Because I chose not to go to the hash last night, and because I needed two more days of exercise in order to hit my exercise goal for the month, I went for a walk last night. I headed across Moreland because on Sunday I saw some pots that I may have wanted to bring home. In order to pick up the pots on the way home I rerouted and walked a different route. And then I found something better — a small plant tunnel! I had to cut my walk short in order to carry the tunnel and pots, but then I went out again in order to close my rings. My second walk produced no goodies, although I considered bringing home the first Christmas tree I have seen kicked to the curb, but it did get me enough exercise to close my exercise ring for the day.

I am not often impressed with my ability to improvise when cooking, but I was last night. I was stir frying some “chicken” nuggets with the pak choi, radishes, carrots, pea pods, and Swiss chard from WLF when I accidentally added way too much salt. 😱 With not enough time to cook a batch of rice, I recalled having cous cous in the cupboard and made that in about seven minutes. The flavorless cous cous, whose salt I omitted while preparing it, did a wonderful job in cutting back the saltiness of the stir fry. Dinner was saved! 😅

Today I want to make a quick run up to Lowes before the rain arrives this week. I shan’t be making there by 6am as it is currently 5:50am and I am still in bed.

The rest of my day will be choring around the ITP Estate and trying to get myself stuck into doing some coding so that I can be employed in 2022. And for reasons you’ll read below today will see me eating leftovers in smaller portions than I have been allowing myself recently.

Hope you are well as we dash headlong to the end of 2021.

Tuesday Tale of the Tape: 188.6 pounds (+1.8 from last week’s weigh-in); rats!

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20 Responses to 2021-12-28

  1. Bonnie says:

    I am certainly not weighing myself this morning…

  2. Steve says:

    Server error when commenting from my pc. This is a test.

  3. Steve says:

    Something in the comment, as when I sent it to my iPad and commented the same from it, I got the same error! I couldn’t find it, so am retyping.

    Debbie, being the trend follower, has now tested positive. I think the negative on Friday was an operator error. This will now keep me out of the office for the rest of the week and likely put the kybosh on cheddar head. F.

    Waiting on the rain and trying to be productive.


  4. Back from a Lowes trip, which turned into a pickup trip, and then a Good Samaritan journey.

    I went and picked up a piece of glass and more plastic pots, but was shocked to see the Christmas tree was no longer there!

    Then, upon arriving home I noticed that many mail boxes, including mine, were opened and some mail was strewn about the street. Fortunately I retrieved my mail yesterday. I put on gloves and returned the mail to the appropriate households.

    I think I may buy a locking mailbox using the $50 I earned for feta cheese tasting. Well, more likely put $50 toward the purchase of one.

    • Barb says:

      Allan’s parents have a locking mailbox, they like it.
      Went to Menards yesterday for a light bulb, it’s sort of like Home Depot & Walmart mixed up. So much bigger & different then when I worked there in high school & college. Their damn jiggle gets so stuck in my head, then it’s on TV commercials too. (And, then I found a stash of lightbulbs in a cabinet, so now they have plenty).

  5. Man, it’s so humid that I am considering turning a fan on today! 😮

  6. Barb says:

    There’s a little snow (or could be ice) on the cement, but nothing on the grass yet.
    My brother is supposed to be driving done from WI today, we will see if that happens now if the roads aren’t dry.

    Going to see American Underdog (the Kurt Warner story) this afternoon. My youngest brother played high school football with him, so Tom thought it would be fun to go. I doubt they will cover high school. It’s $5 Tuesday at the theaters, so I bought 4 seats even though I know Dad won’t be going. He hates to be left home alone, but he will hate to go out even more. Mom said she wants popcorn.

    Sorry to hear Debbie has Covid.
    Bob, got any results yet?
    Sara posted an update on Cameron, he’s doing ok, more good news then bad news on some of his injuries, but he’s still not out of the woods.

    • Bob says:

      No results yet but if we do have it we are extremely asymptomatic as Laura and I feel completely fine. Travis just had a scratchy throat and lower back pain which is an odd symptom but listed as possible. Hoping to hear something this afternoon.
      Good news about Cameron, and reading Sara’s update she may need to notify the staff of what to expect when they do wake him up 🙂 I can imagine he will be very angry, I know I would be.

  7. I keep reading of people being positive. The only good takeaway from this is that people don’t seem to be hospitalized or dying from this variant.

    • Steve says:

      Debbie has already been out to feed the horses. No fever.. she felt really bad last week (sore throat, sniffley, fever) and felt fine all weekend. Screwy, Louie.

  8. Barb says:

    Still snowing, I need to go return the slippers we got Dad, no idea if it’s slick out or not.
    And, damn newspaper didn’t show up. That messes with everything.

  9. Been hearing chainsaws working all morning from a street or two away. Wish I had the ability to get a drop of wood chips.

  10. Barb says:

    The TV news just had a long story on the hog markets. The news here is so different.

    And, it’s still snowing. I think there’s 3” or maybe more.

  11. Took advantage of the weather to go out for a 45 minute walk. Not going to burn many calories, but better than nothing.

    Slayed a slug in WLF upon my return, and am now hearing the neighborhood owls talking to one another.

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