After all of the food and alcohol I consumed this weekend I hope that I still fit into the pants that I purchased last week.

I am back at the ITP Estate and ready to get back at it. Call me silly but I must admit that, while I had fun hanging with my friends, I missed my daily routine and the life that I have created. I am a control freak, so I also enjoy being in control of my environmental surroundings.

Because I chose to drive straight through, stopping only once in South Carolina for cheap gas, and not stopping for beer, I was home yesterday in ample time to do most anything I wished. What I wound up doing is a little scan of WLF, unpacking the car and bags, making dinner, and catching up on television. It was relaxing, and exactly what I needed.

Today I am starting an attempt at not traveling anywhere until the start of the new year. I was away from home every weekend except for one during November.

This will be an extremely busy week for yours truly. I have to start making progress on my major winter WLF projects, which means I have to run some errands and spend more of the money that is no longer being replenished. To remedy my financial hemorrhaging starting today I will also be structuring my days so that I spend a good chunk of time writing code so that I can be employed in 2022 if necessary.

Though I spent a considerable amount of money this past week, by hook or by crook I managed to avoid making too many unnecessary purchases during Black Friday weekend. I am considering one frivolous purchase of HomePod Mini speakers for my home office, but not until I earn $50 from a paid survey next Monday.

Yesterday I converted my recent $55 and $40 survey earnings into Amazon and Target gift cards respectively. Why I didn’t convert either of them into a Lowe’s gift card still baffles me.

This being Monday means that there is a hash. Tonight starts in Toco Hills shopping center, so I am on the fence on whether or not I will attend.

Hope that you had a wonderful and healthy Thanksgiving weekend.

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  1. I fell back asleep and have just reawaken at 6:45am to find out that it may be raining outside? WTF?

  2. Steve says:

    No rain today!

    Thanksgiving was a big success for the almost 30 (I don’t have an actual count) we welcomed. They ate and drank and petted horses and a donkey and everyone was well behaved.

    Friday, I think I did no actual shopping and was on the trainer when Debbie came in from her ride to report a tree had started to fall at the barn. We knew this was on the list, but it started it’s path down and ran into another tree which is supporting it. Calls will be made shortly to find a service with a crane. I thought about tackling it, but it’s still too big to handle for me.

    Saturday, we chased coyotes and errant foxhounds around. Did you know foxhounds are really stinky? I thought they had just found “something” to roll in, but I was told that’s their natural state. Ewwww. And I had to lift a couple into the vehicle I was riding in to get them back to the kennels.

    There was sad football (GA/GT) and there was bad football (AL/AU). We (Alabama) have nothing to be proud of in that “victory” and Auburn can hold their heads up high.
    And I have told my Auburn friends exactly that.

    Sunday was a scooter ride. I don’t know what happened to the “almost 60 degrees” that was supposed to be the weather yesterday, but I about froze on the bike and had to get in the hot tub when I got home to warm up! Ugh.

    In the orifice today, tomorrow and Friday- pending the tree folks schedule. That 0500 alarm this morning was not an easy start, but traffic at that time of day is still OK.


  3. Awaiting notification of my online Lowes purchase to be completed; I earned 10% cash back, $3 in my case, placing my order through the Ibotta app today.

    I will suit up for choring in WLF and make the journey later to Edgewood Retail District today or tomorrow.

  4. Bonnie says:

    Mostly quiet week, I guess I needed some down time. I snagged a last-minute cancellation for a COVID booster yesterday so knocked that out along with my flu shot. Wal-Mart was an absolute cluster but at least it’s done. I could have done a no-appointment drive-through in Brookhaven but word is it could take a couple hours. Well, at least I didn’t have to drive so far anyway… I chose a Moderna booster to mix it up from my previous Pfizer, and so far the side effects are certainly present, but no where near as bad as last time. I’m not taking any meds but perhaps I will later. Kitties on laps help. Bummed I have to miss the hash tonight (for other reasons). I have a couple things I am considering buying today but I’m just not sure…

    • Steve says:

      I prolly need to schedule a booster. I haven’t looked into it yet- I think my CVS is scheduling them, and I do have the Piedmont- Newnan option.

  5. Barb says:

    Not a bad long weekend, but now I need to get on the job search.
    We had 11 for dinner Thursday, it was cold & windy Friday, so didn’t do too much.
    Saturday I ventured ITP to meet up with Davey, Deposit & Oops for a walk from Elsewhere brewing to Reds. As I got out of my car, I hear my name called, I was looking into the sun, so I had no idea who it was. It was Betsy! We had a nice chat, hopefully we can actually get together someday to really catch up.
    Then after Reds, Davey & I decided to have another beer at Eventide, and Rachel (bitchfork) walks up. Had another nice chat. It was a fun afternoon.

    Sunday we finally Mtn biked, then cooked a turkey for the in-laws on the Egg (they decided to not cook it Thursday) & dinner with them.

    Allan needs a new phone, but the one he wants will never be on sale. Needs to just bite the bullet & buy it.

  6. Goddamn it, Lowe’s says that they don’t have the cinder blocks I ordered. There goes some of my cash back. 😡

  7. ITP Lurker says:

    Minty and I rode a modified version of Silk Sheets yesterday that included a lovely lunch at Serenbe. She clocked an exact half-century, I had 53 miles because I was riding ahead at one point and overshot a turn by a mile and a half. Lots of pretty country to ride in, but lots of traffic too, I think I prefer my usual routes (Stone Mountain, Arabia Mountain, Silver Comet). We’re glad we rode it. Next ride will be from Minty’s house in Sandy Springs to the Silver Comet.

    It sure felt good to ride yesterday.

    I’m taking a mountain biking class through REI in about 3 weeks. That’ll get me off the dime on whether I do or don’t want to own a mountain bike, as they provide a bike to use for the day.

    My booster is scheduled for next week. I’m sticking with the Moderna horse I’ve been riding, and it knocks me on my ass every time, so I have to schedule it around my speaking schedule. Getting my flu shot then too, I’ll just be good and puny for all at once.

  8. Steve says:

    Two tree services called… one serves Newnan but doesn’t come to Luthersville (!!) and is scheduling for January! Another one called and a message left, and I played with the “live operator” on their website. A fun, automated service that collects information and looks pretty real!

    If everyone is backed up until January, I may be doing this myself!

  9. Done with morning choring. About to eat lunch, shower, do some reading, and then plan the rest of my day.

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