Depending on when you are reading this I may be running one of today’s many errands. Today I will be picking up purchases from Lowes (my partial order) and Target in Edgewood Retail District, and from Tractor Supply in Conyers. I should probably make a grocery store run as well.

Yesterday was a good day for my productivity in WLF. I moved the leaf mould compost area and amended it later in the day, moved large grow bags to the area of WLF they will occupy next year, moved some small pots of plants to sunnier locations away from the area in which I will begin new planting bed installations, and marked out a line that will be the northern border of the two new beds that I will install so that they will be available to plant into next year. I have also started moving my seedling plastic covered mini greenhouses to a location that should make them safe from embers that will be emitted from the many fires I plan to have over the next four/five months.

At some point in the afternoon I decided that I was too tired, sniffly, and/or disinterested in driving to Toco Hill to hash in cold weather. By making this decision my evening was opened up for doing some reading about software development after dinner.

Dinner was an amazing salad consisting of WLF lettuce (taking the last of the mature heads before the squirrels could get them), tomato, and carrot. To my produce I added some plant-based chicken nuggets and the salad fixings that I saved from a bagged salad that I purchased a couple of weeks ago.

Last night I renewed my High Museum membership, even though I have not been inside the building since prior to the COVID lockdown, and I have lost my sweet nearby free parking that I enjoyed while working in midtown.

Speaking of the unspeakable virus, I have scheduled my COVID booster for December 7th at a Walgreens. I will most likely be sticking with the drug that brung me to the dance — Pfizer.

With my AppleTV+ subscription I have started watching “The Shrink Next Door” starring Will Ferrell and Paul Rudd; I am three episodes in and think it’s well made and interesting…

Upon returning home from my errands today I intend to vote, do a little WLF choring (time permitting), and mount my trainer for some exercise while watching last week’s episode of “The Great British Bake Off”. Tonight will be another night at home (by choice) with a homemade dinner whipped up from the litany of ingredients in my possession.

Hope that all is going well in your world. Don’t look now, but tomorrow is December 1st. 🤯

Tuesday Tale of the Tape: 188.4 pounds (+2.0 from last week’s weigh-in); disappointing, but not unexpected given the dearth of exercise that occurred last week. It’s time for me to return to hardcore choring!

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  1. Parked at Mamie’s Biscuits on Evans Mill Road, eating a righteous meaty breakfast. 😁

  2. Steve says:

    Only 2 pounds! MF. I’m about to break the 215 barrier!! And being in the office (can you say free food!) isn’t helping.

    I finally found a tree service that would come out and look. That is scheduled to take place this morning at 11. Most are scheduling work in January and February, which doesn’t help the current situation- Debbie refuses to use the barn with a tree that might fall on her ponies. I understand, but they won’t like standing in the rain.

    We watched most of the Tony Bennett special from Sunday- most, as I forgot to account for the NFL running long. We also watched the Anderson Cooper interview from last month of Tony and (mostly) his wife. It was amazing to see him perform, then not remember it the next day. So. Very. Sad.

    The 0500 this morning was a bit easier today, but not much.


    • Barb says:

      Glad you found someone to come look at the tree.
      It’s crazy Tony Bennett is that old & still performing.

      • Steve says:

        The Anderson Cooper interview was both amazing and sad. He has still been rehearsing throughout Covid and when he walked up and heard the piano, it’s like a switch was flipped. His accompanist said he’s not just singing them same tunes in the same way- varying the style and tempo, only occasionally having problems with the words, but FFS he’s 95!

        During the concert, he held a final note a good 10 seconds, probably more. No strain, perfect.

    • Bonnie says:

      Being in the office was for sure one of the reasons I used to be heftier, especially working in a department of mostly the type of women who wouldn’t touch the free food (more for me!).

  3. Barb says:

    I’ve got 2 phone interviews this morning, 1 for a job too similar to my old job, but hey, interview practice. And, it’s a remote job, so, we will see what they say.
    2nd one is more interesting, but it’s an office in Roswell job. Do I want that commute….??? 30 minutes for sure, most likely longer most days. Not sure.
    Guess I better get moving to get ready for 10am.

  4. Steve says:

    And I just scheduled my booster for 4:45 at my Kroger. I looked on the Piedmont website but I think they got out of the vaccine business. No indication they still had the place I got the first ones.

  5. Done with first round or errands. Decided that I should now walk to my voting place, and then return home to do more chores.

  6. Bonnie says:

    Yesterday’s COVID booster symptoms took a turn for the worse so most of my day was pretty miserable. Doing much better this morning. Of course I had to cancel a doctor’s appointment yesterday for this morning because my fever was 101 and if you don’t give 24 hours notice of cancelation you are charged $50. Murphy’s Law, if I can canceled it I would feel okay, if I didn’t cancel it I would have still had a fever this morning and be out $50. Now, my appointment is on the 27th, which is the day I am celebrating Christmas. Unfortunately that was the only appointment left this year, and I have to drive out to the Covington office. 😡

  7. Back from voting. Even though Strava gypped me of making my walk official, I covered about two miles and voted, bought a coffee, and picked up spent grounds along the way. 🎉

    I’m going to allow myself to relax for a bit and eat lunch before getting back at it.

  8. David says:

    I got served an ad for https://www.focusgroup.com/ yesterday so I thought I’d pass it along for those of y’all that are looking participate in surveys and all that.

    It’s gonna take a minute to retrain my fingers not to type ITP Lurker. I’ll get there eventually.

  9. HamWithCam says:

    FYI, Moderna Booster this morning at our Publix.
    Easy to schedule online.
    Efficient vaccination process.

    So far we both feel….dilly.

    73 de JG/HamithCam

  10. 2:40pm and I have lost my motivation to chore. Going to give myself a break today.

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