Oh my, if I thought yesterday’s weather was raw, today’s is going to be rawer! A high temperature of 37°F? Inconceivable!!!

Yesterday was spent nearly completely indoors. I put in a very good hour on the trainer, made a lame attempt at following a coding tutorial, watched a lot of tv/videos, and spent a lot of time reading, hemming and hawing about things to purchase on the internet, and trying to reconnect with some former coworkers to try to figure out how I will get my tax paperwork from the now-defunct XYZ Corp.

In the video realm I finished the latest season of “Letterkenny”, watched multiple episodes of “The Great Canadian Bake Off”, and the first episode of a show called “The Mick” which was recommended by my brother.

I keep trying to decide if I want to purchase a soup thermos, a new-to-me invention. If I can figure how to add my $20 gift card courtesy of Kraft Foods Philadelphia Cream Cheese to my Amazon account then I think I will buy one for myself.

On the tax paperwork matter I tried, and failed, to log into the Human Resources app we used at XYZ Corp. My fear is that my login is my XYZ Corp email address, which is now dead, so I won’t be able to receive a password reset email. Ugh!

It’s Friday already? Geez Louise!

I had considered going for a hike today, and you are probably thinking I won’t because of the cold weather. Well, yes, but yesterday I was reminded that I have an appointment this morning to get the ITP Estate’s security system upgraded to 5G. The appointment window is 08:00-10:00, so I am expecting the technician to arrive around 09:59.

With the bitter weather predicted and no time pressure to get out and lay trail tomorrow, Betsy, Bella, and I have agreed to walk (okay, Bella has no vote) but we may wait until later in the morning to get out.

Sunday is supposed to be a Wheelhopper day, but a cold Wheelhopper it will be so I am still on the fence on whether or not I will attend.

Hope you make it a great weekend. Stay warm, remain healthy, be happy.

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  1. Bonnie says:

    I’m canceling Hulu the next billing cycle (next month), so I decided to watch some of “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia”. Late to the party! I know I can’t finish it, and that’s okay because I don’t need to waste time watching all those seasons. I like it.

    • I’ll never understand canceling a subscription you use, but hey, it’s your thing. 🙂

      • Bonnie says:

        Because I don’t *need* it. Netflix and Amazon (and YouTube) theoretically have enough to keep me entertained, and I don’t need to spend more time on the couch. And, it was only supposed to be for one month anyway, to watch the new season of “The Handmaid’s Tale).

      • If I were to cancel Hulu it would be due to the commercials. But, since it’s part of the Disney bundle for which I pay, it will be available for you on my tv.

        • Barb says:

          I get the Disney bundle “free” with my Verizon account. The commercials are annoying on Hulu, but I will not pay for the non commercial account. I just don’t watch that much Hulu.

  2. Oh yeah, failed to get into fish sticks at Jackson.

  3. Technician already en route? There’s a first!

  4. Steve says:

    Its up to the company to get you your tax info. Supposedly, they must ateast communicate with you by the 31st of Jan.

    Yesterday’s meeting with the park could have been a Zoom call. Especially since our parking guy came from Augusta! All good reviews from the cops. Our planned changes for this year shouldn’t affect them.

    Dinner from our favorite Mexican place it Tucker. Shrimp corn chowder!

    Thinking about WH on sunday. Ill see if i can find all my winter clothing.


    • Agreed, but XYZ Corp never mailed the paperwork, we downloaded it from this HR service. Perhaps they believe we can all still log in? Anyway, if no notice by February 1 I will start raising a stink as best I can. Gotta have the paperwork to pay The Man, or maybe this year to receive a refund?

  5. Damn it’s cold and dank today!

    Part of me wants to go out and do some choring to get exercise. If I do the right choring I will heat up considerably while doing so and it will benefit my cardio health.

    Part of me wants to crawl back I to bed.

    • Steve says:

      I’m going on a rock picking detail after I feed the horses. We have ice on our deck and the car was still reading 31 when we came home from breakfast.

      The ponies are all napping, 2 down and 3 standing. Looks like a good napping day for them.

  6. David says:

    By the way, RIP Meat Loaf. I dusted off Bat Out of Hell today. It still mostly holds up. A couple of overwrought songs, but most of it still bangs.

    • Huh, had not heard the news.

    • Barb says:

      I have to say I really like(d) Meatloaf’s music. IT is always a singalong when it comes on the radio.
      And -a great memory of our wedding when almost everyone got in on the Paradise By The Dashboard Light singalong.

      • David says:

        Awww, that’s fun. Yes, it is a bit of time travel when his music comes around. I was surprised that I realized I hadn’t listened to his music in so long. Time flies. I’ll always remember him in Rocky Horror but forgot he was in Fight Club too. And of course, Police Academy. Talk about days gone by…

  7. Goddamn it, blog acting up again.

  8. Barb says:

    FYI- I got paid today!!!!
    I guess I’ll keep working.

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