It’s Monday again. This was a weekend of no hashing for me. (I’d put a mind blowing emoji here if I could) It was a weekend with a lot of walking/hiking, however.

On Friday I got a new security panel installed at the ITP Estate, all seems to be functioning fine. Afterwards I joined Bonnie for a walk from her house. We ambled down the south side Beltline and then back to her house, covering 5 miles in the process. We then walked to my house to eat dinner, and Bonnie walked home in the freezing temperatures.

I met with Betsy and Bella Saturday morning and we did our routine walk. In the afternoon Bonnie and I met and walked down to Red’s Beer Garden to meet with some hashers who came in from different activities. Saturday night was spent at home, eating dinner with Bonnie and watching the first half of the Packers game.

Yesterday started slowly and Wheelhopper quickly became an impossibility. Instead, after lunch Bonnie and I went to Sweetwater State Park where we did a nice hike. And, I finally wore one of the long sleeve shirts I bought, but eventually didn’t wear, for my Florida trip last November. On the drive back we stopped at Wild Heaven and picked up two four-packs of beer. From Wild Heaven we went to Bonnie’s house where she made us a lovely dinner as I watched the Bucs have one of the greatest comebacks in NFL playoff history only to incredibly collapse in the last thirty seconds of the game.

Two days of football on tv? Who am I, Paulie circa 2000? FWIW- all teams in whom I had the slightest of interest lost this weekend, so I am officially back to not caring a flip about the Super Bowl.

Yesterday I also tried to use my $20 gift card from Philadelphia Cream Cheese for an Amazon purchase, and it failed. I don’t know why Amazon couldn’t use it. I will try using it for an online purchase elsewhere to see if it’s accepted. If not, I will feel as gypped by Kraft Foods as I do by Jackson Associates these days.

I was hoping to spend a lot of time outside in the cold doing some manual labor today. My goals are to clean up some areas of WLF, and keep working to remove a privet stump from the WLF annex out front. I have about forty ideas of what I want to attempt to grow in the small 3’x4’ area I am in the process of clearing. However, I am not feeling my greatest this morning. I allowed the house to get cold last night and I woke this morning with a sneeze and am tired. It’s not COVID, I think it’s winter crud/stress like I used to get long before the term COVID was known to the world. Depending on how I feel later I will decide if I will make it to tonight’s hash. At the moment I am leaning toward “no” since I don’t know if more time out in the cold, even if it’s warmer than it will be this morning, is advisable. We’ll see.

Hope that you had a wonderful weekend.

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  1. Bonnie says:

    Today I need to catch up on choring I eschewed whilst playing with Paulie all weekend. *grin* TBD if I will make it up to The Battery tonight. I have the Accord this weekend so that I had a bike rack for Wheelhopper (that I didn’t attend due to some problem with my neck) but it doesn’t have good headlights so I don’t love driving it at night. Oh yeah, and I can’t really look left very well because of said neck issue so driving is probably not smart.

  2. Steve says:

    Friday was a chore day. I picked up a bucket full (tractor front end loaded bucket) and then used them in various holes in our road. I read somewhere that filling with gravel is a waste and bigger rocks are the fix. We shall see.

    Saturday was riding indoors before heading to a friends 50th birthday celebration. I tried to do business with the new Outback bikes in Hapeville, but Google didn’t know where it was. I continued to the party in Lawrenceville, but WAZE was convinced I needed to be on 285 and tried to get me to go from 75 out 20 to do it. We compromised and I went out Ponce.

    My parts to repair the scooter came in Saturday and that was what I expected to do Sunday instead of WH. Unfortunately, I ordered the incorrect parts and they will be going back while I order the correct part from BMW. A fraction of what I initially ordered and 30% more, but it will be exact.

    Another 50 minutes on the trainer while I watched a Netflix series about famous chef’s. More biographical than food.

    Into the orifice tomorrow for a wireless survey. yippee.


    • I spoke with the Outback folk at the crit last year, but I don’t know Hapeville well enough to know where it is.

      • Steve says:

        I could have messaged Peter Wicker, who owns it with his wife, but was under a bit of a time crunch. And it might also be a warehouse for the store and not an actual retail site. I’m just guessing.

        The only team I was even slightly interested in was the Packers, and now I’m doubtful to watch any more.

        This weekend will be CX worlds from Arkansas!!! Streaming live on GCN, so that will take care of any throwball.

  3. Barb says:

    Come to The Battery tonight, its a nice less than 4 mile trail, ending at a cool place that has 3 or 4 food court types of Asian food. There’s a sushi corndog for gods sakes. Ramaho & I went out & reccy’d & laid most of the trail in chalk yesterday. Hopefully we can get back out there in time tonight to get some flour in a couple spots. Purple & Red deck have 3 hours free parking, but I think it would be easy enough to get a 2nd ticket if we are there longer than 3 hours.

  4. Barb says:

    Busy weekend, with no hashing either.
    Friday night – mexican & margaritas.
    Saturday – a walk to take care of a couple errands, with a stop at Panera for some food. Then a pedicure with a couple friends, then lots of football watching.
    Sunday a walk up in Woodstock with the Screw U crew, a couple beers up there, then a quick stop to see Sal (she fell at Mountain Mist & may have messed up here arm/wrist – she needed some ibuprofen), then met up with Ramaho to reccy. Then more Football watching.

    We have determined it is much more fun to watch football when you don’t care who wins. All 4 games were great games in the end.

    • From what I read all of the game endings were dramatic. Good for tv. I watched the first half of the Packers game before the constant commercial interruptions irritated me to the point where I chose to wash dishes instead.

  5. It appears that the stock market isn’t feeling very well today either…

  6. On Friday I failed to get into a Jackson survey, today I failed to get into a Curion one. Call it sour grapes, but I am giving up trying for awhile. Time to concentrate on other things.

  7. Was hoping my delicious lunch of macaroni and cheese with fake chorizo sausage would make me happy and healthy. No such luck. There may be a nap in my near future.

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