

  3. Yeah Steve, I walked trail or at least around trail while I was injured or recovering from surgery.

    No can do for Thursday or Friday as I will reveal then.

  4. Decided poison ivy was too far gone to get drugs, so I’ll just look like a druggie with a ton of track marks for a few weeks.

    • Barb says:

      Some prednisone might help the PI to go away faster.

      steve – I am probably available for lunch, Allan may be on Thursday, he’s probably working at the bike shop, if you want to come up north to the Cumberland area or somewhere not too far from there.

  5. Sitting outside in WLF. Watching all of the flying insects surround the fish emulsion fertilizer I just put into plants, and saw a small hawk fly through the farm.

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