Welcome to the week between, Christmas and New Year’s of course. Given the weather forecast for Atlanta it appears that my week will start out in WLF making hay while the sun shines, or may shine in this case. I have to do some cleanup and preparing for next year’s growing, and will be harvesting some vegetables for meals at home.

I hope that you had a merry Christmas weekend. Christmas Day saw me hanging out with hashers in the afternoon sitting outdoors at Red’s Beer Garden before returning home for dinner. Bonnie and I dined together at the ITP Estate. I prepared a vegetarian meatloaf, which was good but could have been better, and Bonnie brought over Brussels sprouts which we roasted and potatoes which we nuked. The potatoes were a revelation for me because I didn’t realize that I could cook new potatoes in that way. Next year I want to try to plant Brussels sprouts at the proper time in hopes of eating homegrown ones next Christmas.

Santa Claus Came ITP

Yesterday’s Boxing Day plans were shot to hell thanks to COVID. In the end I wound up going with Bonnie to our friend Wendy’s house where we drank beer and snacked all afternoon. I was home before 8pm and after eating a bite for dinner passed out for the evening on my futon.

This morning I have already baked a breakfast casserole that will provide my breakfasts all week.

Even though the Monday night hash sounds enticing I will probably skip tonight. I should be spending less money (given I’ve had no real income since August), don’t need to eat out (I have plenty of food at home which I can prepare), and could do with a night home for choring.

Pssst, if you read “choring” and think “Letterkenny” then the good news is that Season 10 was released on Hulu yesterday. Woot!

Be happy, stay well.

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  1. Steve says:

    Christmas was a quiet day, with just Debbie and me. We both rode in the afternoon and I was glad to get off the bike after fighting the wind! Holy mackerel!

    Sunday (Boxing Day) is a high holy day in the foxhunting world. A good crowd of riders and some action with a couple of coyotes and a bobcat. We almost had a problem when the hounds headed out of bounds, but it wasn’t a dangerous situation (no major highway) but just not normally hunted territory. The huntsman was able to collect all in fairly short order. The funny of the day was when the huntsman assistant (first whipper-in) was off her horse taking a nature break and the horse got untied and wandered off! Had to chase him for a mile! Sadly, there was no award (read as Rule 6 violation) at the breakfast.

    In the orifice all week (at this point) and the contractors are already hard at work.


  2. Bonnie says:

    I indeed had a *wonderful* Christmas holiday, spread over several days, thanks to wonderful friends. ☺️ And guess what, today is Christmas too! 😂 (With the husband and the cats.) Unfortunately it will be interrupted midday by a doctors appointment I have to get in this calendar year, and I have to drive to the Covington location. I had to reschedule my earlier in-town appointment whilst I was having side effects from my COVID booster including a 101 fever. They couldn’t take any chances—I get it.

  3. Unfortunately the weekend wasn’t completely full of joy. One of our BRAG STU family, Cameron, was struck by a car while riding yesterday and is in critical condition. He is a tough man, and I hope he can pull through this. My thoughts go out for him, his wife and daughter, as well as the rest of his family.

    • Bonnie says:

      Also, a sweet 18-year-old girl I know from Memphis was hit head-on by a drunk driver Christmas Eve. She is in critical condition at the Memphis equivalent of Grady. She and her family are truly some of the nicest, most caring and genuinely good people I know. Her parents and 4 siblings were in their minivan in front of her and the dad swerved to avoid the drunk driver and then the drunk driver hit her who was driving herself behind the family minivan. It’s never good when you receive two Caring Bridge links over two days! 😢

    • Barb says:

      Here’s the official link to follow what’s happening with Cameron. This way Sara doesn’t have to type, copy & paste over & over.


      Sal got the scoop from Steve, an older man (85) turned left right in front of Cameron as he was going downhill. Luckily Steve & Sara were far enough behind they didn’t wreck. They were only 6 or 7 miles from Steve’s house.
      The driver said he didn’t see anyone, but thought maybe he hit a cow?

  4. Bonnie says:

    Oh yeah, the husband is off work for our bowl game on the 1st so as of now Cheddarhead is off the table for me. 😭 However, there’s a *chance* he may decide to try and pick up a trip so we shall see. There’s no guarantee our bowl game will even happen in this environment; and overtime! 🤑 I originally thought about trying to make bowling after the game, but I’m not sure now if I am cool with being inside a bowling alley or not… 🤷🏼‍♀️

    He’s off until the evening of Jan. 6 so you guys won’t see much of me over the next couple weeks. 😢

  5. Finally getting myself moving toward working WLF…

  6. Barb says:

    Greeting from Iowa! We had a thunderstorm last night, that was weird. Might get cold enough for snow in a day or 2, let’s hope my flight doesn’t get delayed.

    Christmas was different, as mom & dad are totally oblivious to the gift giving tradition. I do like that! I brought some shoes (thanks to Sal’s free returns) for mom. Need to find Dad some slippers this week. Then I bought some $25 gas gift cards (with moms credit card) for my niece & brothers.

    My Dad is so crazy, he’s always freezing, but then he goes & turns the heat way down (or even off) at night. I asked him why, he said, we have a blanket on the bed. I’m trying to convince him 65 or 66 is cold enough. My mom doesn’t like it so cold.

    It’s the same old thing here, these parents just plug along. We can’t decide if they would actually be any better at an assisted living facility. They would eat better, but besides that, it wouldn’t be worth the crazy money it costs. So, until something happens to force the situation, we will leave things as they are. My brother comes over most days, and calls when he can’t.

    • Steve says:

      As long as they are able to manage by themselves, it will be a whole lot better for everyone. My folks did that with “adult supervision” from my sister and it seemed to work out, though it was still hard on her- the feeling of being obligated to stop in almost every day.

  7. Steve says:

    Sorry to hear all that, Bonnie and Paulie! I’ll add them to my prayer list.

  8. Bob says:

    Merry Covid Christmas from the Knoll house. Travis tested positive on Thursday so we cancelled all plans and quarantined over the weekend. Sucks too, it was such a nice weekend and I wanted to go out and do things. We sat in line for about 90 minutes this morning to get all 3 of us tested and the line when we left was crazy! Hope to get results tomorrow afternoon.

    I hated to hear about Cameron, such a nice dude. He has a long recovery ahead.

  9. Short day in WLF as I am feeling uninspired due to a lack of sunshine and plans. I did plant some onion seeds to see if I can grow some next year.

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