Well poop. Yesterday didn’t go as I hoped, that’s for sure. Thankfully nothing catastrophic occurred.

I mentioned that I did some yard cleanup yesterday, cutting up a bunch of tree trunks, as well as filling a yard bag with English Ivy. So that was good.

Yesterday afternoon I received an email alerting me that my paid survey was cancelled. This means that I am not receiving the $60 I was expecting to earn today. To add frustration to losing out on the money I also anticipated driving to Sandy Springs / Dunwoody so I placed an order for LED light bulbs at the Buckhead Home Depot. I will have to drive up there today to claim my order. Perhaps I will make the trip worth it by also stopping into the Target that is near the Home Depot.

After that I found out that neither Bonnie nor I won the free concert tickets to a concert at The Eastern at the end of the month. I want to go to the show, the band playing is called Pinegrove, and I was hoping Life would smile upon me by letting me go for free.

And finally a $2 rebate on a bottle of wine that I sent in online last month was declined because supposedly the receipt I submitted did not have a valid date. I’m calling bullshit, but for $2 I am going to let it drop and think twice before buying Josh Cellars wine again. Their decision will most likely cost them more than $2 of lost revenue from me in the future.

By the time you read this I am hoping that I have my daily exercise knocked out by putting in 45 minutes on the trainer. And if all is going to today’s new plan I am currently doing (or have done) some coding prior to driving to Buckhead too.

Tonight is Betsy dinner night. It’s my turn to cook and I have decided that I am going to make a vegetarian jambalaya for dinner. I don’t think Betsy was sold on “The Great Canadian Bake Off” last week, so I have no clue what we will watch tonight.

Hope that your day was less of a disappointment for you, and that today doesn’t disappoint at all.

HBD ITP-Reader Bob!

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11 Responses to 2022-01-12

  1. Bob says:

    Thanks Paulie, 53 laps around the sun complete. I guess I’ll celebrate tonight with………………a glass of water? I really need to re-think this dry January 🙂
    You guys inspired me to put my bike on the trainer and start the process of getting in shape. Only problem is my cranks will barely turn, I think an entire week of BRAG in the rain may have been bad for my bottom bracket. New BB should arrive today and the suffering will commence.

  2. Steve says:

    HBD Bob! 53?!? I remember those days! And speaking of BB, I think I feel a little play in mine when on the trainer- of course I’m already on the trainer when I think of it and quickly forget to check when I’m off!

    Since I had my foot treated last week, I decided to try and run on it yesterday. It just reminded me that running fitness is different the riding fitness (not that I’m fit in either). I couldn’t make it to the corner (1km) without walking. I guess this is a start, of sorts.

    I think I have fixed my motorcycle once again. Resetting the throttle position sensor after battery disconnection. A 10 second process, FFS! Now to remember it for the next time.


  3. Off the trainer. It’s later than I want it to be, but must keep pushing forward…

  4. Barb says:

    Boss had to take his kid to preschool, so we got a 30 minute break!
    Found out more hashers are testing positive for Covid, we did a home test since we hashed Saturday. negative! So, hopefully we will be fine.

    Tonight a friends band is playing at the grand opening of “The Captain’s Boil” at Cumberland. We think that is a hilarious name for a restaurant. Now that we know we are negative, we might go. Such decisions.

    Happy Birthday Bob!

  5. Barb says:

    Jackson has breakfast bowls for 1/21 on the website.
    This working is messing with my trying to do these things.

  6. Bill AKA Ronnie says:

    Consider yourself an influencer. I won’t buy Josh Cellers wine either. Brothers have to stick together.

  7. Back from Home Depot. My attitude combined with a sense of guilt for not doing some work today brought me back home immediately.

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