Good morning from Florida where I hope the constant waft of prescription medication in the air throughout the entire state will cure my poison ivy.

Yesterday’s journey down I-75 was fairly uneventful southbound, only encountering rain along the way. I had one nervous moment where I sped to make a lane change, only to see FL state troopers in the distance; I was fortunate to resume legal speeds prior to getting too close. Northbound was a different story, however. North of Gainesville I witnessed the aftermath of a burned out RV and some vehicle behind it which stopped all lanes of traffic for at least five miles. Twice more before reaching Tampa fire trucks or state troopers had the northbound traffic completely stopped. After seeing these three incidents and recalling the one through which I sat in July, I am nervous about my return trip and may wind up taking an alternate route.

I hung out with my mother before we went over an aunt’s house for their weekly dinner and card game. Yes, I ate meat. Yes, I did not win at cards.

Perhaps it was because I was awake at 4:30, or spent over seven hours driving, or both, I was whooped and went to bed around 9:00pm.

My weekend will be filled with hanging out with my mother, brother, and sister in law.

On Sunday I will join my mother for an afternoon of bingo playing.

I hope that all things are moving in your world, and that you are remaining healthy.

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5 Responses to 2021-11-12

  1. Steve says:

    Sounds like a good trip so far. I think going to bed at 9 PM is also related to the zip code.

    Yesterday I started plumbing the barn. I have glued up the first section, have another section dry fit, and will start digging to get connected to the supply line this afternoon. While I was working, I had the horses closed off from the barn, so when I wrapped up I opened the gate again. Unfortunately, I forgot to close one on the far side. I was back in the house relaxing when I heard Debbie start screaming “the horses are loose and heading down the driveway!” Team Gray (Ceili and Mickey) made it to the road and turned around, coming back up the driveway at full speed! I got out of the way and went down and closed the driveway gate and stood there while Debbie convinced them to return to the barn. Oops.

    Bonnie and I are meeting at Cochran Mill park in a little while to ride dirty sheets. Tights are on and a long sleeve jersey. I hope I stay warm.


  2. Ashamed to admit how much food I just shoveled into my gullet. 😔

  3. Bonnie says:

    Nice ride today, thanks Steve for riding slow with me. 🙂 In the parking lot we met Trish / Mount Me. That’s the first time I’ve met her face-to-face I think? Nice chat. Now chores this afternoon before, wait for it, SoCo hared by Friar. And, he’s also pre-laying a mountain bike option?! Not sure which one I will do yet. Start is at the Intrenchment Creek trailhead. On after maybe at Jackass’ house, but TBD.

  4. Steve says:

    Thanks Bonnie for getting me moving this morning. Great ride, perfect conditions, roads in great shape. I really need to do that ride more often.

    I remembered to pause the gps when we got back, but when I looked at it in the drive through at Zaxbys, it was still running, so our ride doubled and got a whole lot faster.

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